power outage1 Storms Left Thousands Without Power

Some 80 thousand Twin Cities  customers of Xcel Energy were without power at the peak of the severe thunderstorms Saturday night.   Several thousand remained without power Sunday morning.  The figure was around 22 thousand Sunday and for some 0f those customeres power may not be restored until Monday or Tuesday.  Xcel says many of the main power lines were fixed early Sunday but scattered outages throughout the east and west metro will take more time.

Comments (3)
  1. Jim Strand says:

    Your web site is a lot better than your local news. I am out of power at home. So I tune in 840 this morning to determine the extent of the problem. What do I get … paid programming concerning some unproven product. Ok I wait until the “real” programming comes and what do get but a couple of ditzes guessing the date of a popular song. OK so I wait until the local news comes on. So what do I get NOTHING! I go to the library and use the internet there and get the full information off of your web site. Maybe you should have the web people take over good old 840.

  2. David Chapdelaine says:

    Nice job Mike Lynch and Esme Murphy you guys rock. I was out working during that storm and your coverage kept me informed of the hot spots in our Metro Area. Thanks, David Chapdelaine – Xcel Energy Electric Troubleman Metro East

  3. Brett says:

    Is there a meteor shower coming?

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