nurse strike abbott northwestern8 Nurses, Hospitals Hope To Resume Talks

The union representing some 12 thousand Twin Cities nurses is offering to resume talks next week with 14 hospitals and is pledging not to give a strike notice as long as talks are productive. The union is set to vote Monday on whether to authorize a second strike only this time it would be open ended. Hospitals agreed earlier this week to resume talks but only on the condition that the nurses agreed not to strike before July 31st. Hospitals, in turn, would agree not to lock them out. Hospitals are expected to respond as early as Saturday to the latest proposal from nurses about resuming negotiations. The labor dispute centers on nurse to patient ratios, wages, pensions and benefits.



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  1. Cass says:

    Based on my experience spending three days in the hospital this past week the hospitals are going to have to give way on the nurses to patient ratio. My medications…including pain medications following surgery…were often delayed by half an hour (sometimes more) because the nurse assigned my case had three other patients plus two in critical care to deal with. And while another RN would sometimes fill in she had patients of her own—plus us, while our nurse was dealing with those receiving critical care.

    Believe me, after surgery, the last thing you want delayed is the medication for pain but you can understand why your nurse had to stay with her critical cases.
    The hospitals are being unreasonable about this.
    This is my personal experience.

  2. Jax says:

    Maureen you forgot to add that the letter to the union also had the condition that we do not talk about the staffing.

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