MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tuesday night’s Good to Know got a lot of response. It was about why candidates for office this November aren’t talking about energy policy. So Don Shelby, opens the mailbag for some reaction.

Jeff Brand wrote. He works for the Minnesota Environmental Partnership. He’s attended dozens of candidate debates and tells me he’s the only one to submit questions on energy, questions that the candidates can’t answer.

I got an email from a candidate who knows his stuff on energy. He is like a voice in the wilderness.

A member of the Minnetonka City Council says she doesn’t know who to vote for because the candidates are afraid to talk energy policy.

I said I was going to vote for common sense, but Steve Thompson wrote that there is, a sad truth, that common sense is the most uncommon thing in politics. He suggests any candidate for high public office ought to take and pass a test on critical issues, U.S. and Constitutional history — energy.

That sounds like common sense.

One e-mailer said he would vote for me if I ran for office. With humble gratitude, I say, so much for common sense.


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