Hour 1:  John looks at the story of the missing man and his car turning up in Chicago and can we use cell phones to track people down?

Hour 2:  A Major League player is nearly impaled by a broken bat plus 11 boys vandalize a warehouse.  Is this just boys being boys?

Hour 3:  Time to talk Viking stadium again.  Independent Governor Candidate Tom Horner has a plan but is building a stadium during a recession a good idea?  Lester Bagley of the Vikings joins John plus lots  of calls.  Plus, is Christine O’Donnell being treated fairly?

  1. Dale Kohrs says:

    I have my truck radio set to CCO all the time. I rarely hear ALL of your show, but often hear some of it. After today’s (9-20) show, however, I’m ready to get the CD player working again. I don’t expect always agree with any radio talk show host, but I refuse to continue to listen if I am called stupid for disagreeing with you. I might be much more conservative politically than you are, and I do have some serious doubts about Ms O’Donnell as a senator. But your insinuation that she is stupid because she sees things differently than you is offensive.

    There are many fine minds that sincerely doubt that the world came about by evolution. As “science,” it is a house of cards – supposition built on supposition.

    Adultery includes sexual activity with someone other than your spouse – including yourself. If our narcissitic society was not so busy pleasing ONLY ourselves in so many ways, much of our world would run better.

    Her comments on witchcraft are troubling, but come on – do you want to be criticized for something YOU said twenty years ago? Would YOU defend everything you said that long ago? We are constantly changing and growing – and hopefully becoming wiser. I would be more concerned if those comments were more current.

    If I get my CD player to work, it will not noticeably change your ratings, but I’d rather you showed respect for opinions that are not the same as yours.

    Dale Kohrs
    Elmore, MN

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