About twenty-five people were present when, what can only be described as, a UFO made an appearance at a Fourth of July get-together last Sunday night.  Read the account from an eyewitness of the sighting.

Our family attended the fireworks show in Lakeville this evening at the high school field.  My entire family and other people around witnessed a light brown flying object with a glowing golden ball in the center.  This thing was not an airplane or firework debris, as it slowly flew across the length of the entire sky over our heads in a curved line at the same altitude.  The top of this thing also spun around, and one side of it was black with something that protruded from it (you could see this black side with the protruding thing spinning slowly as it flew across the sky.)  It had no smoke, no sound, and this protruding thing swung around the top of it only randomly and very slowy while the bottom of it did not spin.  There were at least twenty five other people around us who looked up with us and saw this thing.  I am not a crazy ufo nut, but this thing really shook me.  Has anyone else reported this?  It happened at around 9pm at Lakeville North Highschool, about an hour before the fireworks began. 

 Unfortunately, we did not bring our camera along for the fireworks show.  However, there were others around us who took photos and/or video of this thing.  I am hoping that you may receive some of those images from the others in order for you to see that this actually happened, and to possibly figure out what this thing was.  I spent some time trying to draw everything that I saw, and had both my husband and my daughters look at it to see if it matched what they saw.  Before we saw this thing, we were facing North, towards the stage.  Someone behind us yelled out to another member of their group to look up at this thing.  We had to stand up and turn around to see this, so we were then facing South.  I drew some shadows on this object, as well as on the trees, but since the sun was setting to our right side, the direction of the shadowing is wrong.  I only drew the shadowing to try and show that there was some dimension to this thing, and that there was still sun in the sky to reflect off part of this object.  This thing just silently flew over us, at about 1000-1200 feet.  It appeared to keep the same altitude for the duration of our viewing.  It flew from West to East, but curved slightly to the North as it traveled over a line of trees and a building near the baseball field.  We tried to follow this thing further, but we were sitting at the bottom of a hill where the stage was.  The trees are on top of the hill, so once it traveled over the treetops, we were unable to view it further.  There were a lot of people on the school grounds, and since there were people sitting at the top of the hill above us, I have to think that there are others up there who also saw this thing. 

 The black terret was the strangest thing on this object.  The best way I can describe this thing is that it swung around, back and forth.  At times, it spun completely around, and at other times, it made a half-turn and then remained in that position for a couple of seconds.  Honestly, this thing reminded me of a camera lens, like it was scanning the perimeter.  The center of the protruding black barrel appeared to reflect light from the setting sun when it turned Westward, almost as if it had a dark window in the center of it.  

 There were no markings of any kind, no sound, no smoke, no visible landing gear of any kind, and no exhaust.  Unfortunately, none of us can remember for certain if the band was still playing at this time or not, so if there was noise emanating from this thing, perhaps we just couldn’t hear it due to the music.  Again, this object just slowly flew overhead — slower than a plane, and slower than a helicopter — and seemed to be scanning in all directions with the black terret. 

 Please understand that I am not interested in seeing more of these, nor am I interested in meeting any aliens.  This experience was un-nerving to me, and I think I am forever going to wonder what this thing was and what it was doing.  To answer your question of whether or not I have contacted the police, I have not done so.  Please let me know if someone else inquires about this and gives you their account of what they saw, or if they may know what this thing was.