MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the last 32 years, Don Shelby has called WCCO home while covering the important stories in Minnesota and abroad. On Nov. 22 he says goodbye to the anchor chair and hello to retirement.

As the viewers that he informed daily, we want to give you the chance to wish Shelby well because without the viewers, he would just be talking to himself. Please share your comments below and we’ll be sure to deliver every single one to him as a remembrance of his time and impact on WCCO.

Check out a few goodbyes from some of Shelby’s friends.

And tune in at 10 p.m. Monday, for Shelby’s final newscast.

Comments (845)
  1. Lynn says:

    Don, it has been a pleasure. We will miss you and what you brought to WCCO. Thank you for your honesty and devotion. You were devoted to the people and what Minnesotans stand for. I am sure Frank will do a great job. Enjoy your new job – retirement. I know you will continue to do great thinks. Enjoy your next phase.

    1. PENNY says:

      you will truly be missed. enjoy your life and retirement. i am sad to see you go because you were one of the best.

      1. Betty JOHNSON says:

        I will miss you Mr Shelby I grew up in mn and watched cco with my grandparents daily , I thought it was sad dave moore left but I think I will miss your smiling face and kind heart you let show through your stories even more. Enjoy your family and your time to do what you want when you want. We were all very blessed to have been able to be a small part of your life thank you. Betty Johnson

      2. Carol E says:

        A true Gentleman. Thanks for all thos years. I will miss your commentary’s. Good Luck Don.

    2. Lou Harvin says:

      The good folks here at the American Cancer Society will greatly miss you Don Shelby. Without fail, you came back year after year, helping us directly during the sale of flowers of Daffodil Days. You personally made sure so many of the stories aired about cancer were done with precision and care. News anchoring is more than just about reading, and hitting your cues..Its mostly about the impact you leave on those around you, and a great mark you have left on this community. May you have wonderful, joyous years ahead!! Lou Harvin, American Cancer Society

    3. Lowell Veness says:

      Glad you are retiring. go and enjoy life your wife grandkids and your own kids I just lost my wife In august so only got ten years to enjoy with her since being retired. Again enjoy life. I enjoyed you over the years happy fishing send me some walleyes there great Thanks

    4. W.Cronkite says:

      yeah..I always get wistful thinking when Shelby ‘came out to do hard hitting journalism’ about the Twin Cities airport and it was completely bogus and he was called on the carpet by CBS’ Dan Rather during a News Review of ethical reporting…did Minnesota Proud–just goes to prove what phonies/shallow personalities really infect our airwaves—yeah, like you got this job because of your journalistic integrity…ummmm…no, you were born with good bone structure and a full head of hair…!

    5. Mark J.VonBank says:

      Hello to Don- I wish you well in your retirement. You have done a wonderful job in the 32 years as a reporter keeping everyone informed of news events on TV. I wish you all the best-You deserve it Don- Have a wonderful retirement and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Family- Retirement is the next phase of your life or job as everyone would call it. You will do wonderful and enjoy it to the utmost-Best Wishes for 32 wonderful years of reporting- Sincerely, Mark J.VonBank-Park Rapids, Minnesota

    6. Sharaine says:

      Thank you for the memories. Your work was excellent, honest, and constant. You will be missed, but I am sure we will find you in a new endeavor. Enjoy your family and the freedom to do pretty much as you please.

    7. Marcia Klaith says:

      Don Shelby is one CLASSY man, I had the honor of meeting him in Marshall at the gas station, he was on his way to fish at Lake Shetek and instead of being in a hurry , he took the time to visit with me and to see how life is going. I am a faithful watcher of WCCO and have been for years, Don will be greatly missed and his shoes will be very hard to fill. I wish him well in his retirement and much happiness !!! Enjoy and God Bless !!

    8. mattey says:

      These are real tears im shedding shelby…

    9. tammy says:

      Best wishes and thanks for bringing us the news for so many years. You will be missed.

  2. Mary says:

    Don, I remember when you started at WCCO. I can’t believe how fast that time has gone. It really has been a pleasure. Enjoy your retirement!!

  3. Dan says:

    Don, it has been a pleasure watching you on TV. Your expertise and professionalism is amazing. I am happy that I had the photo opp with you and Amelia last year at the MN State Fair.

    Enjoy the next adventure in your life. I look forward to watching the 10 news program tonight. Best wishes for a happy retirement.

  4. Bob Geoffrey says:

    Good luck Don. Ever up to Lake Vermilion, give us a call and we’ll do some fishing. Bob and Laury Geoffrey 218-753-3307

  5. Tom Dybvik says:


    I have been a huge fan of yours for many years. I have never met you but you have such a way with how you present on the air, that you seem like a personal friend for many years. Best of luck with your retirement. May you have the best of luck in whatever you do.

  6. Kim says:

    I will sure miss watching you anchor the desk. I have watched you since I was a young child. Besides the doublement twins commerical, I would stop whatever I was doing at the time and either watch you or the commerical when you or they came on. My mom thinks it was because of your soft voice or blue eyes that I was star struck. I am sorry to see you leave as your shoes will be hard to fill. Thanks for all the memories and enjoy your retirement. I know you’ll remain not TRULY retired yet. I wish you the BEST and will MISS you. I was lucky to be able to meet you this year and last year at the Fair. I was truly in heaven! Thanks again Don!

  7. Pam Bruss says:

    Your a great guy. I have grown up watching you and WCCO. Any viewer can tell that you trully love your job and YOUR great at it. I wish you the very best in your years ahead. Frank has some VERY BIG SHOES to fill.

  8. Mary Macdonald says:

    Don, It only seem yesterday that we were saying goodbye to Dave Moore. I never thought there could be anyone that would come close to capturing my heart, engaging my mind, and keeping me entertained while challenging the status quo. You did all that and I will miss you. Thanks Don!!!!

  9. John says:

    Best of luck to you Don in all of you future endevours. I’ve been watching you since you arrived in the twin cities. You have been a great asset to my home and our community. I’ve missed you since you have left CCO radio and will miss you on the news on channel 4. God bless you and your family as you enjoy another phase of life.

  10. Hanh of Eagan says:

    Don, you are one great anchor, who makes the news very interesting to watch. You have touched many lives and brought wonderful meanings of life through your special reportings.
    We had a pleasure of meeting you at a restaurant one year. You were very modest, when we asked you to sign our one dollar bill. Your comment was “Are you sure you want to waste it?” It was great joy getting your autograph, and you were so humble about it. We still have it today and think of you whenever we look at it. Thank you!
    We will miss you!! Your whole team is great, but we will sure miss watching you and listening to your wise comments and soothing voice.
    May you have a wonderful retirement and enjoy the many marvelous adventures that await you.
    Thank you, Mr. Don Shelby!!

  11. Linda Steele says:

    Don I hate to see you go. I like watching you on the T.V all the years. you were a Great anchor person.good luck to you and your family. we will miss you . Have a good and long fun retirement but if you miss the veiwer come back to wcco if they will let you.

  12. Helen of Burnsville says:

    Thanks Don for being one helluva anchor with a great sense of humor. Best of luck on this next adventure of your life. I haven’t been this choked up since Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show. Happy Trails to you!!

  13. Don and Nancy says:

    Don, lots of luck to you in the future. We will miss you on WCCO, CHANNEL 4.
    You did an awesome job in anything you did.You surely did fill the Dave Moore shoes. We miss him too and Frank will do a very good job too, cause you taught him well. Have a wonderful retirement like we do. Thanks again.

  14. Lisa K says:

    I’ll miss seeing you on T.V – I really enjoyed watching WCCO news. I’m sorry to see you go — but enjoy every minute of this stage in life!!!

  15. Sue K says:

    I have enjoyed your I-team reports and your passion for news.
    When a person can promote a career as you have, it is privilege to have watched the news through your perspective.
    Enjoy life. We are all only promised what we have at the moment.

  16. Natalie says:

    Don- You have been anchoring the news as long as I have been alive. I have grown up watching you and learning from your newscasts. Watching the news will not be the same without you. I wish you a world of happiness in your retirement. I thank you for teaching me and being a strong and honest voice for so many years. You are one of the good ones and you will be missed!

  17. Nick says:


    Those who leave the greatest legacy, rarely need to point out all their accomplishments while they were on this earth. They quietly, just leave the world a better place. You have achieved much. Tip your hat and ride off into the sunset.

  18. Janet says:

    I have enjoyed watching you on the news for many, many years. It has been a real pleasure. I have a Canadian friend from Thunder Bay, who has become a fan of yours too. I wish you the very best, but do know that you will be greatly missed and there is no one that will be able to fill your shoes.

  19. Mardi Grant says:

    Say it isn’t so! II live in New York City for the past 12 years, but keep up with the hometown news and I could always trust to turn to WCCO and especially Don Shelby to get the best news in the nation. It just won’t be the same but, you’ve earned your time off- You’ve been a great example to any up and coming journalists to watch a real pro at work. Go get in your bass buster boat and go fishing! I wish you all the best in the next part of your life.

  20. Richard says:

    Don ,as and old broadcaster I’ve appreciated your perfect combination of professionalism and personality and that great sense of humor. If anyone seeks lessons on how to be a topnotch news anchor they just have to watch you. I sincerly hope you will still being lending yourself to special reports or opinions so we can “stay in touch”. Please don’t leave us stranded witha big hole that no one else could possibly fill.. Enjot your time off ,but keep your foot in the door. Thanks and best wishes.

  21. Dave Fish says:

    As a retired broadcaster I’m going to miss you. You have always done an excellent job on TV and radio too. Enjoy the grandkids and your retirement.


  22. Gary Gundlach says:

    Don you been apart of my family for many years. You will be greatly missed. My prayers will be with for a happy retirement. I know life goes on but no one could ever ever replace you.
    Your friend
    Gary G.

  23. Donna Adams says:

    Don you are the best of the best, you will be missed! To me what makes a great newscaster is someone with heart, and that is you! Good luck in your retirement and god bless you and your family and thanks for all the great years.

  24. Donna Berge says:

    I have watched WCCO for many years because of you Don. Your genuine honesty and your sense of humor. I really felt that you were being sincere in every story and truely that your family extended to not only the ‘CCO employees but to your audience. You have always been very distinguished, but could always laugh at the simple things and yourself. When Paul Douglas left you made it very clear that you were not happy with the situation and that having no say in the matter you still let everyone know. I will miss you and your smile. You have left some big shoes to fill. Enjoy your retirement and the grandchildren.

  25. Kathy says:

    I always turned my channel to WCCO so I could watch you, Don. I always waited for the laughter and sense of humor you bought to my tv screen and the seriousness and “other side” of stories you went on location for and shared with us. You bought so much into the evening news. I will miss you and your professionalism and your sense of humor. Enjoy your retirement. Not that I believe you will ever retire.. you will always be doing something!!

  26. Randy Thue says:

    Don, when we had a chance to meet at the State Fair a few years ago- I told you how well you matured- You should be proud of tuning your life into something many of us will never have the chance to reach! Yes Dave “Moore” was proud to have you take over the anchor duties at WCCO, along with the rest of us-But knowing you, we will have the chane in the future to have you reach out and touch us in your specail way…
    Enjoy your days in your next career-“Semi Retirement”

  27. Sandy says:

    Don you will be greatly missed. God bless you and your family on your new journey of retirement!!! Your awsome!!

  28. Joan says:

    Will truly miss your smile and sparkling blue eyes, happy retirement, but I’m sure not totally.. enjoyed you and McSkinny on the radio together this afternoon. I’m guessing you’ll be spending more time at your Lake Ida home during the summer mths. Hopefully you will frequent the Peak Supper club more often too., live just a short distance friom there. Maybe you could come visit at the Lakes Area Humane Society in Alex where I work. I took the call from you Wife when your beloved cat went missing, never did here if you found him/her or not. Well God Bless and take care!!!

  29. Jane says:

    it will not be the same without you….so down to earth and really a part of the community…but i’m glad we’ll have Frank and Amelia.

  30. Kimberly Hansen says:

    Don, you are a man of class and dignity who will be missed more than you can possibly know. Thank you for your years of service; may you enjoy many, many happy and healthy years of retirement.

  31. Mike & Chris-Apple Valley says:


    We have enjoyed your professionalism and your openness on important issues. We will miss you – both on TV and radio..
    Enjoy your retirement !!

  32. Beth says:

    Don thank you so much for being a presence in our daily lives, for loving this great country of ours, for being a great journalist. Your witt, wisdom, humor, laughter and friendship has touched so many. Can’t wait to see what’s next… enjoy…

  33. Jean Pearson says:

    Don, you are a true professional and gentleman…….HAPPY RETIREMENT

  34. Kathryn Braaten says:

    Dear Don, on behalf of my 91 year old mother and me I would like to thank you for your many years of service. You are much more than a news anchor. You are a trusted friend whose knowledge and insight we can always count on. My mother, Laila and I look on your retirement with great sorrow, though we wish you the very best. Your wisdom, depth and sincerity are unmatchable! Thank you dear friend – we will miss you. Just know that you have been loved and appreciated by a multitude!

  35. Karen Everhart says:

    Don, I would like to wish you a Happy retirement and enjoy those grandbabies. Thank You for the great talks at AA. You will be missed.

  36. Pat Radabaugh says:

    Don I have watched you on WCCO for years. IWhen you first started I thought no one could ever replace Dave Moore and while you have not replaced him you have built your own great legacy. Your news reporting, invetigative reports, your honesty — and your ability to never reveal when doing a story or report your individual views especially on political stories is something impressive . I loved when you were on WCCO radio as well. Your afternoon chats accompanied on many road trips while working and I always enjoyed them.
    I will miss you, your style, and winning smile. I love when you joke with other members of your newsteam. You have an infectious laugh whidh is great!
    Enjoy your retirerment – relax and have a great time with family and friends.

  37. Janell says:

    Don, I have watched you on T.V. for many years. I’m now 35 and remember watching you when I was a little kid. We will all miss you, and its sad to see all the older news casters (including you) leave the air, that I grew up with. But you deserve a happy retirement!! Take care and do all of what you wanted to do in life that you couldn’t do because of your job. Good Luck Friend!! Come back to visit all of us once in a while!!

  38. Linda Pratt - Roseville says:

    I won’t make you feel any older by saying that I’ve been watching you since I was a little kid…..the truth is, I am new to the Twin Cities, and what does one do when moving to a new community? Find an anchor whom you trust, who delivers a fair and intelligent interpretation of the news, and who has an outstanding (and hopefully slightly bent) sense of humor. It didn’t take me long to settle on WCCO and you. So, though it’s only been a little over a year, it’s been fun getting in on the tail end of your……..let’s call if your current career, because I know that you will not simply drop out of sight. As a newly retired person, I have just a few words of advice. All that unstructured time can be unsettling, so while I recommend some intensive catch-up time with family, I also advocate a new set of obligations and commitments — ones which continue to fulfill your need to learn and explore, yet allow you plenty of time with those you love. Good luck, Don……and as Garrison Keillor says, “Be well, do good work, and stay in touch!”

  39. Karen Haley says:

    Don, I along with a million other viewers will miss you. You always made the news seem more human. When I didn’t have time to read the paper I always knew I could watch Wcco News and get caught up. Wcco has been in our family for three generations, my Grandpa always watched you, my dad did not know that other channels even carried the news and then me and my siblings. You have kept your sense of humor throughout and I admire you for that and for all the knowledge you have brought into our home. I am also retired so, I will tell you ,”RETIREMENT IS A GOOD THING.” Make a list you want to get done, then if you can find the list try to do them. The llst will change through the years. I know I wanted to read “MAIN STREET” by Sinclair Lewis, because I live in Sauk Centre, but I haven’t yet. When things settle I will. It seems to take longer to do things, I don’t know if it is because I go slower or time goes faster. But you enjoy.

    Karen Haley
    Sauk Centre

  40. Jan says:

    Good Luck Don,
    WCCO will not be the same without you. You have been the best news anchor with being so objective about all the news, Happy Retirement. You deserve it.

  41. A viewer says:

    It has been such a pleasure to watch you all these years. I really can’t imagine WCCO without you. I’m sad that you’re leaving, but hope to see you in a community role of some kind…it would help to soften the blow. in our family you inspire the same kind of confidence and respect earned by the greats, like Walter Cronkite. You will not be forgotten! Thank you so much.

  42. Dave Weiss says:

    Been listening and watching you since the beginning you are really going to be missed! I especially loved your time with Dave Moore but I thought you and Tim McSkinny was the best! There is no afternoon wcco radio for me now that you guys left.
    Don I automatically (on TV, iPad, iPhone used to be radio) turn first to news on WCCO because of the expert and factual reporting. You I trust! Now a days when your not there I wonder to Channel 9, then KARE and then Channel 5. I guess it’s up in the air now! Thanks for all the great times Don. I will really miss you!

  43. Taylor Edmondson says:


    While deeply saddened that you are leaving, I wish you a fun, fulfillling, and lengthly retirement. You have been a joy to watch and you will be very missed.

  44. Jon Spencer says:

    I want to wish you well and thank you for the years of enjoyment while i was growing up in age and as a person. I think the way you promoted the news and radio on wcco as a person very common sensed and “Normal” made it easy to relate to you and grow from you. I enjoy your sense of humor especially with McSkinney and the times we chatted on the radio. We are lucky to have Frank and his beautiful wife and the rest of the staff at “CCO” to keep the normality and sense of humor to the reporting of our news. Thanks for everything your a heck of a guy! Enjoy your extended vacation!

  45. Nancy says:

    There are truly few people in this world that have impressed me as much as you have over the years. You exemplify class and dignity, not to mention being so darn handsome. Best to you and your family for a long, happy retirement.

  46. Pam LaNasa says:

    Don-I will never forget hearing the recording of a listener commenting on one of your shows when you were on ‘CFO radio. If I recall, the topic was “things your parents forced you to do when you were a kid” or something similar. Anyway the listener spoke of the chilhood trauma she endured with a father that insisted that she and her sisters watch every single installment of the entire Civil War series on PBS. She told of how irritated she was was with her dad for this injustice and remembered sitting in front of the tv week after week making sure her Dad knew just how much she was suffering! However she also remembered a point when  Civil War history became fascinating and she found herself secretly looking forward to each episode….ALTHOUGH she made CERTAIN to NEVER EVER admit this to her dad! Then suddenly the caller said … “so I am letting him know now. Thanks Dad!” 
    That call from your daughter was so touching that I get a bit teary eyed even now just thinking about it. Now there is a real tribute to you!  I would love to hear it again.
    I would also LOVE to see a photo of you crusin’ for babes in Nebraska (? Oklahoma ? Kansas ?some non-ocean state) in your “beach boy dude” van with the surf board strapped to the top! That just had to be epic! 
    In your 32 years at WCCO radio and TV, I have gone from being a teenager to being the parent of teenagers! Thanks for being a part of my ride! 

  47. Kathy Eiden says:

    Don – We are going to miss you! It was great hearing you and Jeff on the radio yesterday…it warmed my heart. All the Best – Kathy

  48. Katie says:

    Don: You have blessed us for many years. You are a man of great integrity, wisdom, depth , compassion and a wonderful sense of humor. I have watched you for more years than I can imagine. You have mentored many who will carry on your ideals. Enjoy time with your famiily, friends, nature and all the things you want to do.

  49. Robbi M. says:

    Hi Don,

    We have met a few times and my Mom was your girls dental hygienist. I don’t think you have to worry about anyone asking ” weren’t you…” There will never be another like you. I secretly hope you might pick up the radio gig again – drive time for me was never better! Many can read the news, I always felt you were touched by it and by the victims of it. That just doesn’t exist much out there anymore. I will miss you and hope to hear you on the radio now and again – you are truly a great guy!

  50. Carol Keers says:

    Don, I will miss you at the State Fair. No one in broadcast journalism could ever take down an ear of corn like you could! Love and best wishes to you in this next phase of your life.

