By Bill Hudson

By Bill Hudson, WCCO-TV

SEBEKA, Minn. (WCCO) — In Sebeka, a town of just 700 people, politics and personalities are hard to cover up. And there are no hiding people’s feelings for Chief of Police Eric Swenson.

Just ask Sylvia Wulf, who led the petition drive to push for the city council to take action against the chief.

“How could somebody be so irresponsible and show such poor judgment?” said Wulf.

The 45-year-old Swenson is as colorful as he is controversial. In his only interview since coming under fire the chief said, “I will admit, I am a cowboy sometimes.”

Swenson says he keeps tabs on the town his way — even if it rubs some the wrong way.

“Yeah, I got some enemies,” said Wulf.

However, lately, some here in this Wadena County community are saying that Swenson’s style is both unprofessional and embarrassing.

It was just last March when a Minnesota Conservation officer caught Swenson in a car with a woman, in Swenson’s words, “getting busy.”

To that embarrassing moment, the chief responded, “if it had been me, I’d never have mentioned a word of it. So what?”

In June, Swenson was coming out of a downtown bar when he responded to a call of a domestic disturbance nearby. Another deputy with Wadena County also responded to the call and detected alcohol on Swenson’s breath.

The official report of the call included Swenson’s condition. The chief argued, “what would you want? Me do nothing when I had this call in my own town, really?”

And last month, he reported SWAT ammunition missing from his home. Investigators looking into the possible theft said the chief’s 9-year-old son may have been playing with it in the backyard.

“Not so,” said Swenson, who found it three days later, inside his home in a box.

“There was no loaded gun, no AR-15, except a magazine for one,” said Swenson. When pressed further if he felt his son was in any danger from the misplaced items, Eric Swenson replied, “no, never was.”

It was that particular incident that prompted the local petition drive against the chief.

Sylvia Wulf said she passed the petition around and got 37 signatures in four hours.

Eric Swenson called it a joke and saidsarcastically, “they should have gotten 500.”

Complaints of Chief Swenson’s job performance make for interesting reading in the local papers. Yet, despite a petition drive to reprimand the chief, he’s broken no laws and that puts the city council in a delicate position.

However, the council did punish the chief with seven days off duty without pay. Swenson called that “plenty harsh,” but he vows to keep doing the job, his way.

When asked if he feels like he has a target on his back, Swenson responded, “absolutely, I do and I don’t know what to do about it.”

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  1. Shane G says:

    People need to get their heads out of their arse and not take life so seriously. You know why?? We all gonna be brittle bones in a matter of years anyways. He’s human, he has sexual relations just like everyone else. How the hell do you think you were born? And he is over 21 so I believe it’s legal to drink. He reported ammunition missing, but misplaced it. Haven’t we all lost something before? And don’t forget all the expectations we have of a “position” or “titles” is all man made anyways. In the beginning their was no such thing as language, police officers, laws etc. Just people living with nature under bushes and in caves. Everything evolved through the years, and everything we know today is all man-made. What do you expect this guy to do? Put his life on the line everyday, then go home and lock himself in a closet? At least he is honest and straight forward and doesn’t ‘hide’ like the Ministers who pretend they are perfect on front of everybody and then do their “bad deeds” behind everybody’s back.

    1. BigcatMPLS says:

      Showing up for a call drunk and carrying a weapon while drinking are both no no’s in policing. If the domestic case goes to court it will be throw out because he had been drinking. This sound like just another suburban police officer that can’t make it in the big city. Also having sex in a car has nothing to do with having an urge but more that someone has impulse control problems. Something you don’t want in a cop.

      1. Bob Swenson says:

        So, Mr. Bigcat MPLS, you made quite the leap from the report. Alcohol on the breath is a lonnnng way from drunk? Was there mention of him carrying a firearm to the call? You must have seen a different report. What does this comment have to do with the report? “another suburban police officer that can’t make it in the big city”. Now that’s different!

  2. Shane G says:

    No I don’t know him personally and you don’t either. That is the problem. People like you living in the community for 30 years yapping and accusing him of pedophilia & murder. All your gossiping is probably the reason he has all these accusations against him in the first place. Maybe it would be best if you moved from the community, eh?

  3. Jessica says:

    Comments like those should be based on facts not opinions. If you had facts to support those allegations he would be in prison. I’ve heard those same rumors but no complaints were ever filed and the investigation into that death was conducted by people working for the Sebeka Police Department and outside agencies. You are implying that ALL of those people are lying to cover something up. Those comments are a prime example of how things get blown out of proportion in the first place. That makes you part of the problem – not part of the solution.

    1. RL says:

      do you your self know what actually happened that night pretaining to the death of the city employee who was killed that night at the pool?everybody knows who was at the pool that night, and are real close friends of his, its funny how people foreget what they say when there drinking &trust me him & his friend are heavy drinkers plus!

      1. Bob Swenson says:

        RL… I assisted with the investigation at the pool. The victim was not a city employee at the time of his death. You are calling my participation into question and in effect are accusing me of being involved in what you are hinting was a cover-up of some kind. And you are accusing me of: “him & his friend are heavy drinkers plus!” There are laws against libel and slander.

        It was an unfortunate accident and nothing more. but if you have facts that you can tell me, feel free. I don’t remember someone with the initials of RL being there, but gosh, if you had more than gossip or a personal grudge you would use your name. Feel free to contact me. I still live by Staples and my number is in the book.

