nurse strike abbott northwestern14 Nurses Filing Strike Notice

They met for 13 hours but nurses and Twin Cities hospitals failed to reach an agreement on contract issues and this morning the nurses will file a strike notice. Talks broke off around 9 o’clock last night. And even though the two sides plan to meet again next Tuesday, the nurses’ union plans to file a strike notice today. It’s believed the Minnesota Nurses Association will set a date of July 5th for an open-ended walkout. Some 12-thousand nurses conducted a one-day strike on June 10th. The hospitals brought in 2800 replacements for that walkout. There’s no telling how long the next strike would be. Late last night, a spokesperson for the

14 affected hospitals issued a statement saying “another strike is unacceptable. We owe it to our nurses and the community to stay at the table and negotiate — not to strike.”

  1. crabbybear says:

    if the hospital spokesman says that the nurses should stay at the bargainaing table why isnt the hospial willing to negotiate until tuesday–the hospital are using a stalling tactic

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