SCHROEDER, Minn. (WCCO) With more than 70 state parks to choose from in Minnesota, we are fortunate to have lots of great options.

Each one has unique features.

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We are shining the spotlight on one that’s about four hours north of the Twin Cities, along the shores of Lake Superior.

It’s Temperance River State Park in the small town of Schroeder.

Who knew there could be so much beauty in rocks and water.

The Temperance River gorge is often photographed and it’s not hard to see why.

The view and the sound of rushing water literally stops you in your tracks.

Park naturalists like Amy Funk walk the trails here answering visitors’ questions — like, what the heck is a pothole?

“When you have a bedrock river with that rock exposed to river bottom, a lot of times the water will start to swirl and turn, if there are bits of gravel they will turn. It’s almost like liquid sandpaper that starts to grind into the floor of the river, over time that will leave a cauldron, a depression, behind,” Funk said.

In late summer and early fall, there’s something else that might catch your eye in the water.

Fish, lots of them, making their way upstream.

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“In the fall, various species of salmon run up the river to spawn. What they do is lay the eggs, fertilize the eggs. Today it’s pink salmon, the smallest one. The pink salmon will eventually die after it spawns. This is its last task it is taking right now,” Funk said.

Fishermen share the serenity of this place with hikers and campers.

You can spend the night out here in a camper or a tent, just walking distance from shores of one of the Great Lakes.

Not only are there spectacular views of Lake Superior here and miles of trails along two rivers, but there are other treasures. There are waterfalls.

The largest one is called Hidden Falls, but there are several others throughout the property.

One of the best stories about Temperance River State Park is how it got its name.

The word “temperance,” as you may know, can refer to sobriety and showing restraint when drinking alcohol.

“Back in the late 1800s, it was given a new name by a fellow named Thomas Clark. It was kind of tongue in cheek. By no means is it a temperate river. Lot of cascades. He thought it would be funny to call it that. It is one of the few streams on the North Shore that does not have a bar across the river mouth,” Funk said.

A river with no bar — get it?

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If you want to learn more about Temperance River State Park, check out its website.