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Leaders Call For Justice In Wake Of YouTube Arrest Video

A man who was beaten by St. Paul Police joined his lawyer and leaders from the NAACP and African American Leadership Council at Lewis Park in St. Paul on Saturday, the same place where police arrested Hightower four days ago.


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2nd Officer On Leave Over YouTube Arrest Flap

A second St. Paul Police officer has been put on paid administrative leave as the department continues to investigate potential police brutality.


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Charges Filed Against Man Shown In YouTube Arrest Video

Criminal charges have been filed against the St. Paul man whose arrest earlier this week was caught on video and posted on YouTube.


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St. Paul Police Address YouTube Arrest Video

St. Paul Police say they will address the content of a YouTube video showing an alleged incident of police brutality.


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Minn. Kid Group’s ‘Hot Cheetos & Takis’ Song Going Viral

This might be the summer jam to put “Call Me Maybe” on the back burner.
A group of Minneapolis kids have seen their video “Hot Cheetos & Takis” go viral with more than 350,000 views on YouTube.


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George Dennehy: Guitar Hero

George Dennehy has no arms, but that doesn’t stop him from playing guitar on stage with The Goo Goo Dolls. This guy is great. Read the story here, and watch the video below.


Rocky Mountain National Park

Racecar Crash

Some stunning video of a racecar crashing off the side of a mountain in Colorado. Read more about the story here, or check out the video below. Both people in the car were taken to […]


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John Williams Video Smack Down For 8-14!

The Olympics are over, time for whole new batch of your favorite awesome videos….Let’s get this thing going gang! Vote by clicking the link!


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Amazing Cockpit Video

Video of a small plane crashing taken from the cockpit. Thankfully all four passengers survived. See the story and video here.


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John Williams Video Smack Down For 7-6

Kids….from Ping Pong to adulthood….all in the Video Smackdown!



John Williams Video Smackdown For 7-2!

Two videos featuring amazing feats….Vote for today’s smack down!


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John Williams Video Smackdown For 6-27

The Champ could be dethroned by this awesome Domino Display! Vote Now!



John Williams Video Smackdown for 6-13

The Champ vs. The Challenger….the reason why Mayor Bloomberg hates Pop!



More Police Use YouTube To Tell Their Own Stories

After a dozen Occupy Minnesota protesters were arrested at a downtown demonstration, the group quickly took to the Internet, posting video that activists said showed police treating them roughly and never warning them to leave.



John Williams Video Smackdown for 6-11

A 3 time champ vs a clumsy reporter…..VOTE NOW!


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John Williams Video Smackdown for 5-30!

Which video makes your heart swell more…..awesome proposal, or school supporting boy with cerebral palsy running race?


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The Return Of John Williams VIDEO SMACKDOWN! 5-29

After a 3 week hiatus, John returns with a couple of great videos!


A Golden Voice, by Ted Williams with Bret Witter (credit: Gotham Books)

Man With ‘Golden Voice’ Says Fame Was ‘Too Much’

Remember Ted Williams, the homeless man with the huge booming voice captured on a YouTube video last year?



Is This Kid The Next Big Thing To Come From Youtube?

See for yourself, but this kid is…..INCREDIBLE!


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Detroit Sexting Judge

A news report you have got to see. Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree has been accused of sexting his court bailiff. The report seems comical on a serious topic. The Judge, he has no […]


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John Williams Video Smackdown for 5-3!

Whistling the Hits is the new champ….taking on a creepy challenger: Lion who thinks toddler is a Zebra. VOTE NOW!



John Williams Video Smackdown for 5-1!

The Video Smackdown has gone to the dogs! Which dog video is your favorite? Vote now!


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John Williams Video Smackdown for 4-30!

The New Champ….Cool Dad sings with Kids takes on a challenger…Fun loving Dog Stalks fake prey! (With John Williams backround music)76



Would You Do This To Your Girlfriend?

Guy probably won’t be dating her for long….


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Teen Asks Ricky Rubio To Prom: K-Love Says He Should Go

A Champlin Park High School senior has high hopes for prom