A jammed-packed show starts with a preview of the annual Minnesota tradition…the State Fair.  General Manager Jerry Hammer talks about what attractions, shows, and food to expect starting Thursday from the Fairgrounds in Saint Paul.

Pepsi has created a contest with Major League Baseball to honor a local charity chosen by one of its 30 associated teams.  Fans got to vote on who deserved the charitable grant, and the Twin Cities showed up in enough numbers to win the contest.  The beneficiaries are the Courage Center, who will take the Pepsi Refresh Grant to build a wheelchair accessible basketball court.  Sharon Van Winkle, the Center’s sports and rec director, and Owen Olsen, a 12-year old player for the Junior Rolling Twins, give their story to Esme.

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When Oprah Winfrey took up the cause of getting people to stop texting while driving, one local clothing store was inspired to take up the fight as well.  Zelaz, a store catered to adolescents and teenagers, is deciding to help out the pocketbook of teens and parents who contribute to the cause.  Owner Janet Polach and her daughter, Alex, explain how the effort is going.

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It’s time to start gearing up for the “Back-to-School” rush, which means shopping for supplies.  However, there may be a way to save on some on the tools needed for the kids.  Joe Nathan, director for the Center for School Change, let us know about some of these tips.

With some school districts looking to push the start of the school year to an earlier date, there are some schools that have decided to stretch schooling to a more year-round schedule.  One such place is Laura Jeffery Academy, a girl-“focused” charter school in Saint Paul.  School founder and executive director Cindy Reuther, and Academy parent Tammy Jackson, describe the uniqueness of this institution.

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The 2010 political season continues to ratchet itself up, and one of Esme’s favorites, Dave Schultz, is back to talk the Emmer, Dayton, Horner, Bachmann, and the Target controversy.