The man who committed one of Minnesota’s most sensational crimes years ago will be committed indefinitely to a sex offender program.  


Ming Sen Shiue will NOT be set free. Instead, he’ll be sent to a sex offender treatment program at Moose Lake once he’s released from prison. He was convicted of kidnapping his former math teacher, Mary Stauffer, and raping her over a period of several weeks in 1980. He also abducted the woman’s daughter and killed a six year old boy who saw the kidnapping. During his 1981 trial…….Shiue lunged at Stauffer and slashed her face as she was testifying against him. He had smuggled a knife into the courtroom. Shiue vowed to track her down and kill both her and her daughter once he was released from prison. Anoka County judge Jenny Walker ruled Wednesday  he will not be set free.

  1. Jarol says:

    Good! Justice works!