There’s power in numbers and now there are discounts in numbers too!

The site, Groupon, was brought to my attention by one of my cousins about a month ago. She wanted to know if it was legit and could sign up for it. Well good news Heather, go for it!

Groupon basically is able to give such great deals through the power of group buying. Businesses offer deals based on the condition that a certain amount of people must sign up for the deal.

Each day the site will feature something new at a really great price and then if enough people buy the deal, everyone gets it. If not enough people sign up, the deal is canceled and you never get charged for it.

A coworker of mine recently got a really great deal on a salon package in Uptown, a $155 value for only $45. It includes three and a half hours of pampering by getting a hair cut and color, followed by a facial wax and manicure.

Other recent deals include half-off admission to Underwater Adventures, $20 worth of drinks and snacks for only $10 at the Shout House.  As I’m blogging, they are offering 70 percent off CardioFITBoxing Classes.

Groupon can be found in many other cities across the U.S and is good for businesses too because it brings many new customers into their store.

Strength in numbers comes with its perks!


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