esme murphy2 HINESight with guest host Esme Murphy   10/20/10Esme talks about the new wrinkle in the Denny Hecker case with one of his lawyers.  Bankruptcy attorney Barbara May discusses how the case is going and what makes this aspect of the case different.  After that, our host discusses the sentencing of convicted sex offender Aaron Biber.  She talks about possible rehabilitation programs with the acting clinical director of Project Pathfinder, Deborah McDaniel-Dunn.  To top that off, Esme welcomes in her regular political guru, Hamline professor David Schultz, as we now slide within two weeks of the Midterm Elections.

Comments (2)
  1. J D says:

    I wanted to send the aaron Biber audio link to a friend but I cna’t seem to acess it. Can you help me please.


    James D

  2. P. Nelson says:

    Cogratulations to John Hines for being so flexible in substituting for other WCCO personel who cant make it in. His laugh is so contagious, also. I look forward to hearing him wherever he is each day.

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