A group of 14 Minnesota hospitals is accepting the offer of the Minnesota Nurses Association to resume talks, but under one condition.

The hospitals want a pledge from the union not to strike before July 31. In return, the hospitals promise not to lock out any nurses before then.

A spokeswoman for the hospitals says in a statement Thursday that the group hopes the pledge will give both sides enough time to reach a deal and avoid another strike.

About 12,000 nurses went on a one-day strike on June 10, saying they wanted increased staffing in the hospitals and didn’t want cuts to their pension.

A vote to authorize another strike is scheduled for Monday.

Hospitals spokeswoman Maureen Schriner says they are hopeful the talks can move beyond the union’s staffing proposal.

Comments (2)
  1. Doug Smith says:

    Bring back John and Susie in the AM !!
    The 1-3 guy lets his left leanings show-
    Need less politics—-
    DH Smith

  2. Judy McElwain RN says:

    Hello WCCO, Can I ask you why the hospital spokesperson Maureen Shriner would call in to talk to you during your extremely vital coverage of the severe weather? People have died today during this storm and I find it appalling that the hospital spokesperson would take advantage of you and the public when they know EVERYONE is tuned into WCCO. It is a strategy that shows that I think is in very bad taste and shows me once again how inappropriate they are. Did she not care that while you are taking to her, people are still stuck in their basements? I dont think people listening to their battery operated radios to follow the storm tuned in to listen to her. This is a reflection of how they DO NOT have the publics best interest at heart. Did she actually think that what she had to say was more important than what people tune into you for when the weather is bad ? At that time there was still a tornado on the ground in Steele County! Unbelieveable. But then she isnt a nurse is she?

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