        Bob Swenson, retired Wadena County deputy sheriff. (no relation to Eric)

  4. TheresaB says:

    I reported Lyn S for her defamation or slander of Mr Swenson. I too live in Sebeka and although I do not know much about his personal life it is just that his personal life. I do know however that Eric is a fair policeman. He dealt with someone in my family in a very humane way and that I appreciate. Either we have Chief Swenson or let us have no cop in this town of 700. I cannot even believe there are 700 people in Sebeka. Where are they?

  5. TheresaB says:

    To the slandering commentor: From what do the police need to protect you in Sebeka? I really had a LOL on that one. Oooh.

    1. Rob R says:

      We need to be protected from the chief. You people have no idea what you’re talking about. This guy needs to go.

      1. Becky Nolan says:

        I just have to ask…exactly what is he doing that we need to be protected from?

  6. Neutral & Content Sebeka Resident says:

    I think Wadena county has larger issues to worry about than one police man, in a very peaceful town, doing things that irritate another’s moral values. We have the county sheriff in his own very discrete cover-up, and other members of the law enforcement may also be involved. Why don’t we investigate this?

    Eric is a very fair police officer that has never done anything criminally wrong, nor has he pulled people over who were minding their own business. The essential base of criminal justice is to catch the real criminals, not randomly pull people over without probable cause. After all, is it really about justice or is it about the money? Small communities deserve a police officer that stems from the roots of the community itself. Dont blame him, blame yourselves for living here if this issue is more than you can handle. If we get more than one officer patrolling this small town, I think I may leave too.

  7. Neutral & Content Sebeka Resident says:

    P.S. You dont want to know what happens in Nimrod, 10 minutes east of here. There is no police, just alcohol.

  8. Former Nimrodian says:

    I grew up in this community of hypocrisy. Midnight rendezvous on a quiet back road are the “norm”, as were the rampant unfounded rumors, created by small minded peopled with delusions of grandeur. Eric was a deputy at the time, and always treated me fairly – which brings to mind my comment ….. I don’t think we want to go back to the Norm.

  9. alexa johnson says:

    It’s true, Eric does things his own way and, as a sebeka resident who is aware of MANY folks little “mishaps” both personal and professional, why does our city focus on one man? A man who does an exceptional job keeping the peace in a small town… I, for one, have had many a disagreement with Eric but, that does not affect the fact that he has the respect and trust of so many community members. The council is supporting the views of the few over the views of the many and, in my opinion, THAT should cause railroading more than Swensons actions. The council is not merely trying to fire Eric, they are trying to get him to resign, and in the process, they are littering his career with enough garbage to destroy his future. It’s all politics, which is not how a small, close-knit community should be run. Politics in a town with this small a population drives people and business away! A good officer builds trust, and shows compassion and, over the years, this is what Eric has done. GOOD JOB, ERIC! I have so much more to say but, for now, I’ll keep it to myself.

  10. WoundedEagle says:

    Is this man setting a good example for the people of Sebeka? He took an oath to protect and to serve. It appears that he is only PROTECTING and SERVING his own best interests.
    Eric stated that he feels that there is a target in the middle of his back…is that a wise thing to say in the middle of Deer Hunting Season?
    This investigation is far from over…

    1. WoundedEagle says:

      P.S. How about a little ownership Eric? You know that you blew it on a couple of different levels…MAN UP and ADMIT IT! Make amends and become a better person for it! Either Step Up or Step Out.

      1. Bob Swenson says:

        Or perhaps you could use your real name and “MAN UP” yourself! Wounded Eagle sounds nice, sympathetic, but let us know who you really are. These anonymous posts should not be allowed when you are attacking someone. Either put up or shut up! What investigation? Does Eric have a target on his back? Most likely. We all do at one time or another. Why? Because of rumors, distortions of the truth and folks who just don’t care about the truth or feel better about themselves when they attack others.

        A lie circles the globe twice before the truth gets out of bed.

  11. Becky Nolan says:

    I agree Lex, and couldn’t have said it any better! How can WCCO pick up on this and miiss all the goods on Sav? Wouldn’t that make great news?
    I also have to say, that while Sylvia was out there trying to drum up some outarge for what amounts to a kid playing with night-vision goggles, she only got a total of 37 signatures. Doesn’t that say something? She went door to door, to every house in town, and got just over 5%. Why is that even on here?
    They also forgot to say that Eric was off-duty when the domestic abuse call came in…I’m happy to know that he’s looking out for us when dealing with a sheriff’s department that would rather come to a small neighboring community and bust anyone they can, than clean up the mess in their own community. If that means Eric shows up after a couple of drinks om his own time, I’m good with that.
    As far as I, and the biggest share of this community are concerned, the man is doing an excellent job and I hope he keeps it up for a very long time.

  12. Gone but not forgotten says:

    I see both sides of the fence. Eric is a “good ol’boy” cop! And for the people that have lil mishaps along the way of life that he turns his back and acts like it didnt happen, will respect the man. Small town cops are suppose to know everyone on a personal level which Eric can do with most and he does know what is going on in his small town! But on the other hand the people that stay out of trouble and are model citizen want justice to be served in a professional manor the way a chief of police is suppose to handle persons breaking the law. In my opinion you get a couple city cops in there to protect the town…with in a month everyone will wish Eric was back! And just like a famous person.. everyone has to have there nose in his life in all accepts.. let the man have a personal life

  13. Becky Nolan says:

    While I agree with your opinion on this issue, you should know that “inbred” doesn’t have an “a” in it…and we’re not all like that.

    1. Shenanigans says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,good Becky! Go suck it city slicker

    2. inbreds says:

      I beg to differ. There are people married to their first cousins up in those parts. No lie!

    3. Becky Nolan says:

      Yes, there are people married to their first cousins, but that’s universal and not just “up here”, and it isn’t everyone…I’m not saying that there are no inbred people here, just that most of us aren’t.

