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Best Candy Shops And Confectioners In The Twin Cities

November 6, 2010 11:56 PM

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Chocolat Celsete, candy

(Credit: CBS)

Got a sweet tooth? The Twin Cities is just he place to satisfy that craving! Here are the best candy shops and confectioners in the area.

Max, Chocolate

(Credit: Max’s)


3831 Grand Way
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

Max’s at the Shops on Excelsior and Grand in St Louis Park where owner Ellen Hertz finds the best artisan, beautifully packaged, delicious chocolates from all over the world. Max’s selections satisfy the most dedicated chocoholics. The wall of chocolate bars and the boxes and bags of salty, dark, milk and white chocolates are perfect gifts for every occasion and to satisfy your daily chocolate cravings.

Groveland Confections

(Credit: Groveland Confections)

Groveland Confections

The larger than life hand-made chocolates from Andrea Pessis can be found at Lunds and Byerlys and farmers markets all over the Twin Cities. Her chocolate macaroons and life size candy bar treats are so much better than the commercial ones.

Chocolat Celeste, candy

(Credit: Chocolat Celeste)

Chocolat Celeste

652 Transfer Rd. Suite 16A
St Paul, MN 555114

Owner Mary Leonard custom designs chocolates for holidays and special occasions. Her individual and boxed chocolates are works of art with state of the art tastes.

Funky Chunky

(Credit: Funky Chunky)

Gracious Gifts

7260 Washington Avenue
Eden Prairie, MN 55344

Owner Ronni Feurer created Funky Chunky popcorn and pretzels and has added new combinations like candy cane for the holidays and chipzel pop for munching anytime. Found in super markets, department stores or online. Her new candy bars are a huge hit.

BT McElrath Chocolatier

(Credit: B.T. McElrath Chocolatier)

B.T. McElrath Chocolatier

This is a line of handcrafted infused chocolates created by artisan chef Brian T. McElrath who decided he loved making chocolates better than cooking main courses which he did for 17 years. He has added century old flavors like chili, lemon, salt, lime, coconut, passion fruit, ginger and even sweet potato to his creative chocolates. They can be found at supermarkets, and department stores and even the Walker Art Center, the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Weisman Art Museum.

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  • Steve-o

    Sugar Sugar on 38th and Grand has THE BEST candies from around the world!

    • Jack

      That’s just a few blocks from my house. Thanks, Steve-o. I’ll be checking them out tomorrow. Appreciate the tip.

  • sbrown

    Fannie May Candy on line – You can build your own box of chocolates.
    Great chocolate- like the kind one used to be able to buy (decent chocolate-
    not gushy or artsy) at the Fannie Farmer stores years ago. There was even a coupon for free shipping.

    • Nancy Lumpkins

      Fanny May is wonderful! Especially the Trinidads. We used to have Fannie May AND Fanny Farmer Stores here….those were the days….

  • kevin

    Sugar Sugar is incredible and it is really too bad they were not listed. I can’t get there often enough!

  • Maggie

    Really miss Woods Chocolate Shop that was downtown St paul and you used to be able to get it at Byerlys

  • Lars Larson

    Mmmm… Funky Chunky…
    Our Eden Prairie vendors spoil us with them every year during the holidays.



    • brittany

      yes abdallah is still there. they also have amazing specials all the time

  • steve

    I guess when i heard “candy” i was thinking of CANDY not chocolate??? I was looking for places like CANDYLAND! cool shops with old candy, stuff you dont see anymore, new stuff, that kinda stuff???

    • Louisa J. Hext

      You’re so correct. Candy is candy and chocolate is chocolate :)

  • Shelly Lithgow

    Sugar Sugar in Minneapolis is amazing! Worth the trip!

  • Pate

    Talk about an abbreviated list.Where’s Regina’s? Just Truffles? Candy Land?

    • Louisa J. Hext

      If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Chocolat Celeste, give it a try. Extremely delicious, European style truffles and artisan bon bons. All made by hand with fresh whipping cream, butter and natural infusions…

  • skippy

    HEY! People….get out of your bubbles. How about Truffle Hill in Tonka Bay? At least the owner makes his own confections, truffles, etc. and has won many awards throughout the world. I guess I didn’t realize that you must live in Minneapolis or St. Paul to appreciate the articles on Wow. So far…all the “Best Of” articles do not spotlight anything outside a 5 mile radius of where the writer must live. Do your homework. My daughter does….and so should you.

  • mugz

    ……….or if you want to take a road trip, head up to the Red River Valley, to Widmans Candy in Crookston.

  • brian edward

    ALDI has the best Austrian made chocolate bars for $1.29, selling for $3.50 in their many stores in Europe. Best chocolate in the World is from either Belgium or Austria. Red(Dark)-Blue(Milk)-Yellow(Milk & Almond). MN chocolates are usually heavy on milk, short on real Chocolate. Oh, I almost forgot, DON’T ever buy the Chocolate from Germany, sold at ALDI. You are Welcome for this little bit of professional advice. By the way, Europeans eat bar chocolate, not truffles.

    Cafe Latte has truffles on the bottom shelf of their rear cake case, for less than $2. that are twice the size of what is sold in NYC, but not the $4. price.
    Please don’t tell anyone, what I just told you. Promise now! Brian

  • Rand McNally

    Abdallah Candies in Burnsville has a huge selection of Truffles and chocolates. I think they have been in Minnesota for over 100 years – started on Hennepin and Lake St. Their butter almond toffee is the best I have ever had. My wife loves the gift shop too.

  • Sara N

    I am surprised to see Abdallah and, most especially, Jim’s Apple Farm in Jordan missing from this list!! Jim’s carries foreign, exotic, nostalgic and hard to find candies, chocolates and about a billion varieties of licorice and root beer. Not to mention, made-on-site pastries!
    Anytime I need a weekend activity with friends of family and we crave a short road trip, we always head to Jim’s!

  • Zsamé

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Thomasina’s Cashew Brittle. I usually purchase at Kowalski’s but it can also be purchased online and at other locations:
    The ingredients are simple but it tastes simply divine!

    I am happy to see Chocolat Celeste on the list; Mary’s confections are beautiful, ultra delish and creative!

  • Colleen


  • Colleen

    I absolutely agree with Quinn.Candyland & Regina’s are the Very Best!

  • Roxanne R

    I Love chocolat very much but I think that candieland in St.Paul has the best candy ever….

  • Toffee-ettes Forever

    See’s Candies, not local based, but I have just one of the Toffee-ettes and the next thing I know the package is almost gone :-)

  • Candy Lover's mom

    Delicious candy and chocolates? Try Daniella’s in Forest Lake. They also sell gelato, I believe.

  • Helen

    Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store of Jordan, MN
    Jim’s Apple Farm is my fav..

  • Chocolate OX lover

    The Chocolate Ox in Nisswa, mn has the best homemade fudge around. Very cute store with tons of candy.

  • franklyright

    Bissingers in the Galeria is my favorite for chocolate, their history dates back to the 17th century. The raspberry trufflles and bavarian truffles are my current faves, but in my college days I liked the dark chocolate covered english toffee. Now I use their 70% block chocolate for special treats. If you sign up with them they will notify you when they have a sale.

    • sue

      yes yes, the best and they call and tell you when the season for all the berries starts. wonderful chocolate

  • Steve Sudeg

    Abdallah Chocolates has an wonderful Candy and Gift Shop by the Burnsville Center. Their Alligators and Truffles are to die for. They must have a couple of hundred kinds of chocolates plus hard candies and jells. I think They make it all right there. Great gift shop too.

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