Best Unique Things At Target Field

November 6, 2010 12:47 PM

Minnesota Twins Tradition Wall

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Minnesota Twins outdoor baseball is back in Minnesota and while the players on the field are a sight to see, there’s so much more to experience when visiting Target Field. Maybe it’s because fans have waited so long or maybe it’s because the organization wants fans to know they’re in for a treat when visiting this ballpark — whatever the reason Target Field is unique and has set itself apart from all the other ballparks in Major League Baseball. And here’s 10 (and one bonus) things you won’t see in any other ballpark across the country.

In no particular order …

Minnesota Twins Tradition Wall

No 1: Twins Tradition Wall

The Twins Tradition wall features pennants from the team’s 50-year history — pennants that list every single player on the team that year. But what makes the wall so unique is the fan support with 2,400 tributes — from family names to memorials — bought by fans displayed on the wall. It’s the only ballpark where you can see fan tributes next to the players’ names. And if you’d like your name or family there, the team is adding another 1,200 fan tributes to the wall.

"The Wave" Wind Veil

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No. 2: “The Wave” Wind Veil

Titled “The Wave” as a tribute to that spectator activity during sporting event, this wind veil is the largest piece of public art in Minnesota and it just happens to be part of Target Field. Located just outside the park, it can appear very animated on windy days and is illuminated at night.

Native Limestone Exterior

No. 3: Native Limestone Exterior

While most modern ballparks are made of brick and steel, the exterior of Target Field is made by limestone. The Vetter Stone Company in Mankato provided the limestone for the ballpark that is made to mimic the limestone bluffs in Minnesota.

Roof Canopy Soffit

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No. 4: Roof Canopy Soffit

What’s a soffit? It’s the way the roof is finished underneath, so when you’re looking up from your seat, you’re seeing the soffit. In other ballparks, the canopy is exposed beams but at Target Field, it’s a smooth finish and looks like an airplane wing. While it looks cool, it’s also functional because those exposed beams at other parks are a great place for birds to sit … so no need to worry about anything dropping from above while sitting under the canopy.

Lighting In Roof Canopy

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No. 5: Lighting In Roof Canopy

The lighting at night at Target Field is beautiful but also functional. All other ballparks have free-standing lights but at Target Field, the lighting is integrated into the roof canopy. Plus, there are lights on the scoreboard.

Ceiling at Hrbek's Restaurant

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No. 6: Ceiling At Hrbek’s Restaurant

To see the next unique feature of Target Field you must visit Hrbek’s Restaurant and you must look up. On the ceiling are stamped aluminum tiles of every Twins logo in the team’s history. From Minnie and Paul shaking hands to the old and now new again “TC” don’t be afraid to look up for a while to see if you can count how many different ones are above your head.

barspace Best Unique Things At Target Field

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No. 7: Most Square Footage Of Bar Space

With seven free-standing bars and the Budweiser Roof Deck in left field, Target Field has the most square footage of bar space than any other Major League Baseball stadium. There are the bars inside the Legends and Champions Club, the 573 which is one long wooden bar and, of course, the Town Ball Tavern. All places to whet your whistle and enjoy the atmosphere of Target Field.

Wheelchair/Disability Accessibility

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No. 8: Wheelchair/Disability Accessibility

Target Field is the most wheelchair accessible ballpark built-to-date. There are ramps, elevators and wheelchair seating on every level. Twins officials consulted with disability groups as they made plans for Target Field to ensure a high-level of accessible for all who want to enjoy a Twins game.

Kramarczuk's Sausage

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No. 9: Local Food Selection

From Lunds & Byerly’s wild rice soup to Kramarczuk’s sausages, Target Field boasts the largest local food selection. The Twins pictured local vendors throughout Minnesota to feed the hungry fans. You can find other delights like the Loon Café chili and Murray’s steak sandwich at concessions stands and restaurants at Target Field.

Craig Edwards, Target Field Weatherman

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No. 10: Weatherman

We all know the weather is finicky in Minnesota, so the Minnesota Twins are prepared with their very own weatherman. Craig Edwards, the former chief meteorologist at the National Weather Service, sits behind the visiting team’s dugout and monitors the weather up until and throughout every home Twins game. Because we all know Mother Nature can be an unpredictable woman.

Target Field Public Transportation Access

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Bonus: Public Transportation Access

Ever hear the word multimodal before? That’s what Target Field is … the most multimodal ballpark in America. What does it mean? Target Field provides the most and best access to get to the ballpark through public transportation. From light rail transit to buses and even being located on the Cedar Lake Bike Trail, Target Field is convenient for fans arriving on wheels or on foot. And with 20 percent arriving by public transportation, it makes sense that when the light rail is completed in the next 10 years, Target Field will serve as grand central station for light rail in the Twin Cities.

-Karna Bergstrom is a Web Producer for WCCO.COM and enjoyed a game at Target Field each month of the regular season.

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