  14. Glad I'm Out says:

    I lived in Sebeka for over 20 years. Eric…no. He shouldn’t be in law enforcement. That’s all I can say.

  15. Sebeka Resident says:

    How come no one interviewed anyone who does not have a problem with Eric?? Only 1 person was interviewed and does she even live in Sebeka?? Bad reporting on WCCO’s part. I support Eric and he does his job. I do have a problem with the Wadena County Sheriff department covering up a incident with the Wadena County Sheriff. How come this never came out?? Could it be because of the recent election?? Now to me we should be worried about this. I live in Sebeka which is part of Wadena County and I pay taxes shouldn’t we be informed on what our Sheriff is doing wrong??

  16. Sebeka Resident says:

    Sorry I don’t hang out at the the liquor store, or do drugs, so maybe you should not be saying things about people you don’t know!!!!!

  17. Stupid Nothing Town says:

    I do know the chief. Sebeka Resident — to you I say Sebeka deserves Eric. Nice going. You’re showing the world what TOTAL YAHOOS you all are.

  18. Karl T says:

    From what I know of Eric he has always used good digression, and practiced very good community policing techniques while on the job. He does his job, and has a lot of experience in this small town and knows how to handle small town situations. He does show concern and compassion for members in the community. Like in most small towns people like to gossip a lot, and Sebeka is no different. He says she says should not be brought up when discussing the man’s career and livelihood. Sure Eric has made mistakes, but this little group that has decided to target Eric for whatever reason is blowing it out of proportion, and need to take a step back and re-access their situation and what they could do to make Sebeka a better place, because in policing, it is better to have a community that works together and with the police to solve community problems, and eliminating the police has never worked in anyone’s advantage.

  19. Stupid Nothing Town says:

    Sebeka Resident……maybe YOU shouldn’t be saying things about people YOU don’t know. The whole sheriff thing was caused by the Sebeka chief, because he doesn’t get along with the sheriff, and it was dropped. A lot of NOTHING in a STUPID NOTHING TOWN.

    1. annymous1593 says:

      The incident with the sheriff had NOTHING to do with the Sebeka Chief. The Sheriff has serious anger issues and had a habbit of taking them out on his family. The Sebeka Chief’s two daughters lived with that freak so ofcourse he would be upset when he heard what the Sheriff was doing to them. It makes me EXTREMELY upset to know that the Sheriff can get away with merely a slap on the wrist and no news coverage while the Eric has media from all over putting all their fingers in his shit and smelling it. People need to pay more attention to the underlying issues rather than just listening to all the slander on the television and reading what’s in the misleading papers.

  20. Officers are supposed to be examples says:

    A badge doesn’t give you the right to do whatever you want. As a police officer, you are supposed to set the example how others should behave – not commit crimes and say “so what?” when people ask about it.

  21. Good for Sylvia says:

    10 signatures per hour is nothing to sneeze at. Keep up the good and courageous work, Sylvia!

    1. Becky Nolan says:

      It wasn’t ten signatures per hour;.I know she was out there for at least three days…she estimated “a total of about four hours”…and I believe that Sylvia lives in Menahga, not Sebeka. I’m not commenting on her dedication, concern, or hard work. I just think it’s misplaced.

      1. Good for Sylvia says:

        They really need to fix the math education in Sebeka. Four hours divided by 40 = 10 per hour average. And don’t pull that “residency” card out because Eric doesn’t live in Sebeka either.

  22. WCCO messed this up says:

    Public indecency is not a crime? Do your homework WCCO!

  23. give it up already! says:

    why is Sylvia collecting signatures and sending the petition around when she is NOT even a resident of Sebeka?! GO Eric!!

  24. Annex Sebeka into Nimrod says:

    GO Eric??? What do you think this is, a sporting event? You people up there are so out of touch with reality. Local law enforcement departments affect every neighboring city, and ERIC doesn’t even live in the city, so DUH!

  25. So glad to be out of Sebeka says:

    I lived in Sebeka for a number of years and am so glad to be out of there. This thread shows the sick mindset in that town and how when a person speaks up about injustices they get trounced by the local yahoos. Stay far, far away from this place.

    1. Becky Nolan says:

      I’ve lived in Sebeka since 1996. I grew up in Staples and spent several years in Washington State. I’m educated, hard working, intelligent and not afraid to sign my name to my comments. Sebeka is one of the nicest, friendliest, most welcoming places I’ve ever seen, and I’m proud to call this beautiful little city home. This is not s “sick” mind set…I love this place, and take offense when others insult us.

  26. Proud to be a Sebekan says:

    To “Stupid Nothing Town.”
    Why would you want to bash a whole community simply because you don’t like one man? Sebeka is a fine community. We are made up of a lot of decent, hard-working people. No, we’re not a rich community — not in money. But we are rich in family and pride in our school, our kids, and our small town life. You have no right to stand in judgment of all, just because you have a problem with the police chief. Chief Swenson is a maverick, no doubt about that. But for every one person who will speak ill of him, there will be more who can tell you how he has helped them in one way or another. There are sure a lot of innuendoes on this blog. I wonder how many could stand the scrutiny of the light of truth? If people have “facts” concerning illegal behavior by the chief or sheriff, there are other higher authorities with the state government to go to make things straight. Try the state Attorney General’s office. If you haven’t courage to handle matters the correct way, then keep quiet.

  27. Yeah, right says:

    Maverick? Maverick? Oh, that’s rich, alright. I won’t stop laughing all day.

  28. Stupid Nothing Town says:

    Yo, Proud —- loosen up your undies.

