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For 30 years, 400 million Europeans have traveled freely between dozens of countries, but terrorism, migrants and crime could stop that
Michael Desaedeleer accused of profiting during Sierra Leone's bloody civil war; first time a businessman arrested for exploiting their diamonds
Migrants escaping danger in places like Syria are risking their lives to move through Europe
Station overrun with migrants from Middle East unable to travel on to Germany or other countries -- and unwilling to return home
Police say man identified only as a 28-year-old foreigner was holed up with bomb-making equipment, stacks of passports
It was a daring feat immortalized in the 1963 classic “The Great Escape.”
Prosecutors in Hungary are asking to keep four suspects in custody in connection with the discovery of 72 bodies locked inside a truck in Austria near the Hungarian border
Storm leaves devastation in its wake as Dominica leader says damage sets island nation back by 20 years
There is a state of emergency in Florida as tropical storm Erika approaches
Official says at least 9 cases found; "There may be many more, from years back, and some of these children could be 20 years old by now"