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Best Vietnamese In The Twin Cities

November 9, 2010 2:42 PM

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Not many places in the country can boast a collection of Vietnamese restaurants like that of the Twin Cities. Minnesotans have both awesome hole-in-the-walls and excellent bistros. Listed below are the Twin Cities’ top Vietnamese restaurants, which can satisfy cravings for bahn mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwich), pho (noodle soup) or spring rolls.
And if you’ve never had Vietnamese food, I’d highly recommend stopping by one of the littler shops for lunch on a whim. Vietnamese food, when compared to other Asian cuisines, is lighter and built of a sundry framework of flavors — mixing mint and jalapeno, for instance — to create dishes that are delicious and often healthy.The list is in no particular order.

Jasmine Deli and Jasmine 26

2532 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 870-3800
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I was introduced to Vietnamese food at Jasmine Deli. It’s run by the uber-friendly Truong family and is an excellent place to drop in with a friend to grab a mock duck bahn mi, a noodle salad and a Vietnamese iced coffee (drip-brewed dark roast coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk). It’s both affordable and satisfying.

Jasmine 26 is Jasmine Deli’s up-scale sister shop with a liquor license. Run by the same family, 26 whips up spiked bubble teas at the bar and a more refined version of Vietnamese than that found at the Deli.

quangrestaurant Best Vietnamese In The Twin Cities

Stir fry noodles Thai style at Quang. (credit:

Quang Restaurant

2719 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 870-4739
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Known for its huge, steaming bowls of pho, this family run Eat Street shop offers a tasty oasis for those fed up of winter.

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704 University Ave. W.
St. Paul, MN 55104
(651) 225-8751
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Winner of CityPages’ 2010 Best Vietnamese , Saigon has amazing bahn mi for $3.50 a sandwich. You can’t afford to miss it.

Pho 79

2529 Nicollet Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 871-4602
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Another Eat Street shop, Pho 79 is authentic and affordable. It has a weekday lunch buffet and offers its famous pho Monday through Sunday.

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

799 University Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104
(651) 222-3301
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Ngon (pronounced “Nong”) is visually outstanding when compared with other Vietnamese restaurants in the Twin Cities. It specializes in fusion cuisine, mixing Vietnamese style and inventiveness with local ingredients. They serve craft beers and organic wines. Note Ngon down under Date Night Ideas.

Jonathon Sharp is an intern with

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  • Stephen Huot

    The pho at Ngon is beautiful…

  • Kare11

    You’ve spelled banh mi wrong.

  • Dan in BP

    Thanh Vi in Brooklyn Park serve nice banh mi and pho and has very friendly servers too-this based on about a dozen visits!

    • Daisy

      Agreed! We stopped in there for lunch today and were so very pleasantly surprised. The food was fresh, delicious, and perfectly presented. I can’t wait to go back again to try more of their authentic dishes. Friendly staff, fast service, good value for your money…what more could you ask for?? Yummm!

    • Poor Service

      I’ve been here several times and the service was poor each time. They are quick to get the sale but even quicker to get you out. Also, they have food and sanitation issues and I’ve seen the health inspector visit them on more than one occasion.

  • Hmong home mad PHO

    Naw, i would say that, home made pho is the best. it test much better then those at these place. lol… and yes, no roaches and mice at Priceless Some of these place are not clean.

    • Dee

      So share the recipe!!

  • Tharen

    The Vina in Highland is my absolute favorite, a wonderful hot n spicy chicken, and Ho Bien on Lexington and University is my favorite for Pho.

  • Kaylee

    Check out Cam Ranh Bay restaurant in Burnsville. They have the best egg rolls, Pho, and Banh Xeo (Rice Pancake) in town.

  • Newsman

    Vietnam House in Brooklyn Park (Brooklyn BLVD and Broadway) makes a wicked bowl of Pho’. By far the best Pho I have tested in the Twin Cities.

    • Jenn

      I agree! and they serve the pho in multiple sizes so you dont have to eat the BIG BOWL! YUM!!

  • EMH

    There’s a family owned place called the Pink Flower that is very good. They are in Mounds View.

  • TT

    Vina’s in Highland Park is the best!!

    • Michele

      I love Vina’s. I’m not an expert of Vietnamese food, by any means, although I love it. But that’s where I learned to love Pho.

      • Linda

        The hot & spicy chicken and eggrolls at Vina are my favs and a must everytime I go there!!!! Wish they weren’t so far away from Blaine…..but worth the trip!

  • Sara

    I think you missed the mark. We believe that Que Nha at 849 University Ave in St. Paul is far and away better than the ones you mentioned. Try it!!

  • Trie chau fan

    No way!! Trie chau on University Avenue has the best of the best pho…no need for any condiments if u don’t feel like it or don’t know how to mix it up good….

    • huh?

      I AGREE with you! I love Trie chau too!!

  • Jonny Wong

    Reply to Hmong Home.. how many Hmong ppl live in Minnesota and how many restaurant they open? That speak much about Hmong food.

  • Lee

    Zen Asia in White Bear Lake is also good.

  • Myra

    awesome food at Que Viet Village House in NE Mpls!!

  • JJJ000

    How could you leave Lotus off this list? That’s just wrong….

  • Bensongirl

    Check out On’s Kitchen Thai Cuisine on University, just west of Snelling…worth braving the light rail construction for…great food, good service…not a fast food restaurant…

    • Susan

      Ant’s. very good.

  • Linda

    Don’t forget Bambu in Maplewood. Best Pho soup!

  • Bobby Hidalgo


    • Parker

      Their eggrolls are like burritos and they’re good

  • O

    I like wok the dog !

  • Tom

    From HCMC (Saigon) to Hanoi the food might be listed the same……but so many different flavors, and so darned GOOD!! Viet Nam is worth trip for those looking for a little adventure. The cuisine alone is worth the trip.

  • maia moua

    My response is to Johnny Wong,obviously you’ve never been to The Hmong Village in Saint Paul. Hmong restaurants and all, except located in one location.. I believe this strategy is wiser than a bunch of restaurants all competing against one another and selling the obvious same dishes yet they’re springing up all over Minnesota. Its the same cooks with the same recipe monopolizing all the vietnamese eateries. By the way, the cooks at these eateries are mostly spanish folks.. Take a peek into the kitchen@ your fav place next time. I have no problem with this but I don’t believe its authentic. Call me old fashioned HMONG, but I and the folks@ Hmong Village do all our cooking. Now that’s real authenticity. And by the way, there are plenty of Good Hmong citizens here in Minnesota. Among us there are Doctors,Dentists, business owners etc.So do yourself a favor Wong, and instead of belittleing Hmong people like me because I don’t open a joint down the street like my cousin, perhaps you should suggest to your cousins about consolidating these dime a dozen restaurants with poor service and low quality food into one large enterprise.. That’s all in a nut shell.

  • Laura

    Que Viet Village House, Brooklyn Park has the best Egg Rolls I have ever had. Dont want any others after you have had thiers.

  • Emily

    The Pink Flower on County Road 10 is very good. It’s a family-owned place and they have awesome spring rolls.

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