WCCO-TV anchors Don Shelby and Pat Miles sat down to talk about the time when they worked together, starting in 1978.

Miles: Well, we lived through a lot of history.

Shelby: Well, we did. Do you remember the first time we met?

Miles: Yes, you were waiting for me at the airport because your flight got in before my flight.

Shelby: And I didn’t know you from Adam.

Miles: And I didn’t know you either. You were coming from Houston and I was coming from Denver. And we were going to audition for the weekend anchor job. They needed younger demographics (laughing).

I think we were extremely eager, extremely idealistic, extremely naive and extremely enthusiastic. And I just remember wanting to do such a good job back then.

We really had a great run I think, Don. We really were, I think, in the business at a time where we could actually do the stories we wanted to do. I mean, I could go to Africa. You could do the I-TEAM.

It was a pretty special time in our business and I don’t think any of us knew it because everybody was making money back then.

Do you remember Project Quit? We were both compulsive smokers at the time. And we quit.

Shelby: What would you say was the best part of being at WCCO?

Miles: Being held to a very high standard and working very hard to be worthy of that.

Shelby: And it made you better.

Miles: It made me much better.

Well, Dave Moore used to always talk about the good ol’ days. Remember that? And I remember you and I used to roll our eyes. ‘Oh my gosh, here he goes again.’ And here we are, Don, talking about the good ol’ days. That’s pretty scary. But they were good ol’ days, they truly good ol’ days.

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  1. Candi Johnson says:

    Pat did a superb job anchoring tonight! She hasn’t lost her touch. Felt like the old days! And Don, I wish you a wonderful and relaxing retirement. I love it and know you will too. Thank you for the 3 decades of news. You made WCCO a top station and a big news station …. especially with the I-Team. Candi Johnson, Rochester

  2. Jason Johnson says:

    Most younger reporters these days are simply “talking heads”, not reporters like Don and Pat. Sad but true, expecially on the national news channels.

  3. Karen Haey says:

    I missed the show because I couldn’t stay awake that long, but I watch what was on the web in the morning. I truly wished I could have stayed awake. I enjoyed what I watched and after seeing it I had a question Why did Pat leave WCCO? I have always wondered and never received a good answer. Was it the Money? Or the need to do something different?

    Don I will miss you old friend. I think you are one of the most unbiased anchorers I have ever watched on TV. May your retirement be filled with all good things. You have brought much happeness to our lives. I can’t imagan the news without you. You like your predissor Dave Moore never took your self to serious, which today sys something about your character. You always were spot on with whatever you did, but gave credit to others.
    Thanks Again.
    Karen Haley
    Sauk Centre

  4. The Admiral says:

    Truly wonderful seeing Don and Pat doing the news again. All was right with TV news for half an hour last night.

  5. Jean Zimmerman says:

    What a treat for me to watch this and to be able to show my Wayzata High School broadcast students ‘news through the years’ (and hairstyles). Thank you to the editors for putting together some really awesome history here. And Don, I will always love and appreciate you for both the attention you paid my Hopkins High School TV students (when I was there running KHOP-TV) and for the beautiful and eloquent speech you gave at the regional Emmy Awards Gala upon acceptance of your Gold Award from the National Television Academy. You rock, man! Have a great retirement…

  6. Bill Ingold says:

    Am I really that old??????????
    No I can’t be that old!

  7. Warren says:

    Memory lane is being paved with gold this week with the “guest” anchors. Great to see all these great reporters together one more time. Thanks for the momories!!! Didn’t realize how much I missed listening to Pat doing the news. She needs to consider coming back to CCO for awhile.

  8. Denny says:

    I was not fortunate enough to see Pat do the news, because I have never been to the Twin Cities broadcasting area, but I remember her when she was right out of college and she was a very classy young woman. Missouri remembers her as one of it’s finest graduates from Columbia, a remarkable woman. She lived in Denver briefly, and that is where we met, but I wish her only the best, as she was always a shining star from my past. Cheers Pat, best of luck in all you do!

  9. Nancy Fawthorp says:

    I remember running into Don at Calhoun Square a looooong time ago when I lived in Minnetonka. He looked my way while I was parking my car and I knew who he was right away. Then I saw Pat Miles at the airport Caribou stand, again at least 10 years ago. I was on my way out of town. Both of you have a chemistry that really worked on the news and both have just the right voice. I miss Pat and wonder what she is doing now. Don, you were in Lake City for the last riverboat cruise. Perhaps you and Pat could come here and do a recollection of your years as anchors,, We could sell tickets and use it as a fundraiser for our local care center to fund their remodeling project.

  10. Betty Moynagh says:

    I don’t live in MN in the winter anymore, sure do miss WCCO TV, and you Don. Loved you and Pat. Actually called in on a radio talk show a few years ago when Pat retired. We had a whole segment about Pat and the “Stop Smoking” thing. That got me to quit!!! I had met you downtown Mpls and almost walked across street on RED. You, Don pulled me back. Between you and Pat, both saved my life. Thanks. Good luck in your retirement. We all will miss you. Regards Betty

  11. Anne Birch says:

    Yes, “all was right with TV news” watching Don and Pat together again. It brought back wonderful memories of the good times…when the airwaves were free for all to watch! WCCO TV was committed to exceptional, quality local programming – the I-Team, informative news special reports, the Moore Report documentaries, statewide Project Abuse and Project Lifesaver and PM Magazine captured the essence and joy living in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. It was truly the good old days and it was great working with you two at the station. Thanks for all your efforts, insights and professional commitment. Don you will be missed. It was always reassuring knowing you were still there…life goes on – enjoy! All the best to you both, Anne Birch

  12. C. Marie says:

    Seeing you and Pat again was a real treat. I miss those days. You were
    great then as you are now. Back then it was so comfortable, relaxing, and
    times were easier, or was it that we were younger. Take care and maybe
    you could be a guest once and awhile on wcco. Will miss you

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