mischke light framed Mischke with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer CARLOS SANTANA

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  1. marcie says:

    I think the Christmas Tree in the doorway at R.F. Moeller Jewelry is put upside down to resemble a DIAMOND. The point at the bottom (where it rests in the setting) and the larger edge (the bottom the the tree) is the brilliant cut stone ?

  2. Red Fredrickson says:

    Hey Tommy
    Jjust thought I’d drop a line to say how good it is to listen to Sam Halk, And how sickening it gets to listen to Jack call and try to impress everyone all the time.

    But I know you gotta take the Bad with the Good, So I enjoy your show for the most part.

    Also Flash is the best, He is a big plus to the show.
    Happy New Year Red

    Happy New Year Red

  3. Joe says:

    I never laughed as hard as I did listening to show 1-2-12 when you were talking with the oil fellow and his book. With you making those noises I will never miss another show.

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