By Jason DeRusha

MINNEAPOLIS  (WCCO) — Happy Monday!

Let’s take a journey … back into the 1990s.

Remember playing with Twigs the giraffe, Chocolate the moose, Goochie the octopus and Gluestick the horse?

That’s right. We’re talking Beanie Babies today.

Well…I have to admit. I have an obscenely large collection of these stupid toys tucked away in some huge Tupperware bin a house could float on.

And yes, I made my mom take me to McDonald’s so I could get the Teenie Beanie Babies in my Happy Meal.

Before I embarrass myself any further … MNGurl1183 asked me on Twitter if her Beanie Babies are really worth any money.

The Beanie craze started around 1995 and right off the bat, many of the toys were dubbed “collector’s items.” The Princess Di bear was considered “rare” along with other cute little plush playthings. But if I walk into a rare toy shop with my boatload of beanage, will they throw a few thousand dollars my way or laugh me out of the building?

Good Question … Too Dangerous for Television.

Yours truly,
The Good Question Intern

Jason DeRusha