DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Minneapolis Lookout

December 19, 2011 3:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Minneapolis Lookout

“I bought it because my old car started on fire, so I thought I should get a new one.”

The Ride
The Driver: Chris 
Car in Question: 2006 Ford Focus
Spotted at: Ridgeway Parkway, Minneapolis, MN 55439
Odometer: 60,000


Q: When and where did you buy your car?

A: From Luther Brookdale Mazda about four years ago.

Q: Is there any special reason why you bought it?

A: The old car started on fire, so I thought I should get a new one.

Q: What’s your car’s main use?

A: I mostly use my car for commuting.

Q: What’s your favorite feature?

A: It handles really nicely.

Q: What is your least favorite thing about this car?

A: Sometimes it squeaks and rattles. When I say sometimes, I mean always.

Q: Have you gone on any road trips in your car? Where to?

A: Yes. I’ve done Michigan and Omaha. Soon I’ll be going to Virginia.

Q: Do you have rules for your car?

A: No rules. My car is a free for all.

Q: Do you have frequent passengers in your car?

A: I’m normally in my car by myself, but I have passengers on the weekends.

Q: If your car had a personality, what kind of personality would it have?

A: Temperamental. Although it always starts, it presents new problems each time. Sometimes if it takes too long, then I know it’s trying to show me that I’m not the one in charge.

Q: What is your favorite car memory?

A: Going to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was pretty sweet. We did it in the end of September and the leaves were changing around that time.

Q: Can you tell us a fun fact about your car?

A: Yeah, kind of. Since I paid for it all myself, I feel the pain whenever something happens to it and I have to fix it. I also maintain everything myself.

Q: Finally, what’s your absolute dream car?

A: I have my dream dream car and realistic dream car. My dream dream car is called an Ariel Atom. It’s rather expensive, but it’s a dream car because it only has the things you really need in a car. My realistic dream car on the other hand is a Subaru WRX STI.

Photos and interview by Kelly Miller

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