    1. kjgreen@ties2.net says:

      ditto to the above, everytime I see you at the fair you are sticking something in your mouth- haha. Will miss that mostly and won’t have anyone to buy cheeee chirds for anymore and collecting the free hug- from your favorite clown- I hope.
      Good luck and enjoy your retirement. You are the BEST anchor, there is no doublt!!

  51. Megan says:

    It has been a pleasure being able to watch your passion and commitment to delivering the news with a sense of caring that not many anchors are able to do. I have grown up watching you on WCCO and knowing that Monday will be your last day at the anchor desk makes me a little sad. I guess all good things must come to an end. Good luck to you and best wishes as you enter retirement.

  52. Wendy says:


    I wish you the best in retirement. I will miss you on the WCCO newscast. It is a pleasure watching you all the years I have been living here in Minnesota. I was born and raised in the Chicago area. You are the best newscaster I have seen in years. The news will never be the same without you. Best wishes to you and your family in the next phase of your life.

  53. Charles Harrington says:


    I have been coming to Minnesota since my parents divorced in 1989-1990. I am from Texas and I remember that every summer or winter that I was in Minnesota that when I had the opportunity to watch the 10p.m. news I would watch WCCO. You always had a calm and soothing voice. One that I will always remember. I offer my best wishes to you in your retirement.

  54. John says:

    Like your predessor before you, you were forever the professionall taking on the complicated issues and making sense of them. You have truly been part of our family for over thirth years, and as a family member, you will be missed. We know that the next phase of this journey will bring you much happiness and satisfaction.

  55. Lisa says:

    Don, I am really going to miss you. 10 years ago I moved up here from Louisville, KY. I basically left everything I knew down there. WHAS was my former news station and I missed their news anchors. I found WCCO and you Don, and it was like I had found a piece of home. Thank you for everything Don! Enjoy Retirement and take care of yourself!

  56. angel says:

    Best Wishes To You and Enjoy…

  57. Mary Eisentrager says:

    Don…I am truly going to miss you doing the evening news…Just like I miss you and McSkinny on the radio !!!!! You have been a part of my daily routine for sooooooooooo long, and I just took you for granted every day, assuming you’d be there forever…I am very sad that you won’t be in my living room at 10:00 p.m. every Monday thru Friday !!!!!!!! My husband and I both just retired this year, too, so I am wishing you a heavenly retirement…There is nothing better than spending a day with a Grandbaby….or just reading a book all day long…We are loving it….Thank you for a job well done over the years…You are the reason we got hooked on WCCO….

  58. Anna says:

    Don… as I write this I find tears in my eyes and I have never met you. I have watched you for years and I have brought up my three girls watching you. It’s like in a way we know you through the stories you’ve told. You were never afraid to let your viewers know exactly how a story made you feel, and thats what sets you apart from all others in your business. To me, you are a hero in so many ways!
    My family wishes you the very best in your retirement. You deserve the best! I will miss seeing your smiling face when I turn on the news, but I will continue to watch your WCCO family continue your legacy. Thanks for so many wonderful years.

  59. Luke Eischen says:

    The world is a masquerade party;
    and we all have our own mask to wear.
    the rich man pretends he is happy;
    and the pauper pretends he don’t care.
    But underneath all these false faces;
    the comedy doesn’t go far.
    At night when we look in the mirror;
    we see ourselves just as we are.
    But aren’t we all of us actors;
    we’re all of us part of the show.
    We appear on the scene without asking;
    and leave without wanting to go.

  60. keasha nenovich says:

    i have grown up with the team since i was 4, i am 23 now. i really hope to meet don shelby some day and shake his hand. im 23 now, and all i can remember as a child was sitting in a recliner w/my grandpa drinking out of his coffee cup with a spoon watching ‘cco news. good luck mr. shelby!

  61. Lu Bauer says:

    Greetings from Germany! It just won’t be the same coming back to Wisconsin and not watching you on the news. My husband and I wish you the best of luck on your retirement and remember you will be remembered by many around the world!

  62. Nathan Nielsen says:

    In my lifetime I have watched and believed Walter Cronkite, Dave Moore and Don Shelby. Thank you for all your years of honest, factual reporting. Best of luck to you and your family in retirement. Please don’t catch ALL the fish in Minnesota before I get a chance to get out.

  63. M.A. says:

    Don, I grew up watching you and it has been a real pleasure. Recently, I loved seeing you and Pat Miles do the news again. Your story on the Romanian orphans changed my life. I was a teenager at the time, but I knew that I would never be he same person after seeing that story. Since then I have devoted my free time to volunteering in orphanages in southern Mexico. Thank you for all of your hard work over the years and best wishes for a great retirement.

  64. B.P. says:

    I was deeply saddened to hear of your retirement. It brought back feelings of Bob Barker’s retirement. I know things just won’t be the same without you. You’ve been on WCCO longer than I’ve been alive, so for my entire life I’ve gotten used to you delivering the news to me every evening. I wish you a happy, fulfilling retirement. Best wishes.

  65. fanona says:

    Don, you are the reason I have watched ch 4 news since we moved here 20 years ago. I appreciate your fairness, rational reasoning and big heart. I am sure you will have a great time away from the news business but I hope you find some ways to face the camera in your retirement and share your stories and pov. Deeply appreciate your work. All the best to you and your family and I LOVE the above pic (w your grandchild?)

  66. robert says:

    Don channel 2 in Chicago was my news station because I enjoyed and was comfotable with news great Fahey Flynn and then Bill Curtis,,,When I moved to the cities 12 years ago I was in search of a newsman of their caliber I found WCCO and You ,,thank you sir for 12 years of the best

  67. Ted Erickson says:

    I was impressed many years ago when I called on an issue and you listened to my view very attentively and politely and made me feel as though you really cared to recieive my comments. I have enjoyed listening to your comments and reports since then and still am of the impression that you strive to give intelligent and unbiased views on the subjects upon which you report. Thank You.

  68. Abby says:

    I’m a 21 year old college student who literally grew up watching you host the evening news every night as my family are avid WCCO fans. Since moving to college, I have really missed being able to watch the WCCO news. I never knew what a treasure Minnesota has in WCCO’s high quality broadcasts, anchors, and production until I moved out of your viewing area. I make sure to never miss a newscast whenever I go back home. I have always felt like you were a grandpa to me and always felt like I truly knew you, although I was never fortunate enough to meet you. I was adopted from Colombia and my brother was adopted from Romania and your feature stories about the Romanian orphan will forever resonate with me and my family. I want to thank you for your hard work and your service to all of Minnesota. I am having my parents tape your final newscasts as I won’t be home until Tuesday. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the future. Minnesota will miss you….I will miss you.

  69. Jean Blanshan says:

    We are going to miss you on WCCO. We really enjoy you. You made the new lest madding then what it is. You always added the fun stuff in with the bad and that is so good. I hope you enjoy your retirement and the best of luck.

  70. Kimberly says:


    I too, like many other fans, enjoyed so many great years wih you & your ‘cco team ( Dave Moore, Pat Miles etc). I now have joined the over fifty crowd so I vividly remember the late 1970’s & 1980’s broadcasts.

    I would watch the 10’o clock news with my family ( my Dad died in 2005) , I found so much comfort watching you, as a father figure for “the twin cities” you will be missed by all ! My Dad was a huge fan of yours also. Good memories.

    Best wishes for health & happiness ! Enjoy your time with family & friends also.

  71. Bobbie says:

    Don, I can’t remember never watching you do the news and how professionl you still are. It was wonderful watching you with the throwbacks (Pat, Colleen, and of course the ever loved Paul D.). As I have recently retired myself, I can safely say there is life after. I like you, live for fishing and the great outdoors. God Bless you Don, and have fun with your next adventure. Don’t forget to involve Barbara now LOL…

  72. Joni says:

    Don, PLEASE don’t go! I know I’m being selfish here, but the news will just not be the same… Best wishes to you and your family!

  73. Linda Pirri says:

    Don, I’ve so enjoyed watching you all these years on WCCO. My parents always watched WCCO and Dave Moore, and I just kept on watching and then having you take over for Dave was an added plus! Enjoy your retirement! It’s been fun the last three nights seeing you with Pat, Colleen and Paul!


  74. Julie says:

    Don, It has been really wonderful watching the 10 o’clock news this week with Pat Miles, Colleen Needles, Paul Majors, Amelia and the memories. I have enjoyed watching you on WCCO over the years, and the memories this week brought it all back. It was hard to watch Dave Moore go also, but you will be missed. Enjoy your next chapter!

  75. Gary says:

    Don, What can I say, I love you man! Good Luck and enjoy life!
    I’ll miss you on CCO.

  76. Lubes says:

    Don, I will miss you and your funny sense of humor I will miss seeing you at the fair/

  77. Dan Loftus says:

    Don, We are really going to miss you.

    Don, We are really going to miss you. We go back to when Dave Moore was
    anchor. So we remember the days with Pat, Colleen and Paul. Oh, to have the
    good old days back, but they will be the memories. Take care
    Dan and Corrine

  78. Martha says:

    Don, I enjoyed you on the radio with Jeff McKinney. Happened to catch a little bit of the broadcast during the evening drive this week. Was fun.

  79. Jean says:

    We WILL see you at the State Fair next summer.
    You may be able to escape the ‘CCO offices, but you can’t escape that fair! 🙂
    Enjoy your time off until then.

  80. john from Houston says:

    By the looks of it Don, the ladies will miss ya!
    I’ve enjoyed the years of you on radio and T.V.
    Thank you very much!
    Catch a lot of fish!

  81. Lori says:

    I realize how much we have missed you & Paul Douglas together!! Now we are losing you too! Congratulations! But will miss you !

  82. Mia says:

    Don – My mom, Jan Riese, was the executive assistant to Mr. Rupp – at the time he was the president of WCCO. I was a young, single mom with two boys. My mom always invited my boys, her grandsons, to the Christmas party at WCCO so they spent many years with you as their Santa Claus. It is a fond memory for me and for them. They are now 30 and 34. Thanks for the many years we spent with you at dinner-time – and for being Santa for so many lucky kids.

  83. Daryl & Koppy Hansen says:

    Don we are going to miss ya so much, we love ya. The shows have been really fun to watch this week. You da One!

    Kop & Daryl

  84. Sandy F says:

    Don thank you for all the memories! My 15 Y/O son said the other night,”I am going to miss that guy!” Your retirement reminds me a lot of Dave Moore’s, when he said that. Your easy going, joking personality will be missed by all. There are not words to describe how you have impacted all of us. My God bless your new chapter of life as you have blessed us. Thanks again!!!!!!

  85. Joel U. says:

    Well Done Don! Thank you for all that you have done. You will be missed!

  86. Daphne-Vickie says:

    Dear Don Shelby

    I moved here the winter of October 85. I remember not looking at the news much…well I was 21 when I got here and didn’t watch it. One day I remember the tv was on and I heard you say something to the affect of “Your hometown news” well Minneapolis wasn’t my hometown but for some odd reason hearing you say it, I knew you meant it and want you to know that I made the decision then to watch only WCCO and have been doing so ever since. Thank you for all the years you have given me the news, you to me, mean what you say when you say it and seeing you get emotional about certain events made me appreciate you even more…two examples: when Dave Huddleston left and when Kory Stringer passed away.

    Thank you again Don Shelby for being who you are and always having something to say (=

  87. lynette thompson says:

    Don you will be missed. Your the best I hope you enjoy your retirement. Thanks for your great stories. Thank you Lynette

  88. Brittany says:

    Don, you have been on WCCO for longer than I have lived. You will be missed terribly by all your viewers. Enjoy your retirement, and thank you!


  89. Scottiking Hennessey says:

    Good luck Don-
    I have enjoyed you on TV for years!
    Your voice is like walter Cronkites to me and always brings back warm memories!
    Thank you for all the years!

  90. Christine Bryn says:

    I’ve been watching you for years and channel 4 is the only News I will watch. I will continue to watch channel 4 because I love all the people on there. But, I’m going to miss your laughter, smile and your jokes. Your a fantastic person and I wish you luck with whatever path you take. Be yourself and enjoy life. You deserve it. Best wishes to you and your family. Thank you very much for the memories.

  91. Sean Bixler says:

    Me, My Grandma and My Grandpa have watched you for years nothing will be the same with out you My grandpa is not here enymore but i know hes watching you from heavan have fun injoy life it dosent go on for ever well Good Bye and have fun.

  92. Tom says:

    Don, Congratulations on your retirement. I’m sure you will be busy pursuing other interests. Years ago I think I saw you at a Gordon Lightfoot concert at the State Theatre. May I suggest a trip to Toronto for a concert at Massey Hall. My wife and I have gone quite a few times. The best web site if you don’t already know it is lightfoot.ca It has been a pleasure listening and watching you on WCCO all these years.

  93. Al K says:

    It has been easy for many years to pick a newscast to watch. It is always enjoyable to watch and listen to someone who is honest, credible, caring, dedicated, and someone I can look up to and respect. The world needs more like you. Thank You for all of your years of showing all of us how a good life should be lived and for setting a tremendous exapmle for all of us to follow. May God Bless & Keep you always.

  94. Marcy says:

    You spoke to my investigative journalism class in 1982 or 1983 when you were a member of the I-team. I have never forgotten it. I ended up leaving journalism school (for a more profitable career as an English major) but I still look back at that one class, sitting there in the Murphy Hall auditorium, listening to you speak about investigative journalism and ethics involved in investigating, as being one of the most interesting I took. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and humor with us all of these years and influencing us in ways you will never know.

  95. Diana Pierce-KARE TV says:

    Don- Thanks for being true to you!!
    Compassionate about the people and places you’ve covered for so many years. You’ve been a tough but gracious competitor for many years and you’ll be missed.
    You are a Minnesota treasure!
    Best wishes in whatever you do next because I don’t see you as a guy to be idle for very long.

    1. Cheryl Mayers says:

      Thanks Diana,

      Don is truly a Minnesota Treasure!!

  96. Lee Jenkins says:

    Don, it has a pleasure to know you personaly, and I know that the people of Staples, Mn. have had the same pleasure of watching you on WCCO and for what you did in our city some years ago. I think I can arrange another day for you to operate a D-10 CAT at our great CLC Heavy Equipment School. Retirement is great and you will enjoy it. Good Luck Don, hope to see again soon. Lee Jenkins

  97. Mary A. says:

    Mr. Shelby, I hope everybody and their brothers send you a comment so you will have to stay at least another 20 years to read them all. You are an inspiration and an icon. I will miss seeing you, heck I still miss Paul Douglas and how long has he been gone?
    The best of luck to you, you are truly one of a kind.

    Mary A.

  98. BiilG says:

    Don, I grew up watching WCCO news. I had the good fortune to watch Dave Moore for many years. It has been wonderful to watch you since your arrival at ‘CCO. I’ve always felt that you gave us the news straight, with as little coloring from your own opinions as possible. Your stories have touched us, and we thank you for all you have given us. Good luck in whatever you do from here. We will miss you.

  99. Wayne Richardson says:

    Don We all are going to miss you, we have enjoyed all the years you have came into our home by way of WCCO we will miss you The Richardson Family of Backus,Minnesota

  100. Judy B says:

    Mr. Shelby, you will be greatly missed. You have always been one of my favorite anchors. I have appreciated your humor and your compassion in reporting stories. You won’t be forgotten. No one will ever tell you that you “used to be Don Shelby.” Enjoy the next phase in your life!

  101. Lynne says:

    Ahhhh, Mr. Shelby, I will miss your voice coming into my home every evening. You have been a constent in my home for years…… You are one in a million.
    I wish you well. And to quote my late father…. “Good on ya, Mr. Shelby, Good on ya!”

    Take care!

  102. Sarah Madden says:

    Don, You will be greatly missed! You have always been one of our favorite anchors. We wish you the best of luck in all that you do! Enjoy this next chapter in your life! : )

  103. Faith says:

    I have to tell you, I’m kinda mad at you for retiring! You’ve been a favorite of mine for a very long time. This year, I was bound and determined to meet you at the state fair. When I saw you there, I just stood there in silence.

    Thank you for telling the stories that needed to be told. I will miss you. If our paths cross again, I’m ready to shake your hand and thank you in person! God bless you, Don Shelby!

  104. Barbara Linn says:

    Don, I didn’t realize you started at WCCO when Dave Moore was still there. Wow, that time has gone by so fast, hasn’t it? I have always enjoyed watching you give us our news. I think you led a rich, full life as a reporter. I am sure you have few regrets about your life. You have done a wonderful job reporting to us. Thank you Don for giving us the best part of your life. I hope retirement is everything you want it to be.

  105. michelle says:

    oh I hate to see you go! you & dave moore were hilarious sometimes. it was strange when he left, & will be when you do. don’t be like johnny carson & disappear. You & dave & johnny had that same little “imp” in you. pranksters! I thought it was very nice of you to make paul comfortable, when he first came on. it seemed like he wasn’t sure of the way you guys joke around. i could tell he wasn’t very happy with his previous job, the male anchor on kare 11, was not a very positive person to work with, i thought. the next time paul was on, he was right at ease, i’m sure you had something to do with it! you’re well respected in minn.,& always will be,i was raised on cbs news & no other network is as good. you’ll always be my favorite & will miss you very much!!!

  106. Sara says:

    Hi Don – Channel 4 has been my main channel for over 45 years – I don’t need a remote because I never change the channel. I am a year older than you, so I have followed you since the beginning of your tenure here, as well as those who came before you and have come since you came. It is always hard to loose a beloved anchor on TV – just like having a family member die (don’t you die yet). I wish you well, and hope we see you from time to time on air (any possibility?). You have been a great asset to TV and the Twin Cities, and I’m sure you won’t leave us all hanging. But, you need to spend time being happy and with your children and grandchildren too. You have set a great example for all of us on how to live the good life and get the job done, as well as how to reach out and help others along the way. I’ll surely miss your wise and honest face every night – but please don’t disappear completely. I’ll be glad to help you with any special projects you take on in the future to improve the quality of life in the state.
    Best wishes!

  107. peggy deno says:

    Congratulations on your new opportunity to enjoy the leisure life and all your hobbies Stop and really smell the roses. Enjoy your family.
    We have enjoyed your broadcasting for many years and remember the many stories you have shared with us.. Best Wishes and May God bless and keep you!

  108. Frank says:

    If anyone thinks you are egotistical remember Frank Lloyd Wright, “It is hard to be humble when you are a genius”. If he didn’t say it he should have.

    I will miss you as you are the only announcer that has my trust.

    You are right about the suits directing the news. We have lost a great public service and a necessity in today’s society.

  109. Bob and Alice Wiese says:

    We’re going to miss you Don. That touch of humor with the rest of your co-workers made the nightly 10 o’clock news report, a must see. You’re the best! Enjoy your retirement and May God Bless you.

  110. Tom K says:

    By the time I get back to the states, in March, you will be part of CCO lore. And my friend, you are right up there with the best. It has been great listening to another Hoosier who remembers the Ron Bohnams, Manny Newsomes etc of Indiana basketball greatness. But more important it has been you fair handedness with the news. I trust you have taught those ‘kids’ well and they will “keep up the fire”. Enjoy the retired life…..you deserve it all.
    Thanks for a great run.

  111. Jim Bayer says:

    I have always enjoyed your sense of humor and the genuine camaraderie you had with your colleagues. But I submit that the I-Team will always be seen as one of your greatest contributions to journalism in Minnesota and across the nation. I enjoyed the laughs and the serious business you conducted as a broadcast journalist.

  112. Ray L. says:

    OK, this is inside TV, but I will always remember your presence at the show and tell sessions at our IRE professional conferences. Your critiques were always on the mark and made us better journalists. They were never the same after you moved on.

    Best wishies in retirement……if it turns out to be retirement. I suspect you will be
    more active than the word “retirement” suggests.

