esme murphy8 Saturday Night with Esme Murphy   7/24/10The Internet and social media have made hooking up much more open and accessible to everyone, and that would include those that can be described as sex addicts.  Author Benoit Denizet Lewis discussed the subject in his recent book, “American Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life”.

The 2010 Tour de France wraps up on Sunday.  How big is doping these days in the sport of cycling?  What is the latest in the war of words between Floyd Landis and Lance Armstrong?  Peter Flax, Bicycling Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, talks about it with Esme.

Apart from the sport, there’s a different side of cycling going on around the Twin Cities.  The green bikes of the Nice Ride program are touring Minneapolis, and they’ve become a hit.  Executive director Bill Dossett talks about how the program is going.

Psychic Ruth Lorden makes her return to Saturday Night.  She takes your phone calls and lets the listeners know what’s in the cards for their future.

  1. william jewell says:

    Developer of Mall of America says it will take over stalled Xanadu project in northern NJ, that story on cco web page and has tourism aspects and from my pint of view vikings stadium issues, see: and both to be redone in the next 48 hours. callers could be ask if you think it will hurt MOA minnesota tourism and if you want to live on the edge should a viking stadium go downtown or moa/ on my web sites have a chart with the revenues, honest numbers, of a sigle use vs moa multi use. enjoy your work. attended anne hatchs funeral, sad, mikes oldest daughter leaned against him at one point, emtional. any comments made by me on startribune web sites taken off. offer Xanadu story to shupley at PP two weeks ago and other media a week ago and none would print, vikings control has long arms??

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