Severe weather is sweeping through southern Minnesota this evening. Authorities have reported a tornado in Brown County northeast of New Ulm. There have also been reports of trees uprooted near Clearwater, and several reports of flash flooding and large hail in the Twin Cities metro area. A tornado watch remains in effect for most of southern Minnesota until midnight.

wcco banner Severe Weather Sweeps Southern Minnesota

Comments (2)
  1. ysweat says:

    whats going on albert lea, no power,

  2. Ivy Iverson says:

    Greetings from North Las Vegas, Nevada!

    I lived in the Twin City area MANY years ago – back when The Lakers were the MINNEAPOLIS Lakers! At one time I was on the staff of WTCN-TV, and was Chief Engineer of KWFM 97.1. (Whatever happened to Bob Smith? LOL!) Anyway, I saw on T.W.C. that there was severe WX in the T.C. area and remmebering the old “On The Go with ‘CCO” during severe weather, I checked & found that you stream… Thenk You! What a thrill to be able to listen to ‘CCO again during the special severe weather programming – Keep up the great work!

    73 tio All – Be safe!

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