  113. Dorothy Shannon says:

    We will miss you Best of luck on your retirement , It will be different not to see you at night ,loved when I got to meet you at the Fair take care you,

  114. Sandra says:

    Dear Don: I always remember when you first came here to WCCO. You and Pat Miles came at the same time. Always enjoyed your newscasts. I remember “The Scene at 6” and the “I” Team. One of my most recent memories of you though that I’ll always remember is a year ago,, at the MN State Fair, I was just walking out of the WCCO Radio booth when you looked and me and smiled and said hi. You didn’t even know me and yet you took the tijme to smile and say hi to me. That was a turning point for me and really made my day and I’ll always remember that moment and treasure that memory. Thanks so much for your presence here at WCCO. Best of luck to you in your retirement and God Bless. Have a Happy THanksgiving and all the peace and joy of Christmas and the best of the coming years to you and your family.

  115. Jerry says:

    Don’t catch em all Don, leave some of those bass for the rest of us.

  116. Pa says:

    I remember the first time I ever met you ,I was 10 years old .I went to school with your daughter Ashley.I thought you were the biggest star I had ever had the pleasure of meeting, and you still are! Thank you so much for bringing all of us the news and being a part of all of our lives .God bless you and your family

  117. Andrea says:

    I’ve lived in Minnesota for around 5 years now, and I’m not much of a news watcher. But if I’m going to watch the news, it is going to be you. I feel that I’m losing one of the only anchors that has ever made me feel connected to the news. I hope life stays good to you.

  118. Sue says:

    You’re been the most trusted newsman in the Twin Cities for years. Between news anchor and radio personality, I’ve enjoyed every minute of watching and listening to you.
    I wish you all the best in your retirement – do what you want, when you want. Enjoy every minute of it.
    God Bless You!

  119. Ellie says:

    Dear Don,

    What will I do without you and your snappy 3-piece suits? Will you please teach the other wcco fellows to dress as fabulous as you do?

    But on a serious note, I look forward to seeing you every night, and the news wont be the same without you. I will miss you dearly!


  120. Lisa Croner says:


    I grew up watching you on WCCO, its been a blessing being able to watch you for over 31 years. You will be missed enjoy your retirement you will be truly missed.

    God Bless you and your Family..

  121. Roxane B. says:

    Blessings to a wonderful man! I have so enjoyed your wit and charm over the years on television and on the radio. Thank you for many years of top notch work(you have logged many hours). Please know how much you are appreciated and how much you will be missed. Wishing you all the best with your retirement!

  122. Amber Hansen says:

    Thanks for all of your many years of service.. You have always been one of my favorites to watch.. My God bless your retirement days ahead.. Enjoy the new adventure ahead of you!

  123. glenn says:

    Good luck to you. I listen to to for years driveing back a forth from the citys. Just rock on Don!!!!!!!!!

  124. Barb says:

    Don, you taught my youngest son how to tie a tie. You and Colleen did a story on my older son who was a paperboy that collected huge icicles and made his own ice castle. This was the same year we had an ice castle at Phalen Lake for the Winter Carnival. You fell like a family friend that will be dearly missed.
    When you and Paul Douglas were on together was the funniest time. The two of you fed off each other. I remember the time he cut your pant leg off on a broadcast you were doing from the State Fair. I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard.
    You will be missed. Have a wonderful retirement.
    Barb S.from Maplewood

  125. Sue says:

    Don, I have been watching you for years and feel like I know you. You have done an outstanding job. You ask the important questions, and with al the things you have done in the past that you covered that were amazing. I will miss you, but you deserve to retire and spend time with family and who knows what else will come you way. So enjoy reitrement, having the evenings to do as you wish.

  126. Edward Gunyo says:

    Hi Don, Ed Gunyo here. We met years ago. My old friend Dave Moore said you were going to replace him, and you did! Hal Scott, Dave and other folks from the old CCO just thought you were going to be great. You never dissapointed any of them. I was the guy who sat behind Dave many times at the midnight news holding up his chair on my knees! no one saw me but Dave knew how to push back to make me know where I was. I will tell you… personally, you are the best… your’e stories, professional stance is without compare! I know Paul and Ron Magers and they think you are the best…. they look up to you as I do. Enjoy retirement and remember Dave never retired… you need to go on. Cable… you know that will work and some stories… you have a ton of them. The best always… your’e good fan .. Ed Gunyo.

  127. Barbara Coulter says:

    Dear Don,
    WCCO is my goto news station every night – and it is because of you and your down to earth reporting. Thank You for the many years you have kept us all informed and up-to-date. You will be deeply missed.

  128. Mary Salisbury says:

    Don, you are a Renaissance Man who joyfully pursues learning about EVERYthing!!
    One of my favorite memories is from 6-10 years ago when I was driving home after a long day of teaching middle school English. It was bitterly cold, & it had been a long day. I turned on your afternoon radio show and you were just beginning to read (recite from memory?) the Cremation of Sam McGee. Couldn’t believe it!! The perfect poem for that sub zero day! The next day I read it in class and the kids went crazy for it!! Thanks for the perfect lesson plan, and for your many years of service to the Twin Cities and beyond. You will be greatly missed!

  129. Kate says:

    Hi Don! I’m happy for you because you deserve to enjoy an awesome retirement, but I’m also really sad you’re leaving. I’ve watched you all my life (I’m 22 now) and I want to thank you for all you’ve contributed to WCCO, the community, and the world. All the best to you in your new adventures!!!

  130. Esther says:

    good luck on your future dreams. I will miss having my birthday with you on May 27th. I feel kile I’ve known you for ever, I would always watch the news on your {our} birthday to see what kind of cake they get you and pretend it’s for me too. I am sure going to miss that now. God bless all your future goals/dreams.

  131. Mom of the cute Viking baby says:

    Don… you will be missed not only by me but my oldest son, Chase who held at the MN State Fair in ’99. He never stops reminding us that he was on TV once and that Don Shelby held him. Hope you enjoy your retirement and the new beginning on life. 🙂

  132. Anya says:

    Mr. Don Shelby: Best wishes upon your departure from WCCO-TV, and may you have many bountiful years ahead of you.

  133. Doris E. says:

    Don I have been watching you anchor the news ever since you came to WCCO. You have such a soft voice and kind smile that no one can replace. I sure will miss seeing you. I wish the best of luck to you in your retirement. P.S. I even named one of my kittens after you when I got them. So I have a “Shelby” and a “Savannah”. And everyone knows “Shelby” was named after you.

  134. Tammy says:


    Congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Although I enjoy Amelia and Frank; watching the ten o’clock news will not be the same without you. I have enjoyed growing up watching you report the news. One of my favorite parts of the ten o’clock news has been your segment “Good To Know.” I usually catch myself saying “AMEN”, laughing or feeling angry after each segment. I am really going to miss you doing those segments!! I hope you enjoy retirement and stop in at WCCO News once in awhile and say “HI” to your ‘GROUPIES.” 😉 Best Wishes..

  135. Cyndi says:

    Awww, do you have to go? You will be missed, I have enjoyed watching you for years and I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you for being there and doing such a great job!

  136. Shirley says:

    Enjoy! Stay gold!

  137. Cheryl Mayers says:

    Dear Don, We will miss you so much! We have watched you on WCCO since you came. My mom passed away 3 years ago at age 90 and if she was here she would be crying. She thought you were the best. Our daughter wrote in my mom’s memorial book “I remember staying with my grandma and we would make popcorn and stay up late to watch David Letterman,but only after watching Don Shelby on the 10pm news.” My mom always looked forward to watching you.
    We grew up with you reporting the news. My favorite story was the Iron Crib story. This story showed us again your caring heart. Then you recently told us where the kids were now. That was so interesting to see where they were now! We will miss you but wish you God’s Blessings on your retirement. Enjoy this extra time with your family you deserve this retirement.. Thank you for all the great years!!!

  138. Luke says:


    I haven’t followed you for long. I’ve only lived in Minnesota since 2004, and at a mere 25 years of age, my demographic would easily fit into the category of ‘generationally remote’. Yet in spite of those realities, your broadcasting career has had a profound influence on my Minnesotan life. It was through your radio show that I began to identify with my new Minnesotan home, and it was through your television career that I became inspired by the dedication and sincerity of your broadcasting work. I will always appreciate your candor, humility, and proclivity towards intellectual enlightenment, and wish you the best in your retirement from broadcasting.

    – Luke

  139. Judy P. says:

    I don’t think there will ever be another anchor who will be missed as much as you! I have been watching chanel 4 for years and you are the main reason I automatically turned to that chanel. You are a genuinely good person with a quick smile and very often said or did something to make everyone laugh. Of course, you could also be serious when you needed to be. Enjoy your “semi-retirement”, but hope to see you back once in a while for a special!

  140. Ed in St. Cloud says:

    Don, as I was growing up in my younger years I was brought up watching Dave Moore and in my adult years it was watching you. It was a pleasure to see you come up through the years- a true icon at ‘cco TV and ‘cco radio. You will surely be missed by me and many other dedicated people that have followed you with everything you have done. It was great that you brought back Pat, Colleen and Paul for 1 last night this past week. Those 3 with you brought back alot of past memories. It also got me to thinking of you with other anchors like Ann Rubenstien, Amy Marsalis and Randi Kaye. ( I hope I remembered them right) And also listening to you and Jeff McKinney on the radio. Anyone that was paired up with you turned out to be the best combination. You will be hard to replace – your caliber in a person don’t come around to often. Thank You for staying at WCCO for all these years and not going to another station or network or going to Bass Masters as their announcer. Have a great retirement – come out of retirement once in a while for guest anchoring. Thanks Don
    P.S. If you have any pull with management there at WCCO have them rehire Colleen and Paul back at any cost !!!!!

  141. Peter Clark says:

    Don: I have been a WCCO fan for years (stopped by the booth at the fair) and a big fan of the 10 pm news. I often stayed up later than I ought to have simply to listen and watch you and your co-anchors do the news. There have been two basic things that I have always liked about your presentation: you always seemed to be looking at and talking only to me, like I was the most important person on the planet, and you never talked down to me or made me feel dumb. Your professionalism and your obvious love of your job has made you one of the best newscasters I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. You had fun, but you always took your job seriously, and your broadcasts from different spots around the world as well as here at home showed me that you cared, truly cared, about what you were doing, whether with the soldiesr in Afghanistan or the Iron Curtain babies.
    Don, you have earned the right to spend the rest of your days with your family, your wife and grown daughters and their children. I hope and pray that someday they will know about the world through you as we do now. God bless and keep you and your family, Don. You are a true human being, the kind I would hope any young person who wants to get into the TV news business would find as a prime example of fairness, honesty, and compassion. We’ve never met, but I feel as though you have been part of my family forever. I don’t regret one minute of it. Enjoy your well-earned retirement and know that you take the love and respect of a great many people with you.

  142. David says:

    I remember being a youngster in the mid 80’s and hearing about Don’s vicious jump-shot. At the 1988-89 MN State High School Hockey tournament, a friend and I bumped into Don on the way into the St. Paul Civic Center, Don invited us into a reception room with him where we had hors d’oeuvres and great conversation with Don. In 1999 I attended the MN Mr. Basketball finalist dinner, keynote speaker: Don Shelby, what an encouraging speech to kids about the life lessons of basketball he delivered. The following year Don again spoke at the Franklin D. Watkins award ceremony, a national award that acknowledges student athletes for their performance in the classroom. MN natives Adam Boone and Dominique Sims were both finalists. More recently in 2008, I was with a friend who coaches a youth basketball team when Don returned his call, eager to (“get a piece of the action”) assist in getting the youth basketball team down to New Orleans, LA to compete nationally. So even though Rosie (Mark Rosen) does a great job reporting the sports news at WCCO, it’s Don’s presence that has been greatly noticed and appreciated. We thank you and wish the best for you as the next chapter of your life begins, look forward to seeing you around.

  143. Wayne and Donna LaRoche says:

    We have enjoyed your newscasting from the beginning, and Dave Moore before you. I warned you at the State Fair this year that “You will really be missed!” I still think I am right. It is not just your co-workers at CCO, its an entire viewing public that you have brilliantly corraled over four an a half decades. (I was the one late one night at the fair that took the picture with you and my best friend, sharing our ‘still warm’ Grandma’s cookies with you and that weather guy!) We wish you only the best and thank you for sharing with us all the years, the good news, yes and even the bad news that seems to just be another part of the life of a television journalist. The thing that I will personally miss with your retirement is your brilliant, comical and sterling presentation of the news, along with your insites and editorials that seem to precisely parallel my own views. Hope to run into you more often at Kraemers, all our best, .

  144. Why did you always speak in a really bad southern accent in those shoe shine segments?

  145. Linda Folta says:

    I have been watching you since my mom and dad did back when I was in hi school. I remember you with Dave Moore. My mom and dad enjoyed watching you and so did I. You have been the glue that has kept me watching WCCO. If it wasnt for you I would have quit along time ago. Take care and we will miss you……You are among the greatest and the most dignified people that have had an influence on my life. God Bless!

  146. Kevin N says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, Don — we’ll miss seeing you on air. If you get bored, consider doing another radio show — I miss your afternoon show, too.

  147. Char says:

    Don, I am sincerely happy for your life change, and we will miss you. You have brought a outstanding touch of class, decorum, integrity, responsibility, sincerity and humanitarian view to your work that will be hard to replace. Please do visit from time to time, it will be like a family member coming back for a reunion. I realize with your passion for charity work, we will see your touch in those areas. It is a well deserved change for your lives together, Enjoy and “thank you for the memories”.

  148. Tony says:

    I wish you the best in your retirement Don. You have brought joy to many myself included throughout the years. I’ve only been able to watch your time on WCCO for a couple of years. I’m only a few years out of highschool now, but once I got involved in watching the news, WCCO was my only choice. Because of you Don the news was more than just the same old boring newscast. You made it personable and honest. I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope retirement brings you the same joy. Don I hope you too enjoy every minute of it. Thank you.

  149. Lorna Stubbs says:

    Don, my name is Lorna and I’m from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A lot of the programs that I watch are on CBS which is cable channel 4 here. After my shows are over I just got into the habit of leaving the TV on channel 4 and listening to the news before Letterman and Craig Ferguson came on. I’m 47 and I’ve watched a lot news programs over the years; Most of them in Canada, some in the US. There’s only 2 news anchors that I’ve really liked over the years and you’re one of them. The other one is Lloyd Robertson on CTV National News here in Canada (channel 7 or cable channel 5 in Winnipeg). I’m really going to miss you; I love the fact that you do a lot of charity work. I used to do a lot of that myself. I worked for The Salvation Army for a number of years and did a lot of volunteering for them as well. Especially at Christmas time. Good Luck In Whatever You Choose To Do Now And God Bless YOU!!! Oh yeah, If you see Julie Chen anytime soon, why don’t you ask her for an audition for Big Brother? You could probably outlast all of them, you’re certainly a lot smarter than some of the contestants I’ve seen over the years. We could have a Big Brother Celebrity Edition; I’d certainly watch that! Any money won could go to the charity of your choice. What do you think?

  150. jeff says:

    There was Bud Grant who broke are hearsts then Dave Moore and now yourself. Each one i have felt the same when iretirement came Just a simple THANK YOU is all i can say

  151. Fred says:

    Don – hate to see you leave – – I can stand the 100 good byes – don’t you even think it it too long for our hearts – it hurts – 1000 good byes

  152. Sherri Munkelwitz says:

    You are a true class act. Thank you for a job well done and enjoy your retirement.

  153. Kate Jackson says:

    I wish you allthe best. It has been a joy watching you and listening to you on the news. There were be a void after your retirement. You deserve this time and enjoy your family and the accomplishments you have achieved. Good luck.

  154. Limo Bill says:

    DON, Thank You for All your Postive Direction, The Piece of Shelby you shared is when I had the Privledge to drive you to the Heart Benifit. When I see you or Hear your Name I remenber you sharing your Recovery Story with me.Your Response to your Boss, CAN I THINK ABOUT IT!! What a Huge turing Point!! Also and when we got back to the Station Your Tip and Thanking me for the Meeting, Know it or not You Helped me in my Recovery Last MAY I got 20 yrs. You Had a Piece of my Recovery, Thank you for yours, You Are A Very Good Man, Take Care and Keep on Passing It On. See YOu On The Other Side!!!
    Love You
    Limo Bill

  155. Glennis says:

    Don Shelby: I just wanted to comment when the girls video taped my 50th Birthday, my late husband said I was the same age as Don Shelby. I am a former Minneapolis resident and I follow the news WCCO every morning. I am an Ojibwe and there is no word for Good-bye in our language and we say “Gay-Gah=Wab-O-Min” which means until we meet again.

  156. Krista Norquist says:

    I enjoyed watching you on the news. You have done such an amazing job. I wish you well in your retirement. God bless you.

  157. glenda marlar says:

    I feel that I can call you “Don”, as I have been watching you since you arrived at WCCO. The stories that you told , changed people , the communities, the state, and the world. Each time there was an investigation, we would wonder”Now what?” There was never a dull broadcast…you and the people who sat beside you made it fun to watch. We felt the love and the family attitude in our livingroom. Thanks for the memories, Don Shelby. Have a wonderful time in your new adventure. Glenda Marlar

  158. Mary Haider says:

    Don, living in St Paul, I watched you onWCCO for many years. Since moving to Florida 13 years ago I still check WCCO on my computer daily. I spend the summer in Minnesota and always watch “CCO when I am there. You will be missed. Good luck Don. Mary Haider

  159. Pat says:

    Don you may not remember me but I was at an award dinner that you spoke at a few years ago. While sitting in the audience I realized what a great honor it would be to have you MC our annual UNCF Gospel Extravaganza. After the dinner I nervously walked up to you and introduced myself. I invited you to be our MC for that year. Without hesitation you said “Sure”. Those that attended commented many times how they really enjoyed you. I recently returned back to the Minneapolis area and learned of your retirement. I just wanted the world to know what a gracious, compassionate, funny, genelman you are. I wish you well on your retirement and I will miss seeing you on WCCO News. I hope you and your family will enjoy your time together You deserve it. God bless you.

  160. Joe says:

    It seems all good things come to an end, and I wish you the best in whatever comes your way. It’s funny– you’ve been the anchor at ‘CCO for most of my lifetime so I sort of grew up with you around. It will be very strange not to have you on the news. I hope you’ll make special appearances from time to time. Take care and best wishes!

  161. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the years Don, I enjoyed the radio more than TV (I’m not much of a TV watcher) You will always be Don Shelby
    Enjoy the next chapter

  162. Jim says:

    Enjoy your retirement!
    Your at the same level as Dave Moore.
    You will be missed.

  163. Pat Ray says:

    Don, it won’t be WCCO news without you. But enjoy your retirement–you deserve it.


  164. Christiena says:

    Mr Shelby;
    When i first came to this country in “82, i watched the news that my then in-law’s were watching.
    After a coupe of years,i decided to try “cco and have stayed with it ever since.
    Your compassion and love for what you were doing radiated across the screen right into our hearts.You changed my mind about reporters and newscasters,which until i watched you,i thought were all “robots”. Thank you for being you,plain and simple.
    My children grew up watching you. You have had such an impact on my youngest that when she was pregnant with her second child,had he been a girl, would have been named “Shelby” after you…….
    You,your smile and that compassion will be greatly missed!
    I wish you well and lots of fun on this new part of your life,the new adventures you will now have.
    All the best,
    god bless;

  165. Dawn says:

    Dear Mr. Shelby,
    Please share my thanks with your Bride for sharing you with us as she has. I pray that all young men will look to your example of integrity and compassion as inTHE template to elmulate in their own journey.
    May God abundantely shower you with all you have dreamed of, and more.
    Thank you.
    Dawn Holmen
    Chanhassen MN

  166. Jeanette says:

    THANK YOU for all the years you have informed us. It will not be the same without YOU!! You have made the news more FUN than I thought possible. YOU will be missed when it comes time for the Minnesota State Fair, it will be strange without you. You were serious when needed and light hearted when you could be. You will be MISSED VERY MUCH!!! GOOD LUCK in retirement!!! Enjoy your family and RELAXE and enjoy spoiling the grandkids even more now. THANK YOU again for ALL that YOU have done for us and the state of Minnesota!! You are true friend to all and a GREAT GUY who deserves the BEST life has to offer!!!

