By Amelia Santaniello

By Amelia Santaniello, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New parking meters in downtown Minneapolis mean drivers may never have to fumble around for loose change in downtown Minneapolis, but they won’t be able to circle around looking for free time on a meter, either.

By the end of November, 46 electronic parking stations will go live in the North Loop, which used to be called the Warehouse District. Drivers can use a credit or check card for parking time.

The new meters are a good deal for the city. In other places, people tend to pay for the most amount of time, not just the number of quarters they can find. And because one machine covers 10 parking spaces, gone are the days of checking for a free 15 minutes that might be left on a meter.

One warning, however: these meters are connected to a web-based system that tells monitors when they expire. So, pay now or you may have to pay later.

Minneapolis will test out the pay stations in the North Loop and in a parking area near the Convention Center through spring.

Amelia Santaniello

  1. Ihda says:

    You could write TEN blog posts about the design pomlbers with the parking system.In addition to everything you mentioned, here are some more pomlbers:- The new system has a consumable (paper stickers), which are unnecessary. The system knows which spots are currently unpaid, so a parking official should be able to compare which spots the machine thinks are empty with those that are actually empty.- If you forget to pick up the paper sticker, or if it blows away, you are likely to get a ticket- The system contains many single points of failure. One damaged CALE device means that a dozen parking spots become unmanaged- The sign posts might be cheaper than individual meters, but they still take up space on the sidewalk. This is a major issue in Broad Ripple, where many of the sidewalks are already quite narrow.- You lose the ability to reserve a spot for the next person by leaving early. This might be a better business model, but it eliminates some of the parking karma we all appreciateAnd so on.