  29. Near By town Of Wadena says:

    Yeah sebeka is a Stupid nothing town! NOT
    They only have the first place Knowledge bowl team in the state!

  30. Wood tick USA says:

    I want to know the girls name that Sheriff Carr and Chief Swenson made a fuss over when Mike Car Jr. was a deputy?? Is this just retaliation from the Sheriff now!!! When can we get a new Sheriff???

  31. Agreed stupid nothing town says:

    nah nah nah … don’t drag the kids into this and make us talk about how Sebeka competes in a lower class in sports and knowledge bowl against schools most people have never heard of. I know a whole bunch of “honor” students from your parts who need tutors to get through first year math in college.

    1. Near By town Of Wadena says:

      actually sebeka competes in the class above then in knowledge bowl so yeah!

  32. Nothing Town, for sure says:

    Do tell, please, where in Sebeka the knowledge bowl will get you a job with a living wage? Hmm? There’s always the potato factory in Park Rapids.

    1. Near By town Of Wadena says:

      actually sebeka competes in the class above then in knowledge bowl so yeah!

      with 2 kids going to harvard! that will get them somewhere in engineering!

      1. Nothing Town, for sure says:

        I asked what job IN SEBEKA. There are no jobs in Sebeka, hence it is a NOTHING TOWN.

  33. John says:

    Why didn’t the citizens file complaint with the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board?!? Of course the city council isn’t going to move on it, he’s either blowing half of them, or they’re afraid to be on the wrong end of this ‘cowboy’s justice. As a former Minnesota cop, this punk makes me sick!

    1. RL says:


    2. Bob Swenson says:

      Are you from the area? Do you know anyone in the area? Can you really make that statement without facts? The CCO report was another media hype. Are they around asking real questions? No. It just made for a quick gotta fill in space blurb. Can we rely on a media who does not investigate further?

      The Mpls Tribune, a supposed purveyor of facts, after the Wadena tornado, reported that Wadena, a “Northwest Minnesota Town” had two people killed in the tornado. Hmmm, Wadena is about 50 miles west of the center of Minnesota and no one was killed in Wadena. I contacted them by e-mail and got a reply that the reporters were “made aware” and I should await their reply. I am stilll waiting. They never printed a correction either.

      Trust the media?? NOT me. You don’t have to go far to see distortion, selective reporting and a willful ignorance by the news media. Local Wadena news organizations have not reported seriously on several major issues/incidents in and around Wadena County because of their relationships with the persons who would be the target of the report. Also remember that “Press Releases” from any person or organization are selective. As a “Former” Missesota cop you can’t really expect us to believe that you trust the media? That would make you “Punked”.

  34. Sebeka Resident II says:

    I think this is all just a big joke. Leave Eric alone. We need to be working on Wadena County Sheriff Mike Carr Jr. Why are we al protecting him. He is the one that was choking his step daughter. Carr is also the one on anti depressents, he should not even be around firearms. Why was this not brought out before the elections. So lets leave Eric alone and do something about our sheriff.

    1. RL says:


    2. RL says:


  35. Sebeka Residentlll says:

    Why did it not come out that Sheriff Carr has a brother who is a registeresd sex offender. Why does it not come out that Mike Carr was having an affair with a dispatcher that was Chief Swenson’s wife back in the day When daddy Carr was Sheriff. It ended up that Carr married Swenson’s wife??????????????????

    1. Sebeka Resident II says:

      Don’t bring Judy in on it. I hear she is now getting a divorce from Carr Jr.

    2. RL says:


    3. FACTS says:

      Eric was the one have the affair went he was married to Judy. Eric is the sex offender he started dating Judy then she was only 16.

  36. Let Carr's Run Verndale says:

    Now I Know why Robert Swenson and Ron Noon felt the urge to Run for Sheriff

  37. The Carr Family is above the LAW says:

    Why has the Carr family ran Verndale for the past twenty years. They run for mayor and they harass the Chief of Police in that town every two years!!! Count it they have gotten rid of the Chief every two years and always have a Carr Boy on the Police Department!!!!!! Why is not Lane Waldahl and Bill Stearns sick of this!!! The Carrs do not own the Police Dept. The Carrs try to run over Bruce Uselman all the time in Wadena its trouble for everyone. Remember this !!!! If the Verndale Chief lasted more than two years he or she may run for Sheriff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sick of looking at the Carrs at every County Commisioner's Meeting says:

    Please sign on this site if you want the Carrs fired from all their jobs in Wadena County

    1. sick of is ... i know who says:

      This is a fascinating comment since only about three people ever go to the meetings. You have given yourself away idiot.

  39. Ignorant Sebeka inbreds says:

    Apparently, the folks in Sebeka don’t know how to read. This news story is about Chief Swenson, not Carr. We all know it’s “Team Swenson” at the Sebeka liquor store against “Team Carr” in Verndale. Get some lives outside of putting down jello shots at the muni you ignorant punks.

    1. Sebeka Resident II says:

      I will have you know, that I have lived in Sebeka for 35 years now, definetaly no inbreding going on here. Sebeka does know how to read, it’s just that Wadena County Sheriff Carr Jr. is more important then some silly little mishaps with Eric

      1. wrongo sebeka resident II says:

        Wrongo. There are first cousins married in your inbred town.

    2. RL says:


      1. Becky Nolan says:

        Wrong again. Why don’t you post your name? I seldom drink, and spend very little time out socially…I couldn’t tell you who Eric’s friends are, and I really don’t know him on a personal level. My defense of Eric (and everyone knows him by his first name, not as “Chief Swenson”, just to make that clear) is based solely on the fact that I am satisfied with the job he does and has done in the past. “Team Swenson” as you call us, consists of hundreds of hardworking residents of a small town where everyone knows everyone else’s business, where we don’t need our police officer to set the example for our behavior, and where most of us don’t waste time judging others.