  167. Denise McGovern says:

    We wish you all the best in your retirement. You will be missed greatly. I’ve been thinking about this since you announced your retirement and I’ve decided that you are the Dave Moore of my generation. I’ve been watching WCCO news for as long as I can remember and we feel like you’re a part of our family. Now, go have fun, enjoy those grandbabies and have a lot of great adventures!

    Jason and Denise McGovern

  168. Pam Davis says:

    Hey Don,

    I remember how stunned I felt when I first heard that you were retiring from “cco…not you, how can that happen? you are a fixture there! I grew up with watching Dave Moore and all you wonderful people on Channel 4 and as my parents invited you into their home when I was a child, I invited you into my home when newly married and as my children grew and years later as the grandchildren grow up. I have always felt that you are family and I have trusted you to tell me the news truthfully. You have been a star for the North Star State and will truly be missed. Hopefully you will have a blog and let us keep us with the next journey in your life, so go on good friend and enjoy, but don;t be out of touch too long.

  169. Shawn says:

    When I was a little kid I saw you in an elevator in Dayton’s and thought “Wow, that man sure has a big head!”. I eventually grew up (okay not completely yet) and watched the news and and now I say “Wow, that man sure has a big heart!” Thank you for being a part of our lives and for being more than another talking anchor head. You’ve not only delivered the news, but you’ve felt it. Your passion, kindness and wisdom have been contagious. Thank you for your service. Thank you for being so very Don. You WILL be missed. Hope to see you around these downtown streets more. I don’t need a shoe shine but I love a good debate….. 😉

  170. Dan F says:

    Don, I’ve watched you for most of adult life, and came to know that if Don said it, it was correct and it was unbiased. But we all got to know you much better through your years on WCCO radio. I came to think of you more as a friend and neighbor then, instead of just a distinguished journalist. It was great to hear you and Jeff back on the radio this week, and I hope you’ll have more opportunities to visit us again in the future. Best wishes on your retirement and Godspeed, Don. Twin Cities’ broadcasting will never be the same.

  171. Barb says:

    Dear Don, Good luck from a big fan from Wisconsin. We will miss you very much . Enjoy every minute of your retirement ok? YOU ARE THE BEST

  172. Matt says:

    Good luck Don! I will miss the honesty that you brought to the news. I know your successor will do just as well. But it’s hard to meet up to the Don Shelby standards that you brought for so many years. Thank you again!

  173. gene windsperger says:

    i’m so sad you are leaving us on the news radio and tv no no say it isnt so the time comes i watched as much as i could on tv . you made my day when i could hear you on the radio best wishes and do something thou to be bussy or be happy every day you will be missed thou

  174. Nicole says:

    I never realized the part your local new anchor plays in your life until the other night when I was watching you with Colleen Needles, I realized then that you were a part of my childhood, my adolesence, and my adulthood. Every night you came into my home and presented the news in a professional yet relatable way, you will be greatly missed!

  175. chris says:

    Well Don it was fun watching you on the news have been for years and years, i enjoyed getting my picture taken with you at the state fair in 2010. Hope you enjoy yur retirerment.

  176. Cindi says:

    I am now over 50. But, I remember watching you, sitting on my grandpas lap. He wouldn’t watch anyone else! I gess he passed that onto me. I wish you the BEST. After 11 grandbabies myself. I know you will keep on truckin with your family and catching up some….

  177. Amy says:


    I learned so many things from you and McSkinney but the most important was to cook a turkey upside down for flavor..

    I will miss you and wish you well. You are a icon!

  178. GLORIA says:


  179. Tim Arfsten says:

    Don, somehow I do not seeing you “retiring” as we so often use the term in our culture. You are someone who wants to contribute to society and to our area and I do not see you fishing all the time or whatever your hobbies may be.
    I believe you are just turning a page in your life and yes, you can spend more time with your family, and that is excellent, but I see you being a blessing to others in a different way the rest of your life.
    Thanks for being a professional and doing a wonderful job on WCCO all these years. I may not always agree with some of your “editorial” views, but I respect the way you have done your job so well for so many years. God bless you.

  180. Roy says:

    I am a Merchant Marine veteran of W.W.ll who has watched your life progress.
    I have admired your class & style since you started your career. I wish you all the best as you begin a new phase in life. Good luck! Please send me an Email.

  181. Heather says:

    Don, I feel as though I have known you since childhood. I grew up with you, as my parents would tune in to WCCO 4 news every evening. You were practically a member of the family! You have been with Minnesotans for good and for bad and you will be sorely missed. We thank you for your service and we wish you a great time in retirement!

  182. Vonny & Shelly says:

    Don you will be truly misssed! Enjoy your retirement and spoil those grandbabies.

  183. Denise says:


    I have enjoyed watching you all of these years. You are a class act with a great sense of humor. I appreciate how you have been a role model and mentor to so many people.

    I have especially enjoyed this week and all of the trips down memory lane.How time flies when you are having fun!

    I wish you all the best…you will be missed.

  184. Karen says:

    Don, thank you for being you! You are the best. Keep on keeping on.

  185. Dennis Coryell says:

    Don, congratulations on a great career.. My wife and I have watched you regularly since we arrived in MN in 1984. We share your concern for investigative journalism, and you were the best.

  186. Bob says:


    You have truly been a mainstay in our lovely state. I have always enjoyed your news casts and your comments on the Don Shelby show. It has been a delight hearing your voice day in and day out. Although I did miss the Boone and Erickson show too. lol…Anyways, I truly wish you well in your future endeavors. I wonder what you will do now. Might I suggest giving your life to the Lord, and working on his behalf? God, could use a great person like yourself, speading his word. I truly hope someday you will hear God’s calling. It would be nice to have another brother serving God. Well Don, truly enjoy your retirement. I wish you well in everything you do.


  187. Chuck W says:

    After working with you for nearly ten years, I can say that I am personally going to miss you.
    You are a true gentleman and good humanitarian. Thanks for all the good talks.

    At the state fair, I remember you driving back to the fair to pick up your basketball friend of yours that got left at the fair.
    You running to the aid to a fair attendee after someone stole their purse they were assaulted.
    You, buying several of us the famous turkey sandwiches for many of us and then some.
    Your daughter trying to get to you try this “super hot” sauce…after here warning you to just take a drop, well you took a bit more and to see you sweat and try to cool off before the newscast, that was funny.
    Seeing you do the dunk Don at the dunk tank for years, and assisting you afterwards.
    The several Holidazzle Parades.
    You always made time to talk with people and you made people always feel welcome.
    Best of luck to you in the years ahead….now you can grow that beard, head north and do your off the lake radio bit, you talked about.

  188. Pat says:

    Dave Moore is smiling down at you! You made him proud.
    Enjoy your retirement!

  189. Lee Connolly says:

    Don, best wihes to you on your retirement, will miss you very much. Thanks for your many years of service to Minnesota.

  190. Lukas Hoffland says:


    My dad, the late John Hoffland (the longtime News Director at WEAU-TV in Eau Claire), used to work with you at ‘CCO back in 1979/80; he’d tell stories about working with “Shellfish.” In the years since, I became a regular WCCO viewer here in Eau Claire for my Minnesota news fix (until WCCO was taken off our local cable lineup a couple years ago), and you provided a constant reminder of what quality journalism looks like in our modern era. I grew up witnessing excellence in journalism in my dad’s work, and therefore I could recognize it when I saw it on other TV stations…and that same high level of quality was apparent with your stories and your approach to the news. You’ve done a lot of good in your decades in the industry, and I can only hope there’s another Don Shelby somewhere in the younger ranks of journalists in the Upper Midwest.

  191. Ronn & Esther Heath says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, you are our favorite!!– have watched you for years. Love your laugh- and the way you “tease”. Love your integrity- and value of home, and our wonderful country of America. Thank you for spending time with the troops in Iraq- that was so special. We wish you and your wife and family, special times together, good health, and many happy travels.
    Loyal customers, from Rochester, MN.

  192. ken says:

    i have lived in several places around the U.S and you are by far the best local news man in the country. The twin cities are going to loose a great man, that cares about his city like you do. Good luck and enjoy all the things you have planned.

  193. Joe Sundberg says:

    So Don – are we going to see your blues-band more, in the future !?!? Will you be teaching the “Shelby-knot” to others, before you go ?!?!

    ~joe sundberg

  194. Alisa says:

    I grew up watching you on the news. You were the news. I am happy to hear of your retirement. It shows that there is an end to the work we go to everyday. Be proud, you made me listen to ‘CCO before the age of 40. I am now 40 years old, miss you on the radio though! My own 11 year old daughter realized you were retiring during last nights broadcast. She got tears in her eyes and said, “Don is leaving? What will we do without the news anymore?” She summed it up well – to my family you are the comfort no matter what the news. We will miss you. Enjoy that precious family time.

  195. Julie Milner says:

    I grew up watching Moore, & then you anchor the news. It always had to be Channel 4. When I was a child I couldn’t understand why: couldn’t they (my parents & grandparents) just watch what ever channel for the news. It was all the same.
    But as I got older I realized, It wasn’t just the news, It was everything else that went along with it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that you really began to shine! When they let you “Put in your 2 cents worth”. If the world only had more people like you It would be… well you know.
    I was reading the article in the Sunday paper, by N. Justin, And how you would like to get involved with a show on environmentally friendly homes.
    We are planning to build such a home. On top of that, we are also going to build what they call a “Universally Designed” home. For the disabled (my husband is a quadriplegic) Which is becoming increasingly popular with the “Baby Boomers”. So as to stay in their homes longer.
    Just an idea for you.
    Wish you the best in your retirement!

    P.S. We were also acquaintances of Darcy. She loved to tell stories of her early years at the station with you. What a gal!!!

  196. Timothy says:

    Hey Don,
    I wish you well on your retirement, I always looked forwrd to watching the news and your reports.
    I transferred to the Twin cities 13 years ago from Fargo and the WCCO news team has always been my favorite to watch. When I move to Chicago, I will really miss WCCO.

  197. ava says:

    The brightest STARS are those who Shine for the benefit of others.
    Thank You !!! Don , You Rock !!!!!!

  198. Timothy says:

    Dude, simmer down. There is no need for hurtfull comments.
    When you post comments like that you are not only affecting the person you are directing them to, but also the people that care about that person.
    This forum is to wish Don a happy retirement.

    I do not know Don personally, but I have always enjoyed listening to Him and the WCCO team.

    1. Ashley says:

      Thank you for saying that, Timothy. My dad loves the people who watch him and is profoundly humbled by this outpouring of good wishes. I’m sad for the journalism community for losing this paragon, but I’m glad to have him home, and even more glad that we won’t have to read negative comments about him anymore. He tells us it comes with the territory, but as his kids, it’s tough to endure without standing up and say something. I know anyone else would feel the same way about his or her father. Thanks for the wishes!

      1. Mike Baier says:

        You and I think most of Minnesota Is very proud of your dad for everything he has done. You are proud of him and thats all that should matter. He will be missed in my home for sure. Dont let the negative comments bother you. Those people prolly complain about everything and are not very happy about there own lives so they will find someone else to put there negativity on. I wish your dad years of good health and happyness. Thank you so much Don!

      2. Kim says:

        Dear Ashley,
        I watched both you and your sister with your Dad on his last show at the CCO both. The love for both of you radiates from you dad, and always has. You are truly blessed. As a daughter, I understand the pain one feels when negative comments are heard, and for that I am truly sorry. Be grounded in knowing that you truly know the heart, mind, and soul of your dad. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive those who don’t know or understand what you know. Enjoy your time with you dad! Lucky you.

  199. Sara Lester says:

    Don, Minnesota television will not be the same without you. Enjoy your well deserved retirement!

  200. Diane says:

    Best of luck in your retirement, you are one of the best. You will be missed

  201. Ali Garey says:

    Wishing you a wonderful retirement filled with many happy paddling trips in your Seliga canoe. Your integrity and wit will be missed!

  202. Carole K. Bengtson says:

    For years you came to our home, gave us news, reported on difficult subjects, humored us and those working with you, always trusted that you would give us the very best. Yes, you will be missed, but for me it’s more personal. You remind me of my Dad, who has passed away. The desire to learn, work hard, love his family was uppermost with my Dad. He liked to dress well and that is where you have taken his place. I notice your ties, suits, vests, work clothes and it is my Dad!! It has helped with my mourning for losing him and knowing I could just turn on my TV and there he would be in the form of Don Shelby. Thanks for the Memories.

  203. nancy R says:

    I have always enjoyed your news cast – I wish you all the best with your future plans. Take care of yourself and have lots of fun

  204. Mary Manns says:

    Thank you Don, We have always appreciated seeing you on the news and we will miss you. You are a true statesman, a fine and wonderful person, and you feel like a great friend we have invited into our home each night. Best wishes to you!

  205. K. Eiland-Madison says:


    I met you when you first arrived in the Twin Cities riding on the mall bus in downtown Minneapolis. I was so.. impressed by your sincerity and humbleness! At the time, I was a student athlete at the University of Minnesota who lived downtown and I would see you quite often. You would always speak and carry a conversation as if we were old friends. My sisters and I would get a kick out of deliberately speaking to you to get your reaction. Of course, you would acknowledge us as if you were part of our family. One of my favorite broadcast memories of you was when you aired a story about Janet Jackson. Your co- anchor, did not know who Janet was. You looked at her an proudly said, “you don’t know who that is?- that’s Michael’s little sister”
    Well.. Don- 30 years later you have become family… I will truly miss seeing your face every evening. I wish you the best with your retirement!

    I amknow a HR professional… no one really retires.. 🙂 I hope you come back to do some of your special segments!

  206. Curt says:

    Your image and voice will be missed on televisions all across Minnesota. You’ve become the friend we’ve turned to for news and comment. Congratulations on your resounding success, and your upcoming retirement

  207. mac says:

    We’ll miss you Don! I hope you will be filling in more on the radio , esp. with McSkinny! Loved that show, too funny. Wish you and your family health and happiness.

  208. Nancy says:

    It is with great sadness that I have watched the news this last week. It has been fun to see all your “old” co-anchors, but I know what is coming. My family has always watched ‘CCO news and have shared with you your road to being the best news anchor! I wrote you a letter one time about something I did not particularly like on the news, and you wrote me back personally to explain why it was you did that. I was so impressed that you took the time to answer me personally. That did it for me! I wish you only the best in your retirement. I hope that we will see you on television now and then reporting or something. It is too hard just to let you go! Thank you for all the years of keeping me company during the news. You are an outstanding individual, one who has left a big impression on me and the State of Minnesota. God Bless!!

  209. Christine Swedell says:

    Hi Don. When you deliver the news, you dont just report it…you bring an empathetic tone to it, true concern for that story and how us as a community can either help out or make a difference in our own families. You have set a great standard for everybody to follow and all of us from Minnesota salute you for a job well done! You will be very missed….but I have a feeling you will be popping up alot here and there…its in your blood! Many Hugs to you and all the best for a wonderful retirement!

  210. Craig Thompson says:

    Thank you! Mr. Don Shelby! Thank you, for standing up for me.

  211. Julie says:

    Dear Don,

    Back in 2001 you were kind enough to email me back regarding my website for teens with depression. I remember thinking WOW, Don Shelby emailed me! Then Randi Kaye came to my home and interviewed me for the 10pm News. She was the best too and I miss her. My story aired on the News at 10, it was the second story! It made me feel so good that “you” introduced my story and it was the second one that night. I also was nominated for volunteer of the year at WCCO and came in 2nd! My website was http://www.illstandbyyou.com but is now illstandbyyou.org.

    Thank you for helping me get my message out there. I wish you the best retirement ever! You will be missed, however I know your family will be so happy to have you around more.

    Julie Flynn

  212. heather says:

    Don, I grew up watching you. You are the best. I make sure I watch the 10 just to see what you have to say. I laugh alot. This week however, I have cried. I will miss spending that 30 mins with you. God bless you and enjoy your retirement. Have the time of your life. It was fun seeing all the “old” anchors. Good luck, we shall miss you.

  213. Karen Sarvela says:

    Don, I have watched you since I moved back to MN in 1954. I enjoyed watching you and Dave Moore and the other anchors thru the years. You are such a sensitive and happy person and a real blessing to CBS. Thanks for sharing your life with us and I hope you enjoy retirement.

    I will miss you!

  214. A. Thwaites says:

    When I arrived in the twin cities 13 years ago I thought you were the greatest thing since sliced bread. How disappointed I was when I learned that you were a very happily married man!! Enjoy your well deserved retirement from WCCO. Hopefully we haven’t heard the last of you.

  215. Jessica Lang says:

    Have a great retirement! I’ll always remember meeting you at the State Fair about 15 years ago with my friend and you signed her arm…priceless…congratulations!

  216. jeffrey christensen says:

    Hi Don, thankyou for comming into our home and homes for so many years,you are and always will be a first class mentor to myself and family in so many ways,always doing a top job and the fact is we always enjoyed listening to you over the years, the time,as always has flown by,what a great guy you are,best wishes to you and your family forever,will miss you but totally understand, oh wait a minute, sorry I have to go, i’m going fishing,then i’m going hunting and camping and hiking… smiles to you I know you understand too!! bye for now Jeff & Kristin Christensen

  217. Elliot Jordan says:

    Don will be truely missed on WCCO..I really like the suits and ties he be wearing. God Bless You.

  218. Mary says:


    I wish you the best in your retirement. Thanks for all of your years of keeping us updated on what’s happening in Minnesota and with our country. I’ve really enjoyed watching you.

    Enjoy your retirement!!!

  219. Kristi P. says:

    Don- During the 1989 Minneapolis Aquatennial I was fortuante enough to be a queen candidate. One of my favorite memories of the event is having dinner with yourself and the rest of the newscast staff. As a young girl of 19 I was impressed by the sophistication of the WCCO staff. I will never forget sitting next to you while Mark Rosen tried to show you up by seeing who could hold a spoon on their nose the longest. Thank you for your sense of humor. May it serve you well in your new adventures!

  220. tom patterson says:

    Don, congratulations on a great career and on coming retirement. I read through scores of well-deserved rave reviews and thanks, and then stumbled on a very unfavorable one. It made me smile, while I am sure it probably made you cringe, and I am sure you at least remembered what the guy was talking about, without knowing whether you agreed or disagreed with his complaint. That’s because you are a good guy, a good reporter and a fair evaluator of the results. I’m a former director of the Minnesota News Council, not a spokesman.
    Want to share a lottery ticket?

  221. Larry Finke says:


    As much as we’ll miss you on TV, I miss you on the radio more. You and Jeff on the McSkinney were classic. If you ever miss it too much, feel free to come to my house and talk to my wife and me. We’re just down the river.

  222. Terry Yackel says:

    I have listened to you forever…you are the best. May your retirement be the best.
    Take care.

  223. Cliff Borgerding says:

    Don … thanks for the many years of reporting the news for us here in Minnesota. I have listened to you on ‘CCO for many years and it’s just not going to be the same without you doing the news even though Frank and Amelia will do a fine job it just won’t be the same… I will expecially miss the antics that you always seemed to add the the newscast. It really made you and the rest of the ‘CCO team more real to the viewers.

    I met you a long time ago at an event at the Benedicta Arts Center at the college of St Benedict in St Joseph MN … it may have been related to an event concerning Jacob Wetterling’s abduction. Patty and Jerry are old friends of ours from our days as members of the Jaycees in St Joseph.

    I also enjoyed your radio show on ‘CCO radio. I was a long time Steve Cannon listener and you did a fine job replacing Steve. It kept me listening to the radio to find out what you would be talking about tomorrow.

    Good luck in your “retirement” … I don’t really see you as someone who is going to be able sit at home on the porch in your rocking chair! I will be looking forward to seeing what you do next … Good luck and thanks for the memories! Cliff
    Avon MN …. the heart of Lake Wobegon!

  224. Sheryl says:

    I have watched you on the news since your partner was Dave Moore. You will be missed.
    Enjoy retirement!!!

