jearlyn1 Center Stage   10/3/10Rohan Preston had quite a busy week.  He talks about Deadly, Robin Hood, and the portion of The Great Game that he was able to catch during the week.  He also talks about a reading from Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott.

If you’re going to see Charlotte’s Web at the Stages Theatre (through Oct. 24th), the set design might be as awe-inspiring as the performance.  Set designer Brian Proball joins the program to explain how everything got put together.

The History Theatre is putting on their tribute to the man that started Dudley Riggs (now known as the Brave New Workshop).  Michelle Hutchison, a cast member in Dudley: Rigged for Laughter, talks about the show and the man that inspired it.

The Great Game is a very broad lesson in history.  The show, which consists of four one-act plays, explains the breadth of the modern history of Afghanistan.  It continues at the Guthrie through Oct. 17th, and director Nick Kent discusses it.


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