  40. Sebeka idiots says:

    Hey inbred – you’re an idiot. You need anti anxiety meds. Interesting that you would bring up sex offenders in a thread about Swenson. Nuff said.

  41. Sicko town says:

    Hey Sebeka idiots, keep it up because this is great public relations for your sicko town. After reading how you defend and encourage irresponsible behavior and crime NO ONE will ever want to visit your town, buy a house or bring in a business. Have fun being “mavericks” while your town dies.

    1. Sebeka Resident II says:

      Hey Sicko town: This too will pass, just give it time. The town of Sebeka will pull through this. Stick to your guns Eric.

      1. Sicko town says:

        If he an find them.

    2. RL says:


    3. Becky Nolan says:

      If our crime rate, or rather lack thereof, keeps bigoted, judgemental pricks out, I think I’m good with that!

  42. RealityCheck??? says:

    People, please realize that many folks from around the State read these comments.
    Understand that Mr. Swenson openly confessed to the WCCO Reporter that he was guilty of indecent exposure and alcohol consumption before responding to an emergency situation. Did he walk to the scene, or did he drive? Did he drive the squad car? Drinking and driving while in a professional capacity? Could he have endangered others with his actions? Would you feel safe if it would’ve been YOUR EMERGENCY he was responding too?
    Put your PERSONAL OPINIONS to the side and weigh the facts. Do you really want to risk your safety with a person like this PROTECTING YOU?
    And to think I used to call Sebeka “Home”. I’m starting to recall WHY I don’t visit Sebeka like I used to. My Home Town Pride is gone. Thanks, Saint Eric.

    1. RL says:


    2. annymous1593 says:

      obviously he didn’t drive his squad, he was off duty!

  43. common sense says:

    I am tired of all the name calling. Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean your and ignorant hick and just because you live in a city doesn’t mean you are intelligent as previous comments have boasted. All towns big or small have dirty laundry. We are human. Eric has been fair to me but I know of some of his dirty laundry. Yes, sometimes there are grey areas and I appreciate when both sides are considered. But everyone has to live by the same laws. I can’t drive while drunk. I have to wear my seatbelt. Who hasn’t been pulled over for something you know you did but you just got a warning? I agree when you endanger someone it is wrong. I also know of things with our Sheriff Mike Carr Jr. that was swept under the rug before the elections. That’s not right either especially if it was harming someone else.

    1. just me says:

      Kinda sounds like you are supporting Carr Jr.

      1. unbelievable says:

        who cares? this isn’t about Carr. It’s about the sebeka cop and your stupid town.

  44. Sebekan says:

    A cowboy cop is better than an apostolic one, thats all I have to say.

  45. alexa johnson says:

    With so many of the commenters on here being stand-up enough to not use their real names, but ballsy enough to throw random, completely un-related insults around, I would like to apologize to the WCCO community for having to endure the garbage scattered in the real focus. Some of us would like to truly discuss the main issue without the childish attacks, as well as gain some CALM and rational insight from those outside our community.

    1. Sebekarino says:

      There’s always a mommy in the crowd. It’s the chief who needs to apologize for constantly dragging the town into the mud.

      1. Becky Nolan says:

        He didn’t drag the town into the mud…he reported missing items, as he should have. I’m kind of curious now about how WCCO got ahold of this. We all know of bigger and more important events happening, so why all the hype over something as insignificant as a little boy playing with night vision goggles?

  46. Sebeka says:

    Well it was Swenson or some random guy form Montatna… Its not really our fault. Let up people! seriously! have a heat they are hard working people.

  47. ME says:

    Sounds like “New in Town” is happening here! haha

  48. Frett Bavre says:

    I think the biggest part of this news story is how unnecessary it is. One man is highlighted to a whole region of the US because of one towns bigotry. Shouldn’t we be worrying about the bigger picture rather than focusing on such nonsense? I’ll assume there are several terrible things happening in the state at the moment that far surpass this “insanity”. The fact a person would walk door to door to push a campaign against someone else with no solid evidence or case is absurd. And like someone in this thread said, theres no positive support position to advance this article anywhere past propaganda. One also has to ask themselves, how much do you really want to be controlled? I’m sure you who are the most irate with this whole situation are also the ones who were teens in the late sixty’s or early 70’s. What was life like back then in terms of what Eric has allegedly done wrong? People police themselves to some extent until a situation may go past their power, and in a small town like this we don’t need a NY police force. We hardly need one policeman in this town…the progress, if any, is made by sitting parked with their lights off aside the highway and waiting for speeders. So with all this in mind, how is his “scandalous” behavior with a woman anyone else’s business, let alone a whole state? And why is a very small but potentially situation headline news when nothing actually happened…? I could go on but I’m sure anyone with any bit of an open mind and some common sense could understand the irony in all of it.

  49. You are way off says:

    I’ve never heard such a sorry bunch of EXCUSES for irresponsible behavior and acceptance of crime. I know the water is bad in Sebeka because I used to live there, but you folks need to switch to bottled and get a grip on your tainted sense of values. “We don’t need our chief to set an example” ?????? You don’t waste time judging others??????? Oh, Becky, get real girl. I lived there and that’s what Sebekans do best is JUDGE OTHERS.