  225. Gail Baumann says:

    Don-good luck on your retirement. Thank you for being the “face and heart” of the news for MN. Thank you also for the kind interviiew of my cousin in Ely that you bought your snowshoes from. Thank you for your kindness to him in his failing condition..you touched all of our hearts that day. Here’s wishing both you and Barbara many years with the grandchildren and lots of afternoon naps and fishing. If you ever get up in the Walker area…do look us up and we will show you some REAL walleye fishing!:))

  226. Leon Hunter says:

    May the wind be always at your back ,may the sun shine always to brighten your days. May Peace follow you the rest of your Days…God Bless

  227. Judy says:


    I have enjoyed watching you on WCCO for many years. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t come home and turn to WCCO to see and listen to you; knowing I would get the best and most updated news locally and nationally. You will be greatly missed.

    Remember this…..You are retired, not expired. Goddbye Tension, Hello Pension.

    Enjoy many, many years of retirement.

  228. Matthew says:

    It has been a great pleasure watching you over the years on the news and seeing you at places like the state fair. Your presence will be greatly missed by everyone out there & will be different seeing the news without you on there. Have a great time with whatever new ventures come your way in the future.

  229. Katie says:

    You have been the man behind the news all of my adult life. WCCO will not be the same without you. As you enter this new phase in your life, I wish you happiness, joy and good health. All the best wishes for a wonderful retirement. God Speed.

  230. Bob says:

    Bob Brandenburg
    We have had many people in the the TwinCities that have made this area one of the best places to live, in the State, America, maybe the world. We had people in the public eye come and go, but no one compares in the care and emotion for our communities that you have shown over a short 38 year span, enjoy your life knowing that ours is better for it. Hope the Fam/ Glam gala was not the last time you honor us.

  231. Debbie Perrin says:


    It has been my pleasure to watch and enjoy you for many years. The 10:00 news won’t be the same without you. Good luke to you in your retirment and have fun in whatever you do.

    Debbie P.

  232. Delbert, Hibbing, Mn. says:

    Happy retirement Mr. Shelby. I have been watching WCCO News off and on for many years. I used to live near southern Minn. and have since moved to northern Mn. and still watch. For some time we could not recieve the Mpls. news and really missed it. Thank You, the late Dave Moore, Bud Krahling, Ray Scott and the late Bill Carlson for reporting and to all who are on now I am glad you have followed the greats.

    Thank You again!

  233. Colleen A says:

    WCCO won’t be the same without you – radio OR TV. When you and McSkinny reunited recently, it was like all was right in the world again. Your intelligent conversation with just the right sense of humor was a joy to listen to.

    The evening news will never be the same. Your human interest stories and your humanitarian trips around the globe to visit orphanages or heros at war touched everyone.

    May you have a long and happy retirement with Barbara. We will miss you! Enjoy!

  234. Timothy M. Swanson says:

    There is a vast difference between being a reporter and being a journalist. You, Don Shelby, have always been a journalist (or became one along the way.) And when you exit stage-left, I have to look around the broadcasts, state and nationwide, and ask, “How many are left? And how many are left who know the difference?” You always worked to get the story and, more importantly, to get it right. And if you didn’t, you admitted it with candor and humility. Thank you for your years of service not just to Minnesota and the region, but to Alaska (oil spill), Romania, other far-flung people and places. Mostly, thank you for your service to the search for the truth. Move on now and find some peace and reward in both a little rest and your own activity. It is time for others to either pick up the torch of true journalism or to learn from the fallout of its absence. Either way, you’ve done your bit. Let your family and your God do even better things with you now without the tyranny of the urgent.

  235. Robert says:

    Don, After Dan Donovan left I thought rides home would get pretrty boring..I was wrong – enjoyed your wit and humor for years – thanks for the memories – as a recent retiree..now to another – welcome to the club! Maybe catch you in Alex sometime – all the best.

  236. Kathy Briesemeister says:

    Don, there’s no way anyone could wish you anything but well after the long and storied career that you’ve had. But I have to admit that there’s at least one moment of your career that I wonder if you regret. Specifically, I’m thinking about the vitrolic reaction you had to the Paul Wellstone Memorial Service where you basically ranted about how political the event was. I happened to have been there and know that the ppolitical rantings were a very small part of it and, quite frankly, were more in a spirit of fighting for the memory of a man we all loved so much and fighting for his cause in his absence. Again, I would love to hear from you as to whether or not you have come to reconsider your actions regarding that event. Thanks! But regardless, I do wish you a very happy retirement.

  237. Andy says:

    What about doing a newscast with your pal R. J. Fritz? I have not seen anything about you mentioning him at all. The both of you always talk about the outdoors a lot when you were together. I would have been nice to see that or a mention of him from the years past.

  238. Karen says:

    Don, Have a grand retirement, and enjoy all your family. It was great listening to you on the radio, and then watching you on the evening news. Always such a delight. Seen you in Alex last summer, and hope to again.
    Take Care, and God Bless.

  239. Cyndi says:

    Dear Don,

    You have been my favorite ever since I had a “crush” on you when I was in Jr High. My best friend at the time had a Father who worked at WCCO, (Allen Lotsberg), and with him, I was lucky enough to have dinner with you and others from the news team before we headed out to be in the Mpls Aquatennial parade!! That was back in the late 70’s – early 80’s. My friends at the time didn’t understand why I had a crush on you, and not on the “famous teen idols” at the time! haha Apparently I had much better taste in men than they did at that age!
    Wishing you the very, very best in all that you do!! Selfishly, I hope you still go on air from time to time……
    Take care!!

  240. Amanda from Marshall says:


    It was so much fun watching you throughout the years. I started watching you on the news when I was just a kid! I will miss you but hope you have fun in your retirement and you get to do all the fun things you dreamed of doing!

    Take care Don 🙂

  241. LaVonne - Maple Grove says:

    Doing the math, I would have been 18 when you started bringing me the news. It doesn’t matter what I am doing or what channel I am watching, I have to go “home” to channel 4 for the news. Somehow I’ll bet you resurface somewhere. Maybe on ‘CCO with a special story here and there. Please don’t be a stranger. I will be right there with Amelia all teary eyed come Monday. I will miss you!

  242. Julie says:

    Don, Retirement is just the turnng of a page, not the closing of the book. Best wishes on the next chapter of your well lived life. I will miss your warm voice and homey yet professional delivery of the news. Our politics didn’t always match, but you shared your opinions in an honest respectful way and it always gave me something to think about. Don’t disappear, but do follow your heart. Thank you for serving us so well.

  243. Kate says:

    Don, I grew up watching you do the news on WCCO. My family was always the biggest fan of yours and I’ve been a dedicated WCCO fan ever since I watched you anchor when I was just a kid. It will seem so strange without you, but you have touched so many people’s lives by coming into their homes each night with every broadcast. Now as a senior in college getting ready to graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism, it’s so bittersweet to see a journalist that inspired me leaving the air. You will be greatly missed!

  244. Kato says:

    Hey Dad ( I fondly refer to you as my 2nd Dad), I am going to miss you. You have reported the news over the years with respect and grace. You project through the TV screen a warmth that I have not found on any other channel. I hope to see you soon. Keep in touch with your viewers.

  245. Dale Foss says:

    Sometime in 1982, I was involved with a group of Vietnam veterans who were forming a Vietnam Veterans of America chapter. We were going to have a meeting with Don as our guest speaker. The meeting was going to take place at a Chinese restaurant in St. Paul on a Saturday afternoon. Much to our surprise, the Chinese restaurant had changed hands and was now a Vietnamese restaurant. It was a long, narrow place with several tables running in a line down the middle. The group took up about 6 tables and we all sat down while a waitress took our orders. The menu had the entrees numbered so we all ordered by the number of our selection. After the ordering was done, we decided it would be better if the tables were arranged in a horseshoe shape to better accommodate Don’s speaking. Don got up and started to tell us about his service experiences as a correspondent. Shortly after starting, the waitress started to bring out our food so Don paused while that took place. I was sitting next to Don and the waitress was between us. I pointed to Don and asked her if she knew who he was. She said “yes, he number 10”. We all broke into laughter with Don laughing as hard as the rest of us. Don, the best to you on your retirement.

  246. Laurie Smith says:

    Don, you used to come into the Wyman bldg I think probably to see your agent. Anyways, I worked in the bldg and had seen you a couple of times and you were very cordial on the elevator. One time you got on and you had a big red kiss on your cheek and I thought about telling you about it but then I was too shy to say anything. I always wondered if someone said anything. I tell that story all the time. You are a gem and will be greatly missed on WCCO. Watching the flashbacks with Pat and Colleen this week showed how much you had grown and matured (a good thing). I will miss you.

  247. Richard Long says:

    I wish you the very best, Don Shelby! You have been on ‘CCO for the entire 30 years I’ve been in the Cities. I’ve watched Ch 4’s news for that entire time. Something seems “wrong” when I tune – even accidently – to one of your competitors! Something will seem wrong when I don’t hear your voice as well.

    I also shared an evening in the Metrodome when you MC’s a huge Recovery event in 1986, one of the other reasons I’ve come to trust you entirely.

    Thank you for your service.

  248. Lisa Hurlen says:

    Hey Don,
    You will be sooo missed by all who have ever seen you report on WCCO.
    Your voice is so distinguished and comforting. Best of all wishes for you and
    your future endeavors! I live in Alexandria, MN and hope to see more of you
    up here in Gods country!;)
    ~Lisa H.

  249. Tom Grant says:

    Mr Don Shelby – Thank you. Class and down to earth – you made Minnesota better.

  250. Nicole says:


    The first time I saw a celebrity was when I was in a basketball tournament in grade school. You were coaching your daughter’s team and I thought it was so cool to see you. I have really enjoyed watching you present the news over the years. You always did it with respect and heart. Enjoy retirement- you have earned it!!

  251. Trayce says:

    Good luck to you Don Shelby!! I wish you the best of whatever you plan to do with your life now that you don’t have to fight the downtown traffic anymore..You’ll get to stay indoors in bad weather or if you just plain old like going anywhere–Now you can..
    Good Luck to you again and I’ll miss watching you on the news..

  252. shirley says:

    it was over 22 years ago when my friend,lula, said “i’m going to tell don shelby about this! he’ll fix it!” she had complete confidence that you could & would fix any injustice that was brought to your attention. i believe you may very well start making news so we’ll still get to see you.wishing all the best,to the best!

  253. Sherry says:

    Hi Don: Over the years I have seen you first hand, at fishing tourney, state fair, art fairs, etc. You were always fun and friendly to all. I will miss your heartwarming stories of how caring you are and your smiley face. I wish you all the best in your retirement. Sherry

  254. Darryl Schaumburg says:

    Have been a faithful watcher for all 32 years.I grew up with Dave Moore &
    Bud Krealing. Loved Dave’s baseball trivia & knowledge. Funniest thing
    I ever heard was when Bud was trying to start the DOMES society.
    “Dirty Old Men for Elevataed Skirts”. Don seemed like a worthy companion.
    My wife came on board after we heard Don speak at our PTA meeting at
    Harding High School in 1992. Thanx for the Memories.
    Darryl S. St Paul

  255. Rhonda Mastey says:

    Don you will be missed….i thank you for your great servu=ice and honesty to us all….i pray that you and your family have good health to enjoy each other thru the years!! always stay honest like you are…..rhonda mastey

  256. George Bavolak says:

    Don, I don’t normally do this but years ago I was in front of the Music Box Theater and Dave More was there. He was all alone out front, dressed in his natty white suit . Probably waiting for his ride. I really wanted to go over a thank him for all the years that I had watched and enjoyed him. I didn’t do it caus I didn’t want to bother him. I have regretted it ever since. Not going to do that with you if I ever get the chance :). Thanks for all the great memories.

  257. Peggy S says:

    My family always went to WCCO for their TV/radio news or weather. As I graduated college I thought I would check out the other guys especially now that I had my own TV/remote, but I always ended back at WCCO. It seems that a lot of good guys always end up at WCCO (Paul Douglas, Frank Vascellaro…).

    Shortly after college, my girl friends and I went to a play at the Chanhassen Theatre. Who should be in the audience but a newly retired anchor by the name of Dave Moore. One friend was so excited that during the intermission she insisted she had to talk to him. Whiile the rest of us looked on from afar, she walked up and had a nice discussion with him. We couldn’t believe how bold she was.

    I personally can’t wait to see you out at some activity that puts you in close proximity. I am not as bold as my friend but I will remeber what Dave told her,
    “You need to find someone your own age to look up to.” I believe, I found that in you. I am a few years younger than you but we have much in common, ie three daughters.

    You will be missed. I love your humor and stength. I am sure this is not the last we will see or hear from you. Until then, enjoy or your change of life’s scenery.

  258. Ruth Paffel says:

    Happy retirement Don. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It’s the best part of life. I’m as busy as ever. I don’t miss my job but do miss the people I worked with. Live each day to the fullest. My granddaughter who is 21 thinks your the greatest.

  259. Rick says:

    I don’t think Don will ever retire, he’ll be back just like Brett Farve. LOL
    When he says he’ll retire, he keeps coming back.
    But if he does retire, I wish Don the best luck and a happy retirement.
    Thanks for all the candid new cast memories. You will be missed. The news won’t be the same without you.

  260. TJ says:

    Don the first time we meet at dive shop you told me a joke of a mercedes stuck in mudd and a horse… You have done a fantastic job of making everyone welcome you into there home . we have had several meetings doing things family related not work but I felt I knew you and you were the same on TV as in person . all the best .

  261. Linnea says:

    Dear Don, after many years of watching you it does almost feel like you are part of my family–Thanks for all you have done as an anchorperson, reporter, & volunteer in the Twin Cities. I love the picture of you with your grandbaby that is posted here–I hope that you will have many, many hours to bond with your wife, daughters & grandkids that will bring you truckloads of joy!!

  262. Galena Senneh says:

    Mr. Shelby,

    I wanted to take the time to say goodbye and wish you all the best in your retirement. I can’t put into words how much my family and I will miss you. Thank you for your contribution to our world.

  263. Joyce & Pepper says:

    Don, Your are the best. I miss you and McSkinny on the radio. Best wishes on your retirement. Enjoy your family, reading a book, fishing,. watching the sun rise and set and after that get busy and do all the things yourve wanted to do. Good Luck and God Bless.

  264. Jackie says:

    Don! I’m going to miss your cheery face. Thanks for all your years of hard work at wcco. It’s been a pleasure. Enjoy retirement!!

  265. Shirle says:

    Hi Don,
    Most of us travel through life worring about our destination, that we forget to enjoy the journey, you my friend seemed to have enjoyed the journey to get to your destinaion..now take time to notice how bright the leaves are in the fall and how bright the flowers are in the spring..enjoy retirement..it’s great.
    Thank you for being you.

  266. Nori says:

    It was quite a few years ago, at lunch time, I saw you and couple of others in a chinese restaurant on Campus of U of MN. I was so suprised to see you there, but I was shy to say hello to you. Now, without seeing you on TV, I will miss you a lot. You are part of reason I watch WCCO, and can recognize your voice without seeing your face. Enjoy your retirement life and come back once a while to tell us you are doing well.
    I am not saying goodbye to you, because you are still around somewhere close to us. I am wishing you a best retirement life, and enjoy every day of your life as a private person.
    God bless you and yuor family.

  267. Becky says:

    I’ve always wanted to thank you for the job you did reporting the Reno plane crash in 1985! My sister-in-law and brother-in -law died in that crash and we became guardians for their kids – now I view becoming a guardian as a blessing because now I count them as a part of my family! We turned our attention to WCCO every night because we knew that Don would do a good job of reporting in a difficult time – we hated to see more pictures – yet wanted all the news we could get – so thanks again, Don! As you retire, may you be blessed as much as you have blessed us viewers – and that’s lots! Peace to you!

  268. D. Bisek says:


    Your lake neighbors to the north wish you well on your retirement. WE know how you love those little ones and we delight in knowing that you will have more time with them and Barb. You have completed a memorable, honorable carreer at WCCO and everyone .. on air and in the listener’s seat.. are better for it. God bless!

    DeWayne and Dorothy

  269. Aaron says:

    Oh Don you will be missed. I have been watching WCCO since I was born in 1992 with my family and you were my favorite anchor. I have many good memories sitting down with my family watching the 10 O’clock news. I will miss you so much.

  270. Steve says:

    Mr. Shelby,
    “Old” TV Anchors don’t retire . . . they just carry on. I saw you on on TPT on Friday, and I disagree with you in regards to being a “6” as an anchor. I think you are a “10.” You are a “10” due to your ability to go with the flow of the broadcast and your knowledge of the current topic. I will miss your broadcasts. You are the best by my way of thinking. Peace to you and your family.

  271. Paul roseville says:

    Don, Best wishes with your retirement. It has been such a pleasure watching you over the years. You will be missed dearly!!

  272. Kathy says:

    Don we will miss you !! you have brought a lot of class to the channel 7 news !.I don’t know if you will remember but several years ago …i was with my family at the sportsman show in mpls when i spotted you across the hall and I said Look It’s don shelby & you turned & looked right at us .I said to you “you heard me ” and you said., ” no but ….. I never fail to notice a beautiful women !! I said, ” WHAT a charmer you are!! ” 🙂 we will miss seeing you on the news !Enjoy your retirement

  273. PK Fink says:

    I was shocked to hear you were retiring. I must say that your “hometown” demeanor and your quirky sense of humor made you my favorite anchorman! I will truly miss you. Take care of yourself and your lovely family. They are blessed to have you and you them~
    PK and TG Fink

  274. Lisa says:

    Hi Don,

    I have wanted to tell you for a long time what an impression you made on me back in the 1980s. I was in my early 20s and my father had completed treatment at Hazelden. Dad “got it!” He became very active in the U of M AA group. Dad always invited me to their annual dinners and one year you were the guest speaker. I have thought of that dinner many times over the years. My dad died in 2003 but you remind me of him and it brings great comfort knowing people do recover and their sobriety on family is an amazing gift! I will miss seeing you on the evening news–already miss hearing you on my drive home. Have a great retirement!

  275. Natalie says:

    Don, as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed watching you on wcco. You will truly be missed. I have stayed up until 10:35 to watch you on good to know, it has been a pleasure. You will be missed,

  276. Dave & Pam Anderson says:

    We have watched you every night, and you will surely be missed! You have always been out favorite anchoman! Enjoy your retirement and the extra time you will have to spend with your family!

  277. brenda says:



  278. isitjimmyvegas says:

    Jimmy Erickson

    If they only knew what went on behind the scenes. You are an ICON….get used to it Jack…ICON. It’s the only word that fits!

    Man Love to you!

    PS: Hi Don….Madison and Caitlin will miss you too!!

  279. John says:

    Don, I once gave you a scathing email on Paul Douglas’s departure. I am sorry for that. I think you are a wonderful rep of the Twin Cities and you will be missed on air, at the State Fair and everywhere there is an investigative story. I do hope someday you will host a weekly program like Moore on Sunday so we can still see the real news and the stories behind it. Good luck !

  280. Dick & sandra Hansen says:

    Don, We are so glad that we had a chance to meet you. I know that you met so many people through the years ,that it would be very hard to remember them all. But we are the ones who made you the wcco camp at the Mpls. convention center during the sport shows with Dave Perkins. we also brought you many little Black Bears through the years , we wish you the best in your new life to come, you’ll will be missed greatly God Bless Enjoy those Grandchildren

  281. Pat Mason says:

    Don-you will be missed. You came into our living room every night, so you WERE a part of the family. So much so, that when we came out of the Boundary Waters a few years ago, we went to lunch at the Chocolate Moose in Ely. We were put upstairs…very crowded, with a couple of little kids running around unchecked. You were there too. Of course I was going to say hello….My husband said…”forget it…he has no idea who you are!.. You aren’t in his ” space” every night!!” Oops, I sort of forgot that! Best wishes on a wonderful new life beginning.

  282. Patricia says:

    I have been a fan of WCCO for many years. Thank you for being a person of integrity and humor that made it SO worth watching the news. You are my favorite TV anchor. Won’t be the same without you. We will have to adjust to being without you ,as you will have to adjust without us. Miss you greatly, Don. Enjoy your retirement and God Bless !

