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Experts: Evaporating Chemicals Can Cloud Your Windshield

You know that new car smell? Experts said the same thing that causes it could be creating a film on the inside of your windshield.


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Pipe Impales Windshield, Just Missing Iowa Driver

A 23-year-old driver received minor injuries when a steel pipe impaled her pickup’s windshield in northwest Iowa.


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Windshield Installation: A Matter Of Life & Death

As you drive to work or run errands, you may not realize you could be “looking through” one of the biggest risks on the road.


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Tailpipe Flies Into Windshield, Driver Recalls Close Call

A tailpipe became a missile Thursday afternoon and pierced an SUV’s windshield on Interstate 35 E south.


Vice Into Windshield Photo

War Vet On Injuries From A Vise Thrown At Windshield

An Iraq War veteran wants justice after someone threw a metal vise through his windshield, smashing his face.


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Rock Thrown Off Overpass Goes Through Man’s Windshield

A rock that was thrown off a freeway overpass nearly killed a driver below. Luckily, it only damaged his windshield.


Rock Windshield

Huge Rock Flies Through Woman’s Windshield

A woman could have been killed after a piece of road flew into her car.