Wheel Of Fortune

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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Holds Callback Auditions In Minnesota

America’s favorite word puzzle game show is looking for Minnesota contestants. “Wheel of Fortune” talent scouts invited “promising candidates” to a second audition in St. Paul Wednesday morning. The potential contestants were called back after tryouts last June.


(credit: CBS)

Trending Now: ‘Wheel’ Fail, A First Flight & KFC Corsage?

It is time to see what’s Trending Now on ‘CCO. And who knows more about what’s going on around town and around the country than Jason Matheson.


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Former Bemidji Woman Spins ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

A former Minnesota woman tried her hand at “Wheel of Fortune” Thursday night, with some fortunate results. Katie Hoody used to live in Bemidji, but now lives in Texas. She ended up winning more than $55,000 on the show. Hoody says she wouldn’t be rolling in the dough were it not for her 94-year-old friend, Marion Dessert.


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The Wheel Of Misfortune

Wheel of Fortune contestant and a nightmare come true….


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Good Question: Answering ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Questions

Standing with the Hollywood Hills behind me, and spinning the Wheel of Fortune, my life does not get much better.



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