  283. Debby says:

    Don, You have been such a big part of Minnesota. We feel so lucky to have had you in our homes and know that you will be missed deeply! I cry along with Amelia just thinking about not seeing you every night, although the WCCO team is like family to all of us, it won’t be the same without you! Just know we wish you nothing but the best and hope you find as much happiness in your new adventure as you have given to all of us!!

  284. Wendy says:

    I felt this way one other time – when Dave Moore retired. I feel the same about you, Don. We all feel like we know you – we have spent so much time together. Enjoy your retirement. Thank you for your professionalism. Take care of yourself and let us see you once in awhile.

  285. LaVerne says:

    Happy retirement. Have always watched WCCO news, & always looked forward to seeing you on the news. You are the best.. We will surely miss you.
    We will continue to watch Frank & Amelia & charming Chris Schaffer, & the rest.

  286. Randy says:

    Don we will miss you . you made the news fun to watch with my family . the news will never be the same or will the state fair be the same my kids love going to the fair to see you . enjoy life with your faimly we will miss you see you some were along the line and the fun is ready to start

  287. Randy&Sue says:

    Don, What a pleasure to have had the priveledge to watch and enjoy you all these years. You truly have become a family member and we have been so lucky to have you as our friend!!!!! We too are touched by our own tears knowing that we will no longer see you on a daily basis. You have raised the bar to a level that few will ever reach Don. Congratulations on your retirement and THANK YOU for all the happiness you have brought to all of us here in our home! We Love You Don!!!

  288. Brenda H. says:

    Hi Don,
    Our family has watched you on WCCO for so many years. We all enjoy whatever news you deliver, and you’re fun as well. I know that we will all miss you, but everyone deserves retirement. Thank you for making the news interesting, and the commentary. Congratulations, it has been our pleasure.

  289. Nancy Larsen says:

    I am reallly goping to miss you I have such pleasant memories of you at the Minnesota State Fair. I remember that beautiful sculpture you made of Dave Moore, you could see the love and respect you had for him just by looking at it. I remember how kind you were to all the people from infants to the aged. I remember when my place of employment went on strike and there you and Paul Wellstone marched in the picket line with us. I rremember the sad goodbye at fiar between you and Randy Kaye when she left the WCCO news, I remember how good you are at singing the blues. What a great person you are. You will be missed and never forgotten. You are an asset to MInnesota and to be honest to the whole human race! God bless you and your family. Be happy in the asutumn time of your life and always be proud of the great accomplishments you have made.

    Nancy Larsen

  290. Robert M. says:

    Don, from all the people here in Grand Rapids MN, we all wish you a happy retirement, you have been with us on the air, every night for the past 32 years, we will miss you very much, I myself have enjoyed watching you discuss the various events that go on in our everyday lives, I know that may not sound like much coming from a 15 year old, but best of regards to you Don, and have a Happy Thanksgiving

  291. Delphine says:

    I will truly miss you-WCCO TV will suffer from your absence. We enjoyed seeing you for many years at the Minnesota State Fair becaues we have had concession stands there for 40+ years. I remember “running into you” on the sidewalk and was amazed at how handsome you were in person-especially those eyes! You are a first class act and dress the part. Enjoy your retirement, life is very fleeting.

  292. Linda G says:

    End of another era, first Dave Moore, now you. I’ve already gone through withdrawal from WCCO radio without you, this will make me take to my bed! Thanks for being informed, entertaining, unbiased, interesting & sincere. I appreciated the fact that if you didn’t know something, you would find out. you will be missed. Enjoy your retirement….tip: stake out your territory at home very slowly…

  293. Colleen says:

    Don, I want to thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed in educated these past 32 years on ‘CCO. I appreciate your humanity, humor, and honesty in reporting and in living as we were witnesses these many years. I hope that your “retirement” is all that you want it to be with your family (aren’t grandkids wonderful?), your interests and activities that fill your days ahead. Know that you will not br forgotten. You have enriched our lives. God bless you always..

  294. Rose & Dave says:

    Don–Welcome to what is called the Old Timer status in broadcast terms..As past employees both myself and husband worked at KSTP in the 60’s and 70’s and believe me you will never forget the great times working with fun loving people.in radio and TV. In fact alot of us still get together at the country club in St. Paul once a year and every first friday of the month meet in Highland for breakfast…Even Bob Ryan comes almost every month and other broadcasters like Johnny Morris stoped by in July…..As everyone else says– thanks for the great years you have given me…Both you and Maegers, Dave Moore and Bob Ryan were the best in this market….I met you at Duffs on a Thursday nite in the 70’s and still remember how nice you were…It seems even after all these years you still are one great guy..As I said to Mr Hubbard this summer at one of those old timers parties, you might now be able to claim the number one position in the ratings again. ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND ONE MORE THANKS TO YOU FROM ME….

  295. Todd Y. Princeton MN says:

    Hi Don, I would like to say thank you for being a part of me and my familys life. I have listened to ‘CCO Radio and TV for over 40 years, you SER are one of a kind . It’s been a pleasure to listen and watch you do your Magic, thanks for the memories Don. It’s been a heck of a ride, you need to take time to enjoy retirement with your family and freinds.
    I along with all your other viewers wish you the very Best!!!!! I hope we get to see you out and about, enjoy your time. THANKS AGAIN..

  296. Brooke says:


    Almost every night at 10 for the past four years, I have invited you and WCCO into my home. It is hard to believe that Monday will be your last newscast. Words cannot express how much I respect and admire you as a person and as a journalist. You’ve told every story with class and grace. You’ve made me laugh and cry, and right now I’m tearing up. I can’t imagine what WCCO will be like without you. No one can ever fill your shoes there. You care so much about Minnesotans. As an alumna of the University of Minnesota and an employee of Target, I relate to your stories on a personal level. You’ve made those of us who have watched your show feel as though you are a part of our family. WCCO is and will always be my favorite station, and you my favorite news anchor. I am sad to see you go but so happy that you can move forward with the next chapter of your life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you have done in your 32 year career on the air here in Minneapolis. You’ve made a difference in all of our lives.

    Take care and may God bless you and keep you.

  297. Brett says:


    My wife Amy and I have enjoyed watching you and the rest of the WCCO staff each night. You will be missed and leave knowing you have touched many lives. Take care and enjoy you next steps.

  298. Ellen says:

    Don- Enjoy your well deserved retirement. We are not too far behind. Enjoy those Grandkids as we enjoy ours. Who would have thought 30 years ago we would be so Blessed. Congratulations to you and your family.
    Ellen, Rick, Chrissy, Bekki, and Sam Puppe

  299. tamara olund says:

    i really enjoyed watching you on wcco-tv, and i will miss you , but good luck and have fun, enjoy your retirement.. tamara olund

  300. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    Don, You are on the far left and I am on the far right. Have a wonderful life, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Just kidding.

  301. Erin Johnston says:

    Don, Congrats to you! Like many others we will miss you. Please know how much you will be missed and not easily replaced. Good luck, take care and enjoy your years of retirement!

  302. Sarah Tornow says:

    Don, I will never forget meeting you 20 years back as an 8 year old child. You signed my fishing pole wrapper, “Keep fishing! Don Shelby”. I have continued fishing and following your story regardless of where in the country I have lived. Now I am back in Minnesota and cherish all of my memories regarding you and your career, and my fishing endevors. Thanks so much for your great reporting and your encouraging words! I hope you fish lots in your retirement!

  303. Howard the Driver says:

    Don, keep styling is what u said when i pulled big red over to holla at ya on nicollet mall. Best of luck N enjoy Ur retirement u will be miss see ya n keep styling my friend see ya

  304. Paloma says:

    Dear Mr.Shelby,
    Your presence, integrity, professionalism, and warmth will be greatly missed. For me, you are WCCO.
    May you have many wonderful adventures and joys!

  305. Alice Kane says:

    HI Don, This is Alice your email buddy, It has been very fun this week to see you with your friends that use to anchor with you on the new’s this past week. Also I was glad to see you at the state fair and was happy to get a picture with you and Liz Cullen as well. I alway’s like watching you on wcco and you will be missed. Even my Sister Linda and Gerrie got a picture with you as well. I hope you enjoy your retierment. Also since you will be retireing on Monday I waa wondering if I can still email you from time to time.. email me when you can to see if I can have your new email, thanks your email buddy Alice Kane

  306. Sherry Lovell says:

    Don, my mother and I ran into you once in the hospital elevator when you went to see Collene and her new baby. you were so warm and nice for just running into someone that you did not know. I did like you before from the news but after that you were a real person and not just the news anchor. have liked you ever so much better. (I know bad english) Love and Best Wishes for what ever you get into.

  307. Tod Hjulberg says:

    Happy retirement, Don. I have been a fan of WCCO and have watched you since since late 80s. Even after I was in the USAF, I still got to see you with Pat or Colleen in the following years thanks to my parents who taped news broadcasts that was of local, national, international importance or revelance to me (examples being the Hurricane Hugo hitting Charleston, SC in 1989 as I was stationed there at the time (I still have this clip), Return of military from the Gulf War in 1991, I was on a plane that landed in Bangor, ME, Snowstorm of Halloween 1991, I-Team stories that you covered etc.) Felt like I was getting a little piece of home whenever I got to watch the videos they sent no matter where I was. After I got out in 1997 and came back home to MN there was no other news I would rather watch than WCCO – and will continue to do so. You will be missed by many many Minneosotans. You have had a great career.

    1. Tod Hjulberg says:

      My mistake – I wrote Collen when it was actualy Cindy Hillger.

  308. Jan Grest says:

    Don, your smile and humor have always been a blessing. And when you’re passionate about a story or special news event, we always know how much you care. You will be sorely missed… but we’ll look forward to special reports from you which we hope are frequently. At a time when news can be difficult to hear and report, you have brought it to us with dignity and respect for the people whose lives were changed because of tragedy. You need to come back to the station and surprise the rest of the gang. You are all a wonderful closely knit group. You have set the bar high. WCCO ROCKS!

  309. Sharon Simpson says:

    Don, You will be missed! Your calm, knowledgeable delivery of the news always left me feeling well informed!
    Have a wonderful retirement!!!!!

  310. Claire & Leon Johnigan- Durham NC says:

    Dear Don,
    We pray the Lord will be with you in your years of retirement. Take each day as a blessing. We have enjoyed 20 and 17 years of retirement. May you have this many and even more. When we lived there you were the news caster we watch. WCCO will never be the same without you and seeing you at the State Fair.

  311. Dawn says:

    Greetings Don!
    Even the folks here in rural MN. will miss your smile, sense of humor, your wit, as well as the integrity and professionalism that you have shown both on and off the air for so many years. You exhuberate kindness and compassion in all that you do! The WCCO family will surely feel a void with your absence as well as our family feeling that void by not having you in our living room every night to keep us up to date on what is happening in MN. as well as the rest of the world. Best Wishes to you in your future endeavors and first and foremost ENJOY!

  312. Kathy Flicek says:


    I want to wish you the very best in your new part of you life RETIREMENT! I remember when you started & worked with Dave Moore & he called you the kid! How time flies. I had the wonderful experience of meeting you when I worked at Park Jeep in Burnsville. You came in & you lit up the place with your warm smile & treated everyone like you knew them for years. I will miss you & so will all your fans in New Prague MN. May God Bless You!!

  313. Dave & Irma Regan says:

    Hi Don
    Just had to drop a line and wish you the very best on your retirement. We
    are mindful of great times spent in the Sportsmen Show office years ago
    with you and Dennis. Stay well and Thank You one more time for In The
    Know and so many other Great parts of the half hour we have had together
    at News Time. Dave and Irma Regan

  314. Mary Rogers says:

    Don – Wishing you all the best in this next stage of the adventure. There will be a void at WCCO without you. I remember Dave Moore’s curtain call and no one could have filled his tremendous shoes better than you have these many years. Thank you for your humor, your courage, and most of all your integrity. You brought dignity to the news and kept us in touch with our humanity.

    You will be nussed!

  315. Mary Rogers says:

    Sorry Don,….that should have read MISSED!!!! LOL

  316. Don says:

    Tons of people are successful, worldwide.Obviously you are one of them. I say with success comes a real burden. The way to handle this burden is to raise levels of humility. So many do the opposite, raise levels of arrogance. People do not rally around arrogance as they do humility. After listening to you for years, you meet my definition of a humble man.You have handled your success by raising your levels of humility. You focus on others, share recognition, build teams,,release others to do good, show respect, forgive ,laugh at mistakes, learn from mistakes, self disclose, listen for understanding, are honest and grateful, and on and on.. These are all “first cousins” to humility I have learned so much from you.. And, keep allowing your people to be your boss..What a wonderful man and leader. Thanks.

  317. Richard W says:


    I think I said the same thing at MMC in about 79? keep doing what you’re doing to stay happy!

  318. Peter Gove says:

    Don, thanks for everything you have done for journalism, reporting and truth-talking in Minnesota. We first met when you played on the WCCO softball team against Gov. Wendy Anderson’s team in the early 70’s at the State Fair. I very much enjoyed your interview with Gary Eichten on MPR yesterday, especially the ‘informed opinion’ comment. The best retirement advice I received was short – control your own schedule, have fun and you no longer have to work with jerks! Given your environmental commitment and remarks at several St. Paul Riverfront dinners, I urge you to become involved in one or more organizations focused on water quality and land conservation. Happy to get together to talk about this when you have a chance. Peter Gove

  319. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Esme and Bill are reporters, Frank and Amelia are anchors, but you and Dave Moore were journalists. Not everyone gets to fill those shoes. When I saw you were covering a story, it was in the best of hands. I never got to meet you, but I admire your stand on behalf of the environment and injustice. That picture of you in the hammock with your grandchild says it all. Enjoy your time with them, your daughters, wife and the outdoors.

  320. Shelby Lalim says:

    Don Shelby you will be greatly missed by my family and I! I have to thank you for more than just being the best reporter though, I have to thank you for the awesome name, Shelby. 14 years ago my mom was watching your 10:00 news and said, “I like that name, Shelby.” And so be it I was named Shelby after you. It’s kind of a funny/sad coincidence that it is my 14th birthday today, November 20 and you will be retiring in just 2 days. I will miss seeing you everynight, you have great insight on everything and I am proud to share a name with you:)
    Have the happiest retirement!

    Your friend,
    Shelby from Shakopee

  321. Jodi says:

    As a child my mom always had WCCO on no matter if it were the radio or the TV. I grew up always knowing who Don Shelby was and you were always a stop to see at the “Great MN get Together!” Now at the age of 34 and 5 children of my own you have become a family member of our home. So as the tradition goes on, it is with great sadness that your voice will no longer carry on, but your memory of what you have given MN will never be forgotten. Here is to YOU, a piece of MN Icon History!

    Thank you for all your years of dedication!
    God Bless

  322. Colleen Eischens says:

    Don, I met you a couple of times when you MC’d the gala for St. Gerts in Shakopee. I have watched you on the channel 4 news for yearas and you are in my mind “A CLASS ACT’. wishing you the very best in your retirement and fulfill all your dreams and live a long wonderful life. Thank You

  323. Valerie says:

    Don- I am sure you have heard this before but I have watched you since I was 10 yrs. old now I am 40. I have a special place in my heart for you and for WCCO. My dad watched you and Dave M for years and made me love your newscasts too. He has passed on from MS in 1998 and every time I see you or WCCO I think of him. He was a huge fan and so am I. I teach 8th gr. geography / current events in Bemidji and I try to incorporate the news daily in class. I hope to spread the love of news to my students as you have to me all my life. Thanks and enjoy the next chapter. Sincerely, Valerie Olson

  324. Brian Krull says:

    You have enlightened me for most of my life through radio and TV with your exceptional work and strong morals. Thank you on behalf of my myself and the millions of Minnesotans who have had the pleasure to listen to you over the years. Enjoy your well deserved retirement.

  325. Jeressa says:

    Don, I am not ready for you to leave. You’re like the father I never had.

  326. Tim & Lonnie says:

    Don – you will surely be missed! When we moved from MN to Arizona years ago we knew it would be hard to find someone out here who could do as wonderful a job as you did! You remain #1 and always will!!

    We wish you a most wonderful ‘retirement’…..enjoy it all! Each day is a treasure and now you can enjoy it all 100% – on your time clock! We know you will! God bless you and your family as you stroll down the ‘retirement road’ to many more happy and joyful times!!

    Love & Prayers, Tim & Lonnie Saulsbury
    Green Valley, Arizona

    Love & Prayers, Tim & Lonnie (Green Valley, AZ)

  327. Mike McGrath says:

    You’ve been a part of my life for all these years. I hope you enjoy your retirement. I’m sure you will find many productive things to do. You’re that kind of guy!

    Mike McGrath

  328. Barb-friend of Bill W says:

    Thank you Don for your wit, wisdom, professionalism and fun-all the reasons I watched you year after year after…and thank you for your candor regarding recovery. You made a significant positive difference in the lives of so many. Enjoy Alex. and those kids/grandkids-you earned R ‘n R. Thanks again.

  329. Linda flom Raschke says:

    It is hard to imagine Channel 4 News without you. It is bad enough that my Doctors are younger than I am,,,now my newscasters will be, too!!! 🙂 In all seriousness, I will miss your wit and your comfortable delivery of the news-both the good and the not-so-good. I appreciate your honesty about recovery and the professional manner in which you deal with it. I appreciate that we can have our grandchildren with us during a newscast, knowing that you will inform us if the news is not be appropriate for young children. Thankyou also for the special in depth coverage that you gave to many subjects.
    Have a great time with the extra hours in a day now available to you. I know you will use them wisely.

  330. Matt and Heather Thornton says:

    My family has only lived in Minnesota since August of 1997 but since that time you have been a part of my families life. There’s a great comfort in the fact that whenever we turned on the news you were there. Right now I don’t know what it will be like without you on the news. You were the father ever faithfully watching over your children ,the others who were by your side sharing your life your passion and as you went along teaching them all a thing or to about how all of us should be… Don, in you I see my own father who is still here but as time goes by I unwilling see in him the changes that are irreversibly the ones that time cannot stop. You met my wife a couple of years ago at the fair behind the wcco booth as you were coming from the wcco radio booth over to the television studio and as I watched and snapped a few pictures, you took the time to chat, and to joke as we laughed together about the cheap shot Rosey took when he had to manually dunk you in the booth because their aim was to poor. I remember thinking, alot of news casters we run into over the years wouldn’t have stopped to talk, and for that I thank you. You will be missed. Congratulations on your retirement, and with that May I just say…
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!

  331. Winifred Larsen says:

    You are a highly respected journalist with integrity plus! We trusted you always and looked up to you. I know how challenging “getting it right” is in the news business and all the hard work that is involved. As a former small town TV news anchor/reporter I also know about the time you spent mentoring others in the business as you did for my then colleague, it meant the world to him. You’ve given us so much of yourself for so many years…THANK YOU!

    Winifred Larsen
    St. Paul

  332. Wendy Moore says:

    we will miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  333. Wendy Moore says:

    Enjoy your children and grandchildren every moment!!!! I am 55 now and I realize how short is . You are awesome and we are going to miss you so much!!

  334. Paul Peltier says:

    don good luck you are the best we will miss you but you need to enjoy life have a great time with your family.

  335. John C. says:

    Hi Don. I wish you the BEST in your future! I left 4 photos with the guard at the front desk on Saturday! Two are from the heart and two are going to give you a smile! Thank You !!!

  336. Steve says:

    Don, Thanks for being a fair and balanced reporter. You will be missed. Take care and enjoy life.

  337. Susan C. says:

    I worked at ‘CCO for a very short time about 10 years ago and always looked forward to running into to Don. His stories were so interesting and he had a great sense of humor! It always made me smile to see him walk in with an unlit cigar in his mouth! I grew up in Minneapolis watching Dave Moore, then Don Shelby. Don IS WCCO! Love you, Don-you WILL me missed!