    1. Becky Nolan says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way. From the time I first moved here I’ve felt accepted and attached in a way I never did anywhere else. Yes, people talk, just like in every small town and in every neighborhood in every big one, but when it comes down to looking out for our own, you won’t find a stronger community. Eric Swenson is a part of it, and all the words you can come up with to dispute that won’t change anything. By the way, what you just said to me was very judgemental…

      1. You are way off and naive says:

        I never said I didn’t judge. WE ALL judge, Becky. It’s human nature, but Minnesota in general is NOTORIOUS for it. It’s all part of your Lutheran Scandinavian holier-than-thou culture. Sebekans are experts at it. Oh, I don’t doubt you’re happy – now. Just don’t get involved in local politics or get on the wrong side of the local powers or you will be sorry. Sebekans lie low until you tread into their territory, then they will work hard to make your life totally miserable.

  50. Just the Facts says:

    Has this officer behaved in an unprofessional manner? Probably.
    Should his behavior be held up as an example for young children in the community? Probably not.
    Has he been convicted of doing anything illegal? No.
    If there are concrete examples of this individual NOT doing his job to Protect and Serve the residents of the community of Sebeka, then the residents should document the incidents and report them, immediately.
    When he finally retires or leaves his position, perhaps this will serve as a learning experience to prepare the interview team to know what they do not want for their local law enforcement in the future.

  51. Glad not to live in Sebeka says:

    I for one am happy that Becky is so enamored with Mr. Swenson. Please keep him in your town.

  52. common sense says:

    I don’t go to the liquor store very much either ( who can afford it!) I don’t do drugs. My question is …do you know your local policeman by his first name? Do you know that he would have your back if you called? We do. Any people from a small know these answers. That’s why we live here. If you break LAWS than you pay the price like anyone else.

  53. common sense indeed says:

    No, I don’t want to know the local policemen by name. No, I don’t want law enforcement to “have my back” and cover up crime at the local muni or in my neighborhood. I want them to do their jobs, plain and simple – not commit public indecency, harass people they don’t agree with and think they are above the law themselves. Is that really why you live there? Pretty shallow reasons for isolating yourselves. Keep drinking the koolaid made with Sebeka water.

  54. Remake Deliverance says:

    From the sounds of these posts Hollywood could use the “Sebeka Residents” as the cast in an updated version of Deliverance.

  55. Sebeka resident :) says:

    everyone needs to take a chill pill eric is a good guy…. he didnt do anything illeagle so some sebeka residents just need to find somthing better to do for real he isnt a public digrace i think the people who signed that pattition are

  56. Brenda says:

    Wow. This story began as a 2 minute 30 second run on WCCO news. These comments have taken much more time than that. If there are so many people who think that Sebeka is not worth talking about, why are you on here wasting your time? If you have moved from Sebeka and not returned why post that? You would think you would not want people to be associated with the town. Lots of comments have drifted from the real story. Eric Swenson did what he had to do, report the items missing. How many other times does someone call and report the same thing? Is there huge news coverage about that? Sebeka is a quiet town and those that live there like it that way. Why bring more attention to the little town? The people who choose to bash a small town, or the residents thereof, must have nothing more productive to do in their ‘big city’ lives. They have been focusing their attention on the small town, once again.

  57. Scott Lamont says:

    Let’s have a Becky Nolan write in for Mayor! At least someone has their head on straight.

    I really don’t get all the fuss about this. Eric is who he is and the majority of us uneducated simplistic inbreds seem to like him and the JOB he is doing in Sebeka. He is there when you need him and he does what is expected of him, he watches out for us.

    I spend no time at the Liquor Store nor the Legion so you can put that theory to bed. All the negativity over what really? I don’t make it to church enough but as I have heard there, Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Hearing Crickets….

    No jobs in Sebeka? How is it I came here to work? I must of missed that memo. I mean really – some of you just need to get a grip.

    For the record, I’m very glad that Eric is on the watch around here and believe we are lucky because of it.

  58. Kristine Lamont says:

    Lets all remember Sebeka Chief Eric Swenson has what we all have, the right to bear arms, period. He is being crucified for being exactly what people said he wasn’t, responsible. Here’s a quote from a Jane McMurtry quote from a Stephan King Book; “Who you lookin for, what was his name, you can prob-ly find him, at the football game. It’s a small town, you know what I mean. It’s a small town, son and we all support the team.

  59. Wadena County says:

    If you want this story to die, Sebeka Residents, then let it die instead of telling the world how you support crime. If you want to be out of the spotlight, then tell your chief to quit doing stupid things and putting his mug on the tv cameras. People are allowed to hold conversations, Brenda, especially when it comes to trainwreck towns like yours. You people say he does his job, but the truth of the matter is your chief responded to less than half the calls in your town. He’s never around. You’re paying big bucks for nothing. This story is far from over. Wait until the rest comes out.

  60. Honestly says:

    Do people play banjos out there?

  61. Chirp chirp chirp says:

    An up-nort Bible thumping Minnesotan quoting scripture, how stereotypical. I hear crickets chirping and they’re saying this isn’t about sinning or not sinning. It’s about public figures who are paid on the taxpayers dime being held accountable for doing their jobs and upholding laws, not committing public indecency, which by the way is ILLEGAL.

  62. Sebeka nonresident, thankfully says:

    I bet they still wear mulletts in Sebeka.

  63. Citie-it says:

    What part of Chief Swenson’s personal life like “Getting Busy” have anything to do with his job performance. First thing out of the report has nothing to do with his job. Nice work WCCO. Tip, also heard that Chief Swenson like to buy his gas in New York Mills, people thoughout the state might want to know that also. Report on the subject.

  64. It's not personal it's business says:

    It’s not about his personal life when he flashes his badge to the conservation officer to excuse public indecency.

