Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

August 2, 2011 5:38 PM

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Mike Binkley knows a thing or two about roadside attractions. It’s his job, after all, to find the best of Minnesota for his bi-monthly “Finding Minnesota” reports. Check out a few of his favorite attractions below.

voyageur in two harbors Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Pierre the Voyageur

Corner of Highway 61 and Stanley Road
Two Harbors, MN

Many travelers know him as the “giant with no pants.” Pierre the Voyageur has been overlooking Two Harbors for about 50 years along the North Shore. He is now adjusting to a new location outside the Earthwood Inn, about a mile south of town. His head now turns, giving him views of both Scenic 61 and the 61 Expressway. Eventually, his new owners hope to have him talking and greeting visitors.

albino stag Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Largest Albino Stag

Highway 1
Wrenshall, MN

As of July 2011, this leaping deer statue was white, but there was a movement among the locals to bring back some color. The whitewashing happened in 2010 after the natural colors had faded, it was time for a repainting, and organizers wanted to differentiate their deer from an identical statue in Deerwood, MN. The new white version has drawn children with wands, who think it resembles Harry Potter’s Patronus.

honk moose Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Honk the Moose

Carl Schuster Park
Biwabik, MN 55708

Based on a real life moose that became a children’s storybook character, this life-sized statue stands in Biwabik’s downtown park. In 2010, there was a bit of a scandal when Honk disappeared from his platform in Schuster Park. Unaware that city workers had removed the statue to have it refurbished, many townspeople believed it had been stolen. Some even started a Facebook page, “Bring Honk the Moose Home.”

loon Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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World’s Largest Floating Loon

Olcott Park
Virginia, MN

Anchored in Silver Lake, this 21-foot bird known as “Ginny” is believed to be the largest floating loon in the world. Ginny is one of the main attractions during Virginiaʼs annual Land of the Loon Festival in June, but she stays floating throughout the warmer months.

iron man Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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World’s Largest Iron Man

Highway 169 near Highway 73
Chisholm, MN

This mammoth tribute to iron miners is said to be the third largest free-standing memorial in the United States (behind the Statue of Liberty and St. Louis Arch). It is 81 feet high and weighs 150 tons. You can find it across from the Minnesota Discovery Center.

christian bros hockey stick Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Huge Hockey Stick and Puck

Monroe and Grant Streets
Eveleth, MN

Weighing five tons, this Christian Brothers stick is believed to be the worldʼs largest free standing hockey stick. Itʼs part of Evelethʼs Hockey Plaza, with a large puck and giant mural on a nearby building. This stick replaced an earlier one that
was three feet shorter. Eveleth is also home to the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.

rooster Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Giant Rooster

Along Highway 61
Two Harbors, MN

Outside a gift shop where you can stock up on Beanie Babies, sweats and moccasins stands this 8-foot fiberglass rooster along Highway 61. Itʼs been there since 1963, although it has endured some near-death experiences. In 2003, someone smashed the statue by throwing it off a bridge. Before that, some college kids stole it and held it captive for a time. A hand-written sign on the roosterʼs back now reads: “No sitting!
Keep off. You are being watched.”

voyageur in cloquet Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Cloquet Voyageur

Near Broadway and St. Louis Avenue
Cloquet, MN 55720

Just beneath the Highway 33 bridge in Cloquet, youʼll find this giant fiberglass voyageur along with a replica fort, in Dunlap Island Park. It was dedicated in July of 1976 by then-Senator Hubert H. Humphrey. Itʼs a symbol of the early settlement in Carlton County.

bunyans marble Best Roadside Attractions In Minnesota, Part 3

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Paul Bunyan’s Marble

900 West Lake Street
Chisholm, MN

This enormous ball of granite is said to be one of the marbles that got away from Paul Bunyan as he and Babe the Blue Ox made their way across Minnesota. It weighs more than four tons and is on display at the Minnesota Museum of Mining.

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