  338. Fred Nazarian says:

    Dear Mr. Shelby, I have been a viewer of WCCO for quite a number of years now. I thought about ending my viewing of WCCO when Paul Douglas was let go but, then I (again) say a broadcast of yours and things changed for me. I believe it is safe to say (in my opinion) that with your retirement the era of “High Professionalism” will end. As a staunch follower of your broadcasting, I find that you have served as a “role model” to me, of all that is good and selfless in a person. I have watched with envy, your mountain climbing excursions, your ventures in other countries, and your shoe polishing. My BIG REGRET is that I was never able to “get a shine by Don Shelby”. Best wishes on this next stage in your life….you will be missed!

  339. Chris K says:

    You and Dave Moore are why i got into journalism. It was a pleasure to work very indirectly with you for a summer when I interned for KCCO in Alexandria. I enjoyed your candor and your hard hitting pieces. Thank You and enjoy retirement. If your ever looking to wax poetically when your at your Alexandria Cabin, I’d be glad to lend an ear. Thanks again.

  340. Ralph & Doris says:


    You will be truly missed by so many people. We will think of you each time we turn on the 10PM news. Being retired you will wonder how you ever had time to work. You were the guest speaker at our son’s graduation from Alexandria Technicial College many years ago. That was the only time we saw you in person. Enjoy the time with your friends and family.

    Ralph & Doris/Longville, MN

  341. Pam says:

    It’s been fun watching you over the years. Have a great retirement and enjoy all that life has to offer. you only go around once so make it worth while with those that matter.

  342. AJ Rutten says:

    Don, you will be missed so much. I’ve been with you since the beginning. Times goes by much too quickly, doesn’t it? As a fellow “retiree” (teacher), I advise you to enjoy every minute. I know you will. BTW, you helped motivate me to finally quit smoking, Don. For that alone, I “owe” you much. – AJ Rutten/St. Cloud, MN

  343. Jill B. says:

    You are THE anchor for nearly all the years of my life. Your heart has shown through in so many stories and situations. You are a man who told us about what other men, women and children were up to in the world. Who needed help, who needed accolades, who needed a good talking to. Not to mention how to properly and fashionably tie a necktie! True Story: In the late 80’s, my high school social studies teacher gave us a hand-out showing how to tie the “Shelby Knot”. He was inspired by you and brought into our classroom many varied and notable people from the community. He wanted us to be well-rounded citizens and think for ourselves. His name was Robert Rose, and everytime I see you, I think of him. (Can you still pull some strings and get that up on the new website?? My boys will need to know that someday!)

    You will surely be missed, but I wish you many joys in your new adventures! Thanks so much for all the wonderful years.

    Jill Bornes
    Coon Rapids

  344. Patty Fulton says:

    I grew up in Minnesota and moved to California when I got married and started my family, and everyday I log on to WCCO.com to get my news. It feels like home, a much needed connection to Minnesota. I understand the joy that retirement brings, and I wish you all the best. But, it will not be the same without you and I am reminded how far away from Minnesota I really am.

  345. Sonny says:

    For all the fun that you gave us, here’s one for you:

    Shrek, Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt were all having lunch together.

    Shrek said, ‘I have always thought that I’m the strongest man in the world, but how can I be sure?’

    Jennifer Lopez agreed. ‘I’m told I’m the sexiest of them all, but sometimes I wonder.’

    Brad Pitt said, ‘I’m pretty sure I’m the hottest man alive but I’ve never had it confirmed.’

    They all decided that the best way to find out if their beliefs were true was to approach the wicked Queen’s mirror to confirm for them whether Shrek was the strongest, Brad Pitt was the hottest and Jennifer Lopez was the sexiest.

    They agreed to meet again the next day for lunch to discuss their findings.

    The next day Shrek walked in with a smile. “Well, it’s true. The mirror told me that I am the strongest man in the world!”

    Jennifer Lopez followed and boasted, “It is true, it has been confirmed that I am the sexiest of them all!!”

    Brad Pitt walked in, head bent, flustered, almost with tears in his eyes and asked, “Who the hell is Don Shelby?!!!!”

  346. Mary Ann says:

    Your radio show with Jeff McKinney is my all time favorite. Hope you two pair up again soon and often. All these new voices on ‘CCO radio are fine, but they aren’t you. You were so gracious with all your guests and call-ins — your best attribute. But your level of intelligent interviewing is amazing and rare. Wishing you all the best on your next adventures.

  347. Jan H. says:

    Retirement. Just another phase in life. Go & enjoy. Have fun. I’m sure your wife has a LONG “honey to do list”:) My husband & I have watched the 10pm news for years. You make watching the news bearable even the bad. We thank you for that. I’m sure us Minnesotans have not seen or heard the last of you. Again Thank You
    God Bless

  348. Jean M. says:

    I wish you all the best. I’ve grown up watching you report the news from the time of Dave Moore to the present. The news will just never be quite the same after Monday. I hope it will not be the very last time we Minnesotans get to see you on the air, though. Enjoy this new stage of your life. Best wishes and thank you for all you have meant to this state.

  349. Barb says:


    I wish you well in your retirement. Hope you enjoy many more years. We aren’t always lucky to reach this point in our life. I will miss your smile and laughter at 10 pm. It won’t be the same.


  350. Lisa Andrews says:


    About 10 years ago, I sent you an email asking how to get in touch with Al Austin. I was researching a local story that Al had done a piece on way back in 1987. It was my plan (and still is) to work on a book on the story. You wrote back within about one hour and gave me contact information for Al, but more importantly, you told me that he would love to hear from me, that the piece would make and excellent book and that if I ever needed anything, not to hesitate to contact you.

    I cannot express what your words meant to a total stranger. Life happend and I went back to school, had a baby and the book was pushed aside. When I heard of your retirement, I knew I had to pick the torch back up and work on it.

    Words on a computer do not seem fitting to tell you how much you have meant to our state. Monday’s broadcast will be difficult to take to say the least. But, those who have grown up with you as I have know that you have always been loyal to Minnesota. When you could have left and made more money, you remaned loyal to those who loved you most.

    Wcco will never be the same, but I only expect big things from you. Enjoy this new phase of your life and never forget that for 32 years, you were our family and retirement will never change that.

    Minnesota loves you Don. Thank you for giving us a part of you for so many years.

    You will be missed.
    Lisa Andrews, Saint Paul, MN

  351. Rose So. Mpls. says:

    We’ll miss you and your all-around superb presence as “CCO #1 anchor! Some years ago, my daughter and I would sit in on your evening newscast at the MN State Fair. I always told others how you would come out and visit with the audience and talk with us before the newscast began. You’re a #1 professional and friendly, kind human being. Thank you for making us smile–and think about life!

  352. Stacey says:


    As a 33 year old, you have been the voice of local television news for me. I have always admired your opinions and views and know no one will ever do the news as well as you have. I will miss your laugh and smile, and hope your retirement brings you nothing but the best. Thanks for the memories!

    Cottage Grove, MN

  353. Jo-Anne says:


    I will miss seeing you. I wish you the absolute best.

    Winnipeg, MB CANADA

  354. Paul and Carol Carlson says:

    Take care Don. Hope to hear you on the radio or see you on TV from time to time. We will miss you. It was great to see you and Pat Miles again. You are a respected person in this community. We have been so lucky to live in an area with great journalist as yourself and your colleagues. True journalist – to uncover – and report worthy news.

  355. Patrick Schneider says:

    Don, you’ve been an honorary member of my family ever since Dave Moore left. We’re the same age and I feel like we’ve grown up together although I retired just ahead of you. You’ve brought out the best in all those who are members of the WCCO family and you’ve done it with humor and class. The compassion you have shown to those less fortunate than us but just as important in God’s eyes is second to none. I’ve found out that retirement means you get to continue reaching out to others but now you’ll get to choose how to split that time between the grandchildren and your charitable endeavors. Good fortune and God bless!

  356. Christy says:

    DON SHELBY IS AWESOME! Not only does he look great, he has a powerful voice. I swear MN’s news will never be the same without the talented Don Shelby. Oh, and I am going to miss, “Good to Know”-it just won’t be the same. Good luck & Happy Retirement!

  357. Abdul says:

    Don, you are a great man. I have watched you on TV ever since I migrated from Somalia to Minnesota15 years ago. You’ve delivered the news as it should be, and you’ve been a good community member helping in charities and other good causes. I wish you and your family a happy life. Enjoy your retirement and may be once in a while host a special program at WCCO, because you my friend is fun to watch. Thanks fro the memories and good luck in your endeavors.

  358. Barb says:

    We have watched you from the very beginning, always knowing we could trust whatever you told us. Then one day we were at the State Fair and always took in the newscast, well sir I found out something important that day. You were singing “wait till the midnite hour” and I just turned to my husband and said, I have a crush on Don Shelby!! We kept coming to the fair and you continued to be not only the best anchor, but the most entertaining personality, always that twinkle in your eye.
    I also remember that spot you did in the boundry waters when you went in with a backpack, and I think –will we survive without him here in the Twin Cities? Yes, but will we ever see anyone so diverse again… I think not. Thank you for the impressions, dedication, and fun over the years. You will be remembered.

  359. Barbara says:

    Wow… So sad to hear you leave, but so glad you get to retire and enjoy your time with your family. We moved to Florida a few years ago and I still watch you on the news from time to time on WCCO (internet). Happy Retirement!

  360. Scott says:

    Don….I remember the day you and Pat showed up at WCCO. What a great career you have had. What a fitting, and I must say very moving tribute to have your former anchors back for one last go of it. you will be missed.

  361. Kathie says:

    We will soooo miss you. Enjoy your retirement

  362. Louise says:

    Don: It won’t be the same. First Dave Moore and now, you! I have been a WCCO watcher since 1966. I have known you longer than I have known my husband and during his working and traveling years, you spent more time in our family room than he did (from the TV screen, of course). I hope you and your family enjoy a long and happy retirement. The best thing about it is to have the freedom to do exactly what you want to do on any given day. Priceless!

  363. John says:

    Don, your interview with Gary Iketon on MPR sort of blew me away. I’ve never heard a local news personality speak so candidly about the challenges faced by local news stations. I often criticize how much fluff there is in local news and don’t usually watch it. Your honesty was so refreshing and informative. All the best to you.

  364. Nicole says:

    It will be so strange not watching you on Tuesday night. I barely remember a night in my whole life in MN (31 years) that I haven’t watched you on the news. You will always hold a special place in my heart as we both had our strokes about the same time. I was a bit younger than you (by about 25 years) but your recovery quickly outpaced mine. You were my inspiration to keep going to PT and OT and get better quickly for my family. For that, I will always be grateful to you. I wish you well and know you will enjoy spending well deserved time with your family.

  365. Madonna says:

    When I met you at the State Fair and you sign the picture for my grandparents 55th wedding Ann. That made both of them smile. They watched you every evening until they both passed away. I still watched you every evening at 10pm and enjoy the news. I hope you have a joyous retirement and enjoy your family.

  366. Linda says:

    Don, You have been in so many households over the years. No one will ever be able to fill your shoes. It has been a wonderful time being able to listen to you over the years as we all grew up. I wish for you a happy retirement with you and your family and know that you will be dearly missed but enjoy your private time now in the years to come. Good luck and good healthl

  367. Beth Hansen says:

    What a guy. You’ve left our towns and your profession, better places by your presence. And now your absence will be hard to take.

  368. Mike says:

    Wow, it’s been 32 years since I watched CCO, Loved that Dave Moore… My how time flies.

  369. D Gardber says:

    I came here in 1958 with Dave Moore, stayed with Don Shelby. Good reporting. Where is Ralph John Fritz in this retirement mentioned?

  370. Iona says:

    I grew up watching Don on the news….it’s hard to believe he’s been there for 35 years! Don, thanks for such a big part of my growing up, I’m going to miss seeing you on the news and at the fair. May the Great Spirit bless you.

  371. Scott Solem says:

    I have just finished watching you on Almanac after a week of WCCO saluting you. It is unfortunately in my mind the problem with the news media today. Over the years you have done some wonderful reporting, especially during the I-Team investigations. But reporters and anchors have become celebrities and the stations have played that up to the point of losing their objectivity. WCCO has gone further than any other station in town. Not only do the anchors feel it necessary to share their feelings about a story, they actually air our opinions(in the box) This is not objective journalism. I want to be given the information, period. Let me make up my own mind about how I feel about it. You have done a good job in your journalistic career at WCCO, but I think you are retiring at a good time. I hope you have enjoyed this last week, but as for me I have found it an embarrassing way to end a great journalistic career. I remember Walter Cronkites last broadcast. He gave us two minutes of acknowledging his retirement and in those two minutes he said he was embarrassed by the attention it was getting. He said that he was preceded by a great journalist and would be followed by one. You also were preceded by a great journalist but unfortunately you will only be followed by TV personalities. Enjoy your retirement.

  372. Rosie Peters says:

    I have watched Don for so long and it is not just a habit it is because we really enjoy hearing him put his heart and soul into his news casts. He has done so much for his fellow reporters and for the public in bringing the news to the public. I hope he can enjoy his retirement and his future as much as we have enjoyed sharing our days and nights with him.
    Good luck Don and Thanks for all you have done and will do for everyone.

  373. Matthew says:

    Good Luck on your Retirement.

  374. tony says:

    good luck with retirement and ill miss u? also miss u doin the very,very best stories in mn and all cross the state injoy r grandkids an familyl.

  375. chris Miller says:

    Don, You are a Minnesota treasure. Thank you for your years of service. We will miss you but your enthusiasm and expertise will be welcomed by your new projects and activities.

  376. rita says:

    Dear Don
    You spoke at a Business Women’s Luncheon I attended shortly after 911. In that time of uncertainty, you reassured us that we were going to be ok. I don’t remember your exact words, but somehow, hearing you gave me comfort and hope and just made me feel better.Thanks for being a beacon of hope!

  377. Linda says:

    Don Shelby, you will be missed by young and old on the news anchor desk, but as long as you are out here with the rest of us, I know your voice will not be silent! Thank you for all you have done for this state and a pay it forward thank you for all you still will be doing. We truly will miss your face on a daily basis, but know you will be out here in the trenches with the rest of us in real life! Good luck to you and Barbara on retirement changes!

  378. Warren John says:

    Dear Don Shelby I’m a good friend of you I’ll miss you doing the Holidazzle and the state fair news and of course one day this past summer I was walking oustide your old tv station and who did I happen to see outside was you being the shoe shine boy take care my friend I’ll miss you alot

  379. Mary O'Rourke-French says:

    Dear Don
    Good Luck in your retirement. Some one said “Let the Young inherit.”

    I wondered what I would do with my time,I wondered when I found time to work.
    Take care,I have enjoyed you every week day @ 10:00PM

  380. Pam Pommer says:

    Oh Don, you will ALWAYS be Don Shelby! Even years from now. Those of us you like your style of reporting and commentary will never forget you. Thanks for the memories. Long live your commentaries and contributions!

  381. Connie says:

    Thank you Don for being our “Anchor” for the last 30 years. We will miss seeing you doing the news. Good luck and the best to you on your retirement.

  382. Ellen says:


    Thank you for your many years of service as a fine journalist. You gave us facts, much to think about, and a touch of warmth that is important to balance in life. Thank you for the fine job you did carrying the torch Dave Moore passed on to you. We miss him, and will miss you, but we know that your influence will continue at WCCO with the fine team in place.

    As for a long good-bye, many of us have appreciated the glances back and to see others once again who shared in presenting the news over the years. We grew and changed over the years, and what you brought us on the air were parts of that. So often, celebrations of retirement are limited to a few people. You gave us a chance to be part of yours. Thank you.

    Best wishes in your retirement.

  383. Kate R. says:

    Congratulations on your retirement, Don! Selfishly, I hate to see you go. I have enjoyed your broadcasts and particularly, your investigative reporting SO MUCH over the years. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures and all of the good work that you’ll continue to do for our community. Enjoy your WELL DESERVED retirement!

  384. Kurt says:

    Don, I can barely describe the impact you had on my life. I saw the broadcast that led to your addiction treatment. I saw it drunk, addicted to drugs, my life in shambles. I felt the pain you must have felt everyday. On 4/20/80 I finally was sent to treatment by a judge. Left no choice I entered recovery resentful and with a grudge. After the fog of my long detox, there you were, on the screen. What struck me was your courage, presence, and grace in the face of a very public moment of clarity. You were there every night wearing your sobriety medallions on your lapel. At some point over the next year I finally had my hardcore moment of clarity. A lot of it was a direct result of your humble quiet grace in your early recovery.”If Shelby can do it publicly, what is the problem with me?” This was my awakening. Over the years I have held that as a principal in my own recovery, like you, 30 years plus a day at a time. In my own life I have found that the people I have impacted the most I may never know. The way I experienced you helped save my life, I hope on some level you knew how important the example you set was. As you move to your next life challenge I felt the need to share this. All I can say is, a nice life well played. You will be missed! A grateful fellow traveler, my best to you and yours always! Kurt

  385. John and Pat Von Eschen says:

    Dear Don,
    We thank you for all you have done for us each day during your stay at WCCO … and we wish you the very best retirement, good health and many more enjoyable years to you, Barbara and your family.

    Pat and John Von Eschen
    Darwin, MN

  386. Cindy Levana says:

    We enjoyed all the years you were on and really loved your compassion and heart for people! We will miss you and the “in the know” segment! No one will EVER be able to replace you in the lives and hearts you have touched. We Love you and ask Gods bleesings on you & your family! We hope you enjoy whatever God has called you to donext! You are an awesome man!!!!!

  387. Tony Campanaro says:

    dear dan every day i watch your shows every day of the week. and you the best stories in MN and cross the state. and have a nice winter and all ways have fun with this cold and hot for winter

  388. Barb says:

    Dear Don, I have watched your Newscasts since you started at WCCO. I have not only considered you to have been a great Newscast Anchor, but I have always considered you to have been a Newscast Anchor for the People. Your Caring, thoughtfulness and respect for the people of Minnesota has been insurmountable (I hope I spelled that right!). My Husband and I will truly miss you and wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

  389. Char S. says:

    Best of Luck in your next chapter of life, you will be missed very much, but to know that your will continue to be out and about doing the job(s) you do best. In our family it’s never good-bye it’s see ya later.

    Enjoy your retirement.

  390. Colleen Dietz says:

    Don, Thank you for all the years of entertainment. You’re the reason why I started watching WCCO. The best part is that you always manage to bring some humor into the broadcast which is amazing after reporting the worst in humans and sad stories of accidents that have happened. It’s just so great the talent you have to lighten it back up. I think I’ll miss your laugh the most! Keep on laughing and making others laugh with you in whatever you do in enjoying life of “retirement”!
    P.S. Don’t get on Barbara’s nerves too much!LOL!

  391. Pam says:

    Thanks for delivering the news. I haven’t always agreed with your view point but you always made me think!

  392. Abi D says:

    I remember the cold Bemidji nights, and watching you on t.v. as far back as I can remember. One important aspect that sticks in my mind is your stance and comments for being pro-girl’s athletics. If I remember correctly, your daughters were involved in sports, and you praised the involvement in a time when girls and young women in althletics was far from standard. Thank you–for empowering women, yong gals and girls throughout the years. And thank you for being my local Walter Cronkite.
    That’s the way it is–November 2110.
    Abi D

  393. Archie Vickerman says:

    Hi Don,
    Your sailing into the sunset of retirement is definitely our loss from a CCO viewer perspective. However, I can guarantee you, that retirement is a wonderful experience. Now you can spend some time in search of those elusive Walleye to say nothing of spending special times with your grandchildren family and friends. Hope to see you at the lake.
    Take care,

  394. Donna B. says:

    Don, Thank you for all that you have brought to and done for WCCO news. My family has enjoyed all aspects of your broadcasts, from the regular news, to the specials, to the ‘in the box’ segments. We look forward to seeing some special interest spots by you in the future. Best of everything in your retirement. Your smile and interaction with the crew will be missed.

