DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat In Northeast Minneapolis

May 21, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pat In Northeast Minneapolis

“It’s red. It’s fast. It was a mid-life crisis!”

The Ride
The Driver: Pat
Vehicle in Question: 2009 Audi A3
Spotted at: Northeast Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN 97201
Odometer: 75,000


Q: Hi Pat! Why did you pick this awesome car?

A: It’s red. It’s fast. It was a mid-life crisis! Economy and gas mileage were a big deal, but it’s sporty and that was a seduction point.

Q: Did this car solve your mid-life crisis?

A: Maybe one of them. I am sure there are more on the horizon.

Q: Have you been on any fun trips in it?

A: Just to Chicago, which is boring. It’s got a really cool sunroof. I tell you what, there is nothing like driving a little too fast with the sunroof open.

Q: After that, did you get out of the car and have crazy hair?

A: I didn’t even care!

Q: That’s the right attitude. You’ve got a sweet car, so why worry?

A: It’s odd, because when we got it, I never saw the car before. Once I got behind the wheel, I started to notice them all around. We were in International Falls and someone had one just like ours, the same red.

Q: Did you wave at each other?

A: No. I think we were both embarrassed. I’m self-conscious because it’s red. I normally wouldn’t have picked that out, but it was used and that was what color it was.

Q: That is a total going-for-it color, but you’re more low key. You usually rode a bike, right?

A: I did. A red, little, sporty German import was not my game plan!

Photos and interview by Michelle Leon

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