Baby caught jammin to the king of reggae.

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  1. kellyo says:

    Every black soul should listen to the message of Rasta.It is the last identity of all black souls world over.Thank goodness that we were given and blessed with great ones like Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey.Let us not pretend to be what we are not because we are who we are under the sun.Rasta is the soul of African continent and I am pleading to the world to listen to their message of love and peace to the world.Those who are threatened by world peace,love and harmony are the ones with negative thoughts and ideation about Rasta.Rasta has message of hope and humanity to mankind.So, please,people should not be afraid of the Rastafarians.They are people that mean no harm or ill to anybody even to those who happen not to like them.If you ask any Rastafarian,he will tell you that life has been a struggle for them and will continue to be but they bear no animosity against anyone… even to those who brutalized them.So,to my fellow human beings,when you see a Rasta on the street,stop and ask him how he is doing.You will be surprised to find out how friendly they are. We can appreciate the Rasta only when we educate our minds.The stigma is that Rastas smoke marijuana.If it is a crime,how I wish it is the only crime committed by man.I have never smoked marijuana in my life and do not intend to do so but if we as people of GOD are allowed to practice our religions,why cannot the Rasta do the same?Well, probably,some gods are better and superior to others.

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