  65. Insider says:

    He was given a badge not a magic wand people, grow up!

  66. You're hypocrites says:

    Next time, and there will be a next time, let’s hope it’s YOUR DAUGHTER he’s “getting busy” with. Then, we’ll see if it’s just his “personal life” and nobody’s business when he thinks a badge puts him above the law.

    1. britteny says:

      If you what to mad at anyone, did he get a ticket? If not then why, the DRN office then should lose his job also for not hold up to the standards of an officer.

  67. dismayed says:

    How can someone who’s job it is to uphold the law from traffic violations, to DUI’s, to criminal cases so blatently flaunt the law himself? How he still has a job is a mystery. Now if he was a factory worker at Lund Boats and did these things, fine. But he is the police chief!

  68. Sebeka Rules says:

    Why is the person Sheriff Carr not mentioned in the news / WCCO!! ?? I think the citizens of Wadena County need to know he moved in with his parents two weeks ago after a fight with Judy and his stepdaughter using profanity. I am sick and tired of DADDY CARR covering up for Sheriff JR. now. Are U happy now Wadena County residents??
    Quit bad mouthing Sebeka and think how Wadena County looks now. The Carrs have kept the town clean until now. Keeping all other Sheriffs out. Remember 3 more years and you can start campaigning against this joke and womanizer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Swenson Rules says:

      Why did this turn into a Sheriff Carr thing. Did Sheriff Carr make Swenson go to a call after he been drinking? Did Sheriff Carr make Swenson pull to the side of the road ” to get busy”? Did Sheriff Carr make Swenson not secure his police property? Did Sheriff Carr make Swenson put a gun to his girlfriend’s head? While some of these things are not illegal they are all Police Misconduct. Look it up MN Rules 6700.2200 -6700.2600 If this was any other Police Officer his job would have been over.

      1. littlebird says:

        No one forced Swenson to do any of the things he did..but atleast he admitts to them. Carr cannot own up to anything like a man. What ever happened to Sav when his father was busted for meth? 3 days suspension? a mandated reporter, he should’ve been held a little more responsible. What happened when Scott Carr was accused of molesting a young girl? His dad fixed the polygraph test and Scott was still charged out. (thank God). The incident with Young was fixed too, what ever happend to his car..? It was demolished before anyone could do testing to reveal his stop time and whether he even tried or not.
        Eric has done his wrong-doings….but his name shouldn’t be drug through the mud so badly when other names are put on a pedastal. Who even tipped off WCCO for this bull…maybe the Carr’s, because Swenson tried placing an OFP against the sherrif for his oldest daught? hmmmm…?

  69. KUDOS to the Littlebird says:

    thank you littlebird for the Carr info!!! Carr Puts a thank you in the paper to all the people who voted for him when he ran unopposed!!!! He gott give it to the little Carr Boy he’s trying..

    If you would like to talk to the Sheriff Carr stop at the the Verndale Bar at the horse arena every morning about 10 or 11 am when he shags out of bed!!!!

    Daddy Carr must be proud of his boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Please Print This says:

    Please someone get the Wadena Pioneer Journal to print this board!! I think some of these facts should get to the public even if Carrs threaten the paper like they already did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carrs have harassed the Vic Kern family for 15 years now !! Enough is enough

  71. IDIOTS says:

    You people up there in Boonieville have no idea how foolish you are making yourselves look to the outside world. You have confirmed to everyone how petty and ridiculous you are. It’s okay for your corrupt police chief to commit crimes because you claim others do too. How stupid is that! You can make claims about anyone you want on an anonymous board, but this story is about Chief Swenson and ONLY him. You people are so backwards it’s an embarrassment to MN.

    1. Sebeka Resident II says:

      Dear Idiot: We are just pointing out that the media needs to leave the little piddly gossip (so to speak) alone. We need to work on the more important issue. How bad the Carr’s are for Wadena county. I just wish that the community would get their heads out of their behinds and stand up to Carr Jr. Why is everyone affraid of Carr Jr.??

      1. Sebeka Resident Idiots I & !! and all of you says:

        Unbelievable blockheads in Sebeka cannot read. Nowhere in this story is the name Carr mentioned. Learn to read you inbred.

      2. I know who you are says:

        I know who you are. You wrote a little to much.

      3. get a life Sebeka resident says:

        You Nimrods think you’r so smart. I lived in Sebeka for over 30 years and finally got out of there because the town is dying and no jobs. All people do is drink at the muni. Get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Sebeka Idiots says:

    This thread sure has deteriorated into a small club of muni drunks talking to themselves. No one cares what you think about Carr or anything else for that matter. Go back to shuckin’ corn, playing banjoes and trimming your mullets because no one is listening to you anymore. Adios inbreds.

  73. facts says:

    This is for littlebird : Swenson made national news with the missing police property. Don’t you think after that WCCO was keeping a watch on what the City of Sebeka was doing about it. Why is Scott Carr being harrassed like he is he has nothing to do about any of this. For Steve Young incident ask the State Patrol why the car was smashed they investigated the case. Stop blaming every mishap on the Carr Family.


    TRUCE!!!!! Cmon folks. It is the holiday season right?

  75. Amazed says:

    Foir the person who says Swenson owns up to it, yes he does, but he acts as if he did nothing wrong. WOW. Another question, does he still hang out at underage parties?

  76. Enough is Enough says:

    Seriously!!! Alot of peoples names are being slandered in these blogs. It needs to stop. Why should this continue due to the actions of one person. Inicent people are being brought into this fued that should not be. like Everyone Breathe stated, its the Holidays, so come on people. Enough is Enough! And to WCCO icome on, you need to take the reigns here and stop these.

