By Dan Monfre –’s Digital Sales Manager

mngrown 300x600 web Client Case Study   Minnesota Grown

Minnesota Grown focuses on creative to drive traffic

About Minnesota Grown: The Minnesota Grown Program is a statewide partnership between the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and producers of Minnesota specialty crops and livestock.  It was created over 20 years ago by specialty crop growers to differentiate their produce from competitors produce from thousands of miles away.

Campaign Goal: In Fall 2010, Minnesota Grown needed to drive web traffic to their website,, in order to promote their members’ various fall activities.  Minnesota Grown wanted to focus on three main fall activities in Minnesota: Pumpkin Patches, Wineries, and Apple Orchards.  WCCO needed to create a campaign that not only got awareness out about the three activities, but drove interested consumers to

Solution: WCCO’s banner design team created a matrix banner that was both visually eye-catching and functional.  The ad used Minnesota Grown’s spokesperson’s picture as the attention getter, and used a simple, three-button navigation as the call to action.  The ad was targeted to run in the State of Minnesota’s number one local weather site,  You can view the ad in action here.

Result: The ad has been running for over four weeks, and is currently the top performing ad in our weather section.  The ad has the benefit of being very local as well as having an appeal to a mass audience…  Making WCCO’s weather section the PERFECT fit:  Our viewers come to our weather section to check out what the temperature is going to be like on Saturday, and right next to the seven-day planner is an ad promoting the top three activities to do outside this weekend.  It’s no wonder the ad is doing so well!

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