Here are some of the highlights from Esme’s show on June 19th:

Esme continues her series of interviews with this year’s Gubernatorial candidates as democratic hopeful Matt Entenza joins her in-studio.

How does the oil spill in the Gulf effect our country’s policies on energy?  Manhatten Institute Senior Fellow and author Nicole Gelinas answers that question.

Autism is a condition that has come into light more in the past few years.  What treatments are being used to help people with this affliction?

Statistics show that 2009 had the largest increase of reported cases of AIDS in Minnesota in more than a decade.  Are the youth of today becoming less aware of the dangers of the disease?

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, children were shipped on trains from the East Coast out west to find adoptive homes.  The daughter of one such Orphan Train child joins Esme to discuss how it all worked.

  1. Susan Lehner says:

    Would like to have the podcast of the interview with Renee Wendinger “The Story of one of the Orphan Train Riders