  77. lets change the subject says:

    Has anybody seen the new Harry Potter movie? 🙂

  78. Bill says:

    Sebeka= skidmark of America. Nobody cares what they think.

  79. Sebeka4life says:

    Eric swenson has always served us sebekans with justice and integrity. He responds to dangerous calls in the trailer park without hesitation. One time a fast car from the big city came speeding through and he pulled them over and he wasnt even scared. He can lead the unk to peace and prosperity one day.

  80. concerned resident of sebeka mn says:

    hey the above comment, i just want to let u know thats a police officers job to pull people over with out being scared, yea swenson might uphold the peace and justice for the town, but we need integerty, does swenson have that?? i dont know if swenson is the right canidate for the job, Was Norm Pettis? i dont know but regardless lets support our officers so the can hold the town to justice and peace lets support the city council, is this issue a public matter do we have do bring wadena county in to it? the answer is no, we the citizens of Sebeka can keep this issue right hear, we dont have to worry abut the sheriff, lets worry about our town. and people who dont support officers thats your right but u might need them some day, so citizens of sebeka lets work this out and move on, lets stay together and support our public officers.

  81. Sebeka4life says:

    obama from menahga would be a great candidate to replace swenson

  82. Sebeka4life says:

    heres a poem in memory of ou great town and local officials..

    sebeka heres to you
    youve stayed with us through the peni-b times
    the seasons come and go but sebeka stays
    small enough to know you
    big enough to get lost in
    sebeka i long for your city park
    and your sparkilng waters
    hold your head high
    resiliant we shall remain

  83. sebeka fixes problems and moves forward always says:

    hats off to all sebeka police officers, and to the sheriff and all the wadena county deputies, Even know we or a small county we r a safe county. Sebeka4 life nice poem but its small enough to know you lare enough to sereve u. How many officers to swenson have on his department is it 3 or 4 or something, maybe the council could speak with them and see what they think, who knows if swenso aint the right canidate, maybe he could swap jobs with on of his officers, only a suggestion, lets see what the council has to say

  84. Sebekan for peace says:

    who knows if the police chief did this stuff? do we know? yea he did. do we know about our sheriff? maybe, but 75% of your comments are stupid i wont say name, but if u commented more than once u got time on your hands obvusialy. duh.lets campaign for a police chef and dont bring menahga in to this there community is great and they have a greast police force, let us woory about straightning out our department. I dont like harry potter b y the way


    Sebeka basketball team State champs 2010 lets rember the good things that happened to this town, Remer the flood, we were close to losing some of sebekas propertys but the community came together and we fought the flood, the apartment fire of 2005 we fought the fire as a community right,m not literally but we came together, the tornado of 97 same thing, what i am saying is we know how to come together is a community, Is swenson a goopd cop i dont know lets let the council decide about that, so lets shovel our sidwalks in the winter mow our grass in the summer rake our leaves in the fall, and enjoy our community of sebeka. SEBEKANS UNITED

  86. was he drunk says:

    here’s what i don’t understand about all of this controversy? did swenson actually walk or run or drive or walk fastly to the call when he smelled like alcohol? or did he even smell like alcohol or did somebody just make that up? you know get real people

  87. thanks to our police says:

    //////////////////////// who rembers the sebeka town festivle, if i rember right swenson and his officers were patroling all wknd. they kept us safe thanks to all lawenforcment officals.///////////////////

  88. Sebeka4life says:

    Another concern i have as a sebekan resident is the fire department. WHY dont we have a full time fire department?! We need one and we deserve one? Has the city council ever even brought this up? we need to come together as sebekans and go to the meetings and let our voices be hear. SEBEKANS UNITED and cooncerned sebekan resident thanks for your comments they are beautiful!

  89. Sebeka resident who supports a full time fire dept says:

    i agrre a full time fire dept is what we need, some of our citys fireman allready sleep at the hall during grass fire season. i say we raise our taxes about 3 dollars a month and we could get a full time fire dept no problem, so we have to bring this up to the council also, all in favor say i all opposed say nay, lets leave up to the council

  90. Watch the new Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Pt 1 best film Free, Visit This!!!

  91. tid bits says:

    scotty carrs sex crime was investigated by none other than carr jr’s own chief deputy, incidentally palnted in the sheriffs adim by daddy carr

  92. sEBeKa says:

    swenson and pettis
    sitting at rifes eating some lettuce
    drinking some coffee
    2410 we have a domestic in the trailerpark
    weeooo weoo hot pursuit white male
    red pickup truck going south 71
    lets wait to let him get away so we can speed and catch him
    sebeka has justice
    sebeka upholds hte law

  93. trajesty says:

    trajesty oh trajesty what can it be, is swenson guilty what is it, who knows, lets uphold the peace bow down to sebeka the town of the free, oh trajesty oh trajesty what can it be.

  94. merry chrishtmas sebeka says:

    tis the season for sebeka fa la la la la la, we r joyful and so jubliant fa la la….. sebekas united always forever fa la la…. swenson is the police chief he he is the police chief, pettis used be now it is swenson. merry chrishtmas to all and to all a good night

  95. SEBEKA! says:

    ill have you know, you grown ups fighting on here isnt worth anything to anyone at all. i know this is a late comment but, i live in sebeka and i should let you know, it is growing in population and knowledge (ah hem, 2 straight years of being state knowledgebowl champs) and if all of you really think eric is bad and is such a horrible person, then look at your comments….if you honestly believe what you said then your no better than eric. wow ya know, grown ups can really tick off people including teenagers like me.

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