There’s a new movie that will be released next month involving a fairly controversial topic, and the director grew up in these parts.  Mischke talks with former Orono resident Roger Nygard about his new film, The Nature of Existence.  Also, the Dalai Lama reaches into his wallet to help out our college research friends in Madison.

Studies say that B-Vitamins can help slow down brain shrinkage.  Which Olympics are more dangerous, Summer or Winter?  Fidel Castro comes to a realization about Cuba’s economic model.  And how exactly did we get to the point of calling it Scotch tape?

Comments (2)
  1. Dean frolek says:

    I hope Mischke’s contract ends soon. Singing about kilts on air last night was too much to take. Found Clark Howard elsewhere…huge improvement. Is this guy drunk or on drugs???? Wow!!!

  2. Mischke says:

    I have to agree with Dean. I don’t know if it’s booze, or meth, or acid, or mushrooms, but this psychotic freak is on something and needs to go away, and I mean soon. It’s not the type of family programing I expect from this station. Who is in charge over there?!