The coach takes calls and reacts to the disappointing loss to South Dakota.

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  1. john rundman says:

    I feels that coach tim brewster is putting alot stress to gophers football fan why he been with the team for 3 year have not even got them to any bcs or to be on the poll rating in any top single digits plus people you can google search his name on internet under coach tim brewster he was nfl tight end coach he is not even certify to be collage head coach who even work in the u of m athletic directory or we should say who even hires him are not educated for hiring football coach that is collage football coach . u of m got new football field i mean brand new what a loosing foot ball stories . the gophers needs someone who is collage football head coach certify if you cant find one or needs directions of how to recruits then may needs to ask or contact those collage who success in football i mean like university of florida? university alabama . so hope this help on how to find a new football coach.

  2. john rundman says:

    I just want to make staetment as gophers football fan , I see and have notice the football have lost to smaller school such as south dakota state university, in MINNESOTA !! wow do you know today on espn game day show , ( sept . 18th 2010 ) they were laughing when talking about the gophers football team. Again if you want you can search on google by typing in : coach Tim Brewster you will see prior he was just a TIGHT END Coach @ denver bronco (NFL) wow big deal , what i see is a ex tight end coach trying to be a head coach in minnesota who is again not CERTIFY , ok let me ask the reader if you own a bussiness would you hire someone to be your ceo who is not certify and has no leader ship to run your company? i hope everyone can see a big picture .

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