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Misspeaks from those who should know plus your pet peeves of misprounounced words

Muslim built Community Center near Ground Zero makes some upset

Mel Gibson tapes – Are these a set up for extortion?

Man with a string of driving infractions kills two in accident and gets probation

  1. Frank says:

    When you first arrived I was very pleased to see you back. I soon found out that your not the same J.W. This was most evident during your interview with Senator Frankin yesterday. You gave him the soft ball questions and than intentionally misrepresented the Republican position to support his views. I say intenional because if you didn’t know you should not be on the air. You now have a strong tendency to create problems where non exist but that seem to satisfy your new political views. I believe the station was not happy with you also, judged by the strong clarification at the very beginning of Michale’s show. From now on it’s another station during your time slot until I hear you have gone back to the old better balanced John.

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