Best Places To Go On A Luxurious Weekend In Minnesota

November 9, 2013 6:00 AM

Choosing the perfect lodging location can sometimes be tricky. Minnesota offers some unique locations north of the Twin Cities for a luxurious resort with exclusive access to some of the most spectacular sights. Whether it’s a family-oriented resort or an upscale experience you seek, you’re certainly going to enjoy a memorable experience in the neck of these woods. 

(credit: Allen Stavic)

(credit: Allen Stavic)

Superior Shores Resort  
1521 Superior Shores Drive  
Two Harbors, MN 55616
(800) 242-1988

Superior Shores Resort is an exclusive, exquisite, nature-filled location to enjoy a luxurious getaway for the weekend. Located 20 miles north of Duluth and right on Lake Superior, the resort has everything from luxury suites to bedroom lake rooms and more. Going to this elegant resort with family, friends or for a romantic escapade, you will enjoy the comfort and size of the rooms. Equipped with the bells and whistles (TV, DVD, Wi-Fi, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, etc.), you will have full access to all of the resort’s amenities. Enjoy the majestic views of the impetuous Lake Superior and carefully hover over the several lodging options that are are spread out over a large area.  

Chateaux LeVeaux
6626 W. Highway 61 
Tofte, MN 55615
(218) 663-7223

Chateaux LeVeaux is located in the community of Tofte by the North Shore of Lake Superior. Within just steps of the ocean-like lake, LeVeaux offers more than just comfortable lodging and you will never run out of things to do. In addition, the castle-like location offers five different units including lakefront hotel rooms, great lakes condos, great lakes whirlpool condos and superior elite condos. With convenient access to several state parks, this one-stop exclusive location is an absolute gem to get away for the weekend. 

Caribou Highlands Lodge
371 Ski Hill Road  
Lutsen, MN 55612
(218) 663-7241

Caribou Highlands Lodge is another breathtaking lodging option to enjoy a unique and different location on the mountain. Its a family-oriented resort that is nestled in the beautiful Lutsen Mountains and by the Poplar River. The stay during the autumn season grants you choices to stay at a lodge room, condo, town homes, Poplar Ridge Homes, pet-friendly rooms and more. All of these various room accommodations are just the beginning. Guests will be able to enjoy complimentary Caribou Highlights that are a combination of sporting activities, just relaxing in an indoor pool or unwinding in a sauna. 

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(credit: Jupiter Images)

(credit: Jupiter Images)

Castle Haven Cabins
3067 E. Castle Danger Road  
Two Harbors, MN 55616
(218) 834-4303 

Castle Haven Cabins is located one mile off of Highway 61 and it’s been around for many generations. The resort is family-oriented and was first opened in 1933 with a rich and historic tradition. Castle Cabins is open all year-round offering individual cabins with fireplaces along the beautiful shorelines of Lake Superior. Like some of the other elite resorts, you have immediate access to beautiful scenery and are in close proximity to a few state parks. 

Grand Superior Lodge
2826 Highway 61
Two Harbors, MN 55616
(800) 627-9565

Grand Superior Lodge is a top-of-the-line resort packed with unlimited choices for lodging and recreational activities. Hugging the beautiful shore lines of Lake Superior, you instantly feel at peace. All of the lodge’s fine rooms are equipped and designed to meet your most precious needs. Grand Superior Lodge is hidden in the woods so sit back and connect with nature. The takeaway is nothing short of a grand experience because of the accommodations and quality of service.  

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