Dominic Felder shot and killed by Minneapolis Police in 2006

A huge jury award against the city of Minneapolis. A Hennepin County Jury has awarded more than 1.8 million dollars to the family of a man who was shot and killed by Minneapolis police four years ago.

Police say Dominic Felder fought with two police officers who responded to a 9-1-1 domestic abuse call and was shot and killed while trying to take a gun from one officer. But an attorney for Felder’s family says the police version of what happened that night don’t add up. The jury agreed and awarded 1 million dollars in compensatory damages and 800-thousand dollars in punitive damages.

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  1. Mark says:

    Why is the case from KASOTA any different…. this was ruled an OK shooting…
    Heilman then flipped Waldron to the ground and the two “wrestled,” though no punches were thrown, Hoehn said. Heilman eventually pinned Waldron and only then saw the badge clipped to Waldron’s belt. He then jumped off the deputy with his hands in the air, Hoehn said.
    Waldron “sprang up and shot” without any warning, Hoehn said.
    Heilman, who was dressed only in swim trunks, grabbed at two bullet wounds in his chest and staggered as blood oozed between his fingers.

  2. Rev. J says:

    A crook getting more free dirty money. Good job Obama Supporters. Welcome to change.

  3. Grizzlyman says:

    “Rev. J

    A crook getting more free dirty money. Good job Obama Supporters. Welcome to change.”

    Your comment is just plain ignorant. The person you refer to as a crook is dead. He will be receiving nothing. It is right and just that fatal mistakes in enforcement bear a high cost. In defense of enforcement, when fatalities occur for proper cause the officers should be defended. We don’t want police shooting jaywalkers, nor do we want officers hurt or killed by violent offenders. It is a tightrope walk. That is why law enforcement officials are professionals. It is also why every incidence of lethal force is meticulously examined.

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