esme murphy10 Saturday Night with Esme Murphy   8/28/10While many parents are willing to put their children in school when they’re eligible, some parents prefer to let their kids “redshirt” before sending them into Kindergarten.  One such parent is Todd Nettleton.  He tells the advantages to this situation to Esme.

Iran has stayed in the news recently with their new nuclear status.  And what about the status of the American hikers?  U of M anthropology professor Bill Beeman talks about these issues.

WCCO-TV’s Jason DeRusha is doing his part to help out in the community.  He joins Esme to discuss the United Way project he’s involved with.

The hazing investigation of the Elk River football program is still underway.  What will this mean for the players?  What lessons can be learned from this incident?  Charlie Kyte, executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, explains the possibilities.

Some very dreary real estate numbers were released this week.  But can you actually thrive when it comes to selling your home?  Real estate agent Ricardo Sereno gives some tips to help out if you are in a “selling” mood.

Dave Schultz is back to talk about Tom Horner’s budget plan, the amount of blame the current Administration will take for the economy, and Saturday’s rallies in Washington starring Glenn Beck and Rev. Al Sharpton.


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