  395. Dave Olson says:

    Where the time go? I started watching you when you first went on CCO 1978? and I will miss you. Enjoy retirement you erned it!!!!

  396. Betty Lou Miller says:

    Don Shelby,

    I am a WCCO fan and you have been a stellar anchor and reporter. I always tune you in. Going back to 1981 when they closed Robbinsdale Senior HIgh School, I recall seeing you on my street. You seem to be a genuine caring person and I will miss seeing you regularly. But the time comes to turn over the reins and WCCO will be in good hands with Frank and Amelia. god bless you and your family and I hope to see you once in a while. 🙂 ❤

  397. Kristin A. says:

    I will miss you dearly! You seem to be a very down to earth and to the point person and I appreciate that. I hope you enjoy your retirement and maybe we will get to see you more often in the Alexandria area. 🙂

  398. Deborah M says:

    Dear Mr. Shelby, You will be truly missed, I enjoy watching your stories and news cast you have always good points that you have talked about. Hope that you have a great retirement and enjoy those grandkids and enjoy the time spent with your family.

  399. Pennie says:

    Hey Don, I’ve been watching WCCO since you sat next to Dave Moore and it just won’t be the same without you. You’ll be missed very much. Have an awesome retirement, you deserve it!

  400. Melissa Stein Pickert says:

    I worked for WCCO (upstairs) for 5 years… whenever I saw you in the halls and such, you were always so nice. My fondest memory was when I was pregnant with #2 and happened to be in the newsroom.. you took one look at me and said I was having a girl (which after having a boy, I was hoping for)… found out you were right a couple months later when my Samantha was born. Best wishes on your retirement, I hope you don’t drive your wife too crazy! 🙂

  401. Judy Zielinski says:


    I grew up watching WCCO these many years. It will be very hard for me to not see you there while watching the news. Although I do like Frank and Amelia, it just will not be the same. You come across as a friend telling all of us the news. When my son interned at WCCO, my husband and I were able to take a tour of the station, which was so much fun to see where you and the other on-air personalities worked. I hope to continue seeing you when you do some special report from time to time. Enjoy retirement – you deserve it.

  402. Caroline Lindval says:

    Thanks for the memories, Don! You’ve been a dependable and inspirational news reporter/anchorman for we lucky Minnesotans. Thank you for having that quality that is so rare nowadays in news reporting – integrity. Thanks for being a true part of our community – I’ve enjoyed seeing your support for the Millard Fillmore dinner over the years to make our riverfront a cleaner, healthier place. You’re a genuinely good guy – and that always came through the TV. Enjoy some well deserved time off with your family, friends & many hobbies….as well as continuing some investigative reporting pieces from time to time. Dave Moore would have been proud of the excellent work you did! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your excellence over the years.

  403. Dale and Cathy says:

    Congratulations on your retirement Don! We moved to the twin cities area from Arkansas 5 years ago and can say your professionalism, warmth and humor made us feel at home! We will miss seeing you each day and wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

  404. Carole says:

    Hi Don,
    I’ll miss your professionalism,humor,warmness, intelligence and everything you had to offer. God speed in your new life.. Hope we’ll see you now and then

  405. Lee & Phyllis Meyer says:

    We heard you say your wife & you thought maybe the public was getting tired of hearing about your retirement. Wrong! We have set our DVD to record all of your 10:00 P.M. news casts & plan to keep them forever. You are indeed loved by many.

  406. Julie says:

    Congrats on your retirement Don, We will surely miss seeing you on tv every night. Your chemistry with Amelia is something else. We loved seeing you at the fair. You brought my sons up on front of the rope one night for a story on winning prizes in the midway and we went home with a huge stuffed ball and shark – my kids still have those and they act like you are old an old friend of theirs. They will miss seeing you each year at the fair. You are like an old friend to all of us.

  407. Cheryl Salamanca says:

    I will miss you Mr. Shelby. I have watched WCCO news all my life. My Father would not let us watch any other news cast. I have met you at the MN StateFair and some other place in the community. You did abide by Dave Moore’s standards. I am sure he is looking down at you wih a big smile on his face. You stand with Bud Grant, Dave Moore and Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale.and Paul Wellstone in this state. Your commtments to children and chaities in this world are commendable. When someone calls you “arrogant” tell them to look the word up in the dictionary. You are not “arrogant” Enjoy your Grandbabies and your children and your wife. You will be missed. but never forgotten. I loved your opinions for “In TheKnow” I wish you the very best.

  408. Eugene G. Will says:

    Don: We will miss you when the news come on TV. Hope you can pop back in once and a while to let us know what you have found to tell us. I did very much enjoy getting my picture taken with you at the fair last year. I can see it everytime I set before my computer. Hope you have time now to climb another mountain or camp out a 50 below. Take care of yourself and you family like never before as you now have the time. Will be watching for you either on TV or out in the public.

  409. Cynthia says:

    I sincerely wish you well. You were a great anchor, investigative reporter and most of all true humanitarian. I am surprised at your early retirement and surprised how sad I am about It. We are both boomers and have lived through a lot of history, which I feel is somehow changing for all. to some extent. We have met by phone and in person a few times. I sincerely hope you stay active in the business, which today so badly needs your human touch and wisdom. Have a bright and happy retirement!!!!

  410. Norman Busse says:

    Will really miss you..A friend of Bill W.

  411. Mary says:

    Dear Don:

    I remember watching Dave Moore for years and when he retired, it was heartbreaking. Now I have to say goodbye to you too. The next news person will have a tough role to follow. But if he knows anything about your broadcasting experience and protocol, he will have learned well from you. God bless you in your retirement and may your days be filled with a good life and happiness. Thank you for your many years of professional viewing. You will be truly missed. Please pop on the news show every now and then and give the public an update on your retirement life. We’ll so enjoy it. Goodbye and Good Luck in your retirement future.

  412. Rebecca says:

    I wish you nothing but the very best in your retirement. Every night you came into our homes and delivered breaking news, headlining news, tragedies, triumphs and some good laughs. I remember falling in love with WCCO’s evening news while watching it with my grandfather, it was the only news he trusted because of great anchors like you.

    Take time for YOU in this retirement and treasure what you have, for tomorrow it may quickly disappear. However, please stop by from time to time to say a warm hello on the news or at the State Fair. Although this may be a goodbye from the air for now, I believe we’ll be seeing your smile and hearing your magnificent voice once again.

    Best wishes to you, Don, and thank you for all these treasured years. God Bless.

  413. Luise E. Schwab says:

    To Don Shelby.I live in winnipeg/Mb and since early 90s,ever since cable4 switched from Detroit to Minneapolis I have watched Oprah and right after wcco4 newsat 5pm and 10pm.So I always got Dennis Douda and Amelia and you at 10pm with Amelia..You Sir are soarticulate and you have an infectious laugh.You deliver your news with a lot of passion,just like your ‘good to know “section.It is very much a pleasure to listen to you.You seem to be a very caring person and you do care a lot about the crew at cco.I think of Darcy Pohland and so many more you had to say Good By to in the last few months.
    Amelia and You made a good team.She gets very emotional about you leaving.
    I remember you calling her at the hospital after she had a baby and she was all excited.I will miss you too.Someone like you is hard to replace.I am 77 and I have enjoyed my retirement.I do wish you a happy time and may the good Lordgrant you manny manny years to enjoy your retirement with your family

  414. Rachelle says:

    There are only four words that I need to say. Because they hold so much meaning…. Thank you and God Bless

    1. Kindergarten Kid says:

      That’s 5 words!

  415. Annette Dahl says:

    I am going to miss you Don, have been watching you for most of your 32 years. I wish you the very best in your retirement, but most of all I wish you good health so you can enjoy your new life. Will look forward to seeing you do any special reports on CCO, and will be watching your last broadcast on the 22nd at 10:00 pm, with a box of tissue close by.

  416. Barbara Bigham says:

    My Grandfather told me when I started watching the news that Dave Moore was the greatest newscaster he had ever heard. He admired Dave and Bud Kraeling and told me WCCO WAS A STATION YOU COULD ALWAYS TRUST TO DELIVER THE NEWS. As much as I admired Dave and enjoyed listening to him, I believe you are the greatest news reporter of all time. Joy, sadness, it comes from your heart, you leave your viewers feeling everything your reporting while listening to you. I believe you will continue in some way sharing your thoughts and concerns. Enjoy your retirement-Thank you for the time you have given us.

  417. Nelda Johnson says:

    Greetings from Quito, Ecuador. Even though I have lived in Ecuador for many years, we hace lived in Minnesota from time to time. Whenever we were back it was usually, WCCO News that I watched! I appreciated your professionalism and your caring heart. I will never forget many years ago back in the early 90’s when you reported for several nights in row on your trip to Rumania. One particular story really touched me. You told us about visiting an orphanage and the plight of these children. You stopped to talk to one little boy and just before you left his side he reached under his pillow and gave you what was probably his only candy. Thank you for sharing that story. I have never forgotten it and it showed how YOU touched this little boy’s life. May God bless you and may you continue having a caring heart!

  418. Chuck Lilligren says:

    Don,I hope you enjoy your retirement as much as I have mine, these 17 years…

  419. John D. Meyer says:

    Hi Don,
    You are the best newscaster that I know. You have to give your associates a thank you because you taught them well to take over. I hope you will find a project or two to not slow you down.
    I enjoyed your stories and jokes to others on the air and I hope some of you associates keep them up as esp. the older people need laughter.
    I know at one time you liked to go fishing again. This is the best relaxing time for retirement. I hope to do more when I retire in 2-3 yrs.
    Enjoy your retirement in whatever you do and May God bless you. Thank You.

  420. Carol says:

    Don, I am still missing Paul Douglas, and now you will be gone, too. WCCO will be losing a GOOD man. I’ve enjoyed your many special reports over the years. I wish you many happy retirement years. Carol

  421. Gretchen says:


    I know I am showing my age when I tell you that I remember when you started out on ‘CCO. I have watched and admired you over the years and have constantly been struck by your professionalism, curiosity, sense of humor, but most importantly your compassion. I will miss seeing you and wish you all the best.

  422. Sami Semanczyk says:

    Don Shleby was a competent reporter, and that cannot be said for very many anchors nowadays. His talents will be missing in the Twin Cities cornucopia of television newscasts. Best wishes, Don, for your and your family’s future.

  423. debbie gonsowski says:

    i wish u well in your retirement don the pleasure is all mine to watch u on wcco have a grear day

  424. Hope Schultz says:

    Don, it has been fun watching you over the years since I was a little girl. I wished that I could have seen you this year at the state fair and ask you if you remembered me. Favorite memory ever… about 10 years ago I broke my arm and ended up going to the Holidazzle parade the next day and I had asked you and Amelia to sign my cast. You and Amelia ran all over looking for a sharpie pen. And once you found one both you and Amelia signed it, you signed “those are the breaks!”. Every time I saw you and asked if you remembered me you knew how many years it had been and exactly when you met me. You will be missed but have a happy retirement!

  425. John & Gerianne says:

    Don – My wife and I will miss you very much. You have always been a calming presence especially on those days that were difficult and the future seemingly tenuous. We pray that “retirement” brings you new adventures, new joys, and a continued love of life and keen observation. Thank you so much and God Bless.

  426. Sandra Melander/ Nowthen says:

    Thank you, Thank you! for being one of ‘us’ who used his voice and charm to tell stories that are uncomfortable and doing the right thing. It can’t have been easy. God Bless you and yours enjoy the retirement, then get bored and do more reports on energy. What happened to the created heating oil being done right here in Mn. and available soon? I’ve been waiting for 2 yrs. Thank you for the HUMOR and the smiles and for being not just Mn. nice but being Mn. brave. I’m very glad that the retirement has given the viewers a chance to say thank you and goodbye, hopefully not for long. Dave Moore seemed to have just disappeared with little fanfare and that was mean of the bosses.

  427. John in New Ulm says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful career. Minnesotans will miss you but we all wish you a long and very happy retirement.

  428. I Allen says:

    You were a guest speaker at the MN Telecom Association’s convention a few years ago and I was hired to cover the event as a photographer. You are highly intelligent, a man with much class and integrity, the words you spoke were humble, thought-provoking and unifying. I especially admired your patience with the fellow who tried to interview you on camera and who nervously screwed up your name and title right off the bat. “Let’s try it again” – you said, after gently correcting him and flashing me a big smile. You’re a cool dude Don, we were lucky to have you all these years.

  429. Rodney Allebach says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful reporting and anchoring of the WCCO news. You are the only news broadcaster our now 19 year old son would listen to. You did make a difference.
    Enjoy your retiirement!

  430. enough is enough says:

    Hopefully you will spend your retirement undoing all of the damage you and the media have bestowed upon society. The lying, the exaggeration, the arrogance…the world would be better without TV media.

  431. Steph says:


    Congrats on your retirement. You will be missed.

    Enjoy the extra time with family!

  432. Jake Welcher says:

    I’ve never been a fan of change, but seeing you go, I must admit that you’ve finally changed my mind.

  433. Audra says:

    Don, I am a 36 year old woman who has been watching you on the news since I was a small child. I currently live 2 hours south of the twin cities in a little town of Wisconsin and yet I still tune into the WCCO 10 pm newscast every night to watch your kind and comforting face. You have always brought such passion as well as compassion to your stories and your devotion to the Minnesota people has always shown through. Thank you for all of your wonderful work you have so successfully done throughout these many years. You are an inspiration and you will truely be missed!

  434. Shailesh & Uma Kamat says:

    Hi Don,

    We came from India in 1988 to Minnesota. We both have been watching you on WCCO shortly after that. You always came across as a genuine and honest person, someone who we can trust and someone who can instill confidence in anybody. Not only did we make our priority to watch 10 o’clock news, but eagerly tune to WCCO radio in the evening to listen to your talk show. We wish you well in whatever you choose to do after this, and we will miss you dearly. Once you leave, there cannot be another Don Shelby. Take care.

  435. Bill says:

    Thanks for the memories. We realy do hate to see you go.
    You have given us laughter and some saddnes, but have always left us well informed Thaank you.

  436. Diane Lund says:

    Don, the news will not be the same without you:-( We watched you years ago up by the Perham area, and when moving to the Twin Cities it was a natural choice to watch CCO again. We will miss you. Enjoy your new endeavor as a fundraiser. You will be great at it and will continue to make a difference in people’s lives. God bless you and your family Don.

  437. Amber Miller says:

    My family and I will miss seeing you every night on the news. I’ve grown up with you as the nightly anchor and though I’ll continue watching this station, it just won’t be the same without you. Thanks for all the memories and good luck in retirement!

  438. Bridget Mountain says:

    Dear Mr Shelby,
    You have been and entertainment and great role model for me. Ever Since I was in 5th grade and i’m in 9th now i saw you reporting the news on WCCO and have wanted to meet you and be a journalist like you. You have inspired me to be a journalist and I will never forget the joy you gave me when I got to watch you broadcast. It has been a pleasure and a great honer to watch you report. Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given me! you will be missed! Thank you so much and good luck in retirement!

  439. Jim says:

    I guess maybe this is raining on your parade, but I haven’t watch a Don Shelby newscast since yoou wrote an op-ed in the Star/Tribune criticizing Patrick Reusse for writing a less than flattering article about girls basketball. I felt you disrespected the 1st amendment and I haven’t watched since. What’s that…..25 years?

    In spite of that, I hope you have a great retirement. It’s obvious many enjoyed your contribution to the local news.

  440. Gary says:

    It has been a real pleasure of mine to have listened and watched you on cco radio and tv. You are an easy voice (smooth and witty) to listen to. I think the Twin Cities and the state of Minnesota have been very Lucky to have had a newscaster like you. Every story you did it seemed personal to you. I wish both you and Pat Miles the best in your future endevers. Happy Retirement!!

  441. Linda says:


    I grew up watching WCCO and continue to do so. Best wishes in your Retirement. I wish you and your family the best; enjoy your grandchildren and may God continue to Bless you always. My son was over in IRAQ when you were over there. Thank you.

  442. Adam says:

    Don, Thank you for everything that you have done. You are an amazing person. I wish you the best of luck with your retirement. I hope that you enjoy your retirement. I will miss seeing you on the 10:00 pm news. Take care and good luck.

  443. Patti says:


    You will be missed…….for so many reasons.

    Thank you for all the great memories.

    Enjoy your retirement, the next chapter in your life, you deserve it.

  444. April C. says:

    Mr. Shelby,

    I grew up watching you on Wcco and I still do. Enjoy your retirement and your golden years. Good luck in this next chapter of your life. May God bless you and your family…

  445. Barb says:

    Congratulations on your retirement. You have done a wonderful job bringing the news to us. Going to hate to see you go but now you’re going to the next phase in life. Enjoying all the things that life has to offer. Enjoying your family and friends and maybe a little traveling. You are going to be greatly missed.

  446. Dan Gimm says:

    Mr. Shelby,
    I will definitely miss watching your broadcast during dinner when I get back from Afghanistan. I remember writing to my wife years ago at Basic Training that of all the things I missed about home, watching you on the news was one of the top 5.
    Enjoy your retirement — you’ve earned it!

  447. Melissa Neuman says:

    Mr. Shelby~ I too, like so many others, grew up watching you on our parents TV. As a child I loved your soft gentle voice and your laugh. As an adult, I still tune in to hear your soft gentle and caring voice when telling emotionally hard stories and to hear that infectious laugh when joking and teasing your WCCO family! God gave you a precious gift Mr. Shelby….THANK YOU for sharing it with us your viewers!!!
    May the Son shower His blessings upon you and your family and may you always see the Son’s rays so that you may never lose your way!!
    You will be greatly and dearly missed Sir!!!!! God Bless you!

  448. Rose Marie and Lloyd Fischer says:

    Well Don, My Husband and I are 72 years old, so we have been watching you for many years and you are like part of our family. In fact we see you more than we see our children. So it is very hard to say goodbye. We wish you well in whatever you do in your retirement and thanks for the 32 years you have given all of us.

  449. Clairetta Anderson says:

    Don, I’m, normally, not a TV news watcher, but you brought compassion to your stories. So I watched WCCO news, mainly, because of you. Thank you for making news interesting and informative with your special flair. As a retiree myself, I know what you are looking forward to, and it isn’t all bad. Of course, mine was forced, with no benefits or pension. I’m thankful you have that. Enjoy your family and time doing what you want to do for the first time in 32 years. It will be different, but well worth it. I will miss your smile and gentle nature.

  450. Sandy says:


    Wanted to send you a note to wish you well in your retirement and to let you know that you have been an asset to WCCO. I have truly enjoyed the news when you reported it (not that it was always good news but you were a great reporter). I didn’t like the Bedtime News when I came to MN but it seemed everyone watched it. Really was a nice change when you came along.

    Hope yu can fill in once in awhile or make a guest appearance to enhance the show. There aren’t any more reporters like yourself. They try but they just don’t quite make the grade.

    God Bless.

  451. John and Virginia Thon says:

    Don, Thank You for all the great work that you contibuted to the State of MN. Also, thanks for the example you set for others and the integrity and ethics that you have exhibited.
    We Wish you well in retirement and hope you enjoy it.

  452. Sue says:

    Don, you will be missed! Growing up in Minneapolis and living in the metro area for many years, I have always watched WCCO and listened to WCCO on the radio. It is like home! You are so comfortable and easy to relate to. When my husband had a stroke a little over a year ago, I remember how well you recovered from yours and it gave me hope for him. He is doing fine. Thanks for all you have done and enjoy your much deserved time off and know that you have touched many lives. Bless you!

  453. Jodi says:

    Best wishes and I will miss you bringing Common Sense to issues of the day.
    You are a Minnesota Icon and we will not forget “Don Shelby”.

  454. Julie S says:

    Enjoy your retirement Don! It’s been a pleasure watching you over the years. Your presence will be dearly missed.

  455. Vicki Dunsmore says:

    Don–a CLASS ACT…nothing more needs to be said. You’ll be missed!


  456. Colleen Patterson says:

    can’t say anything more than what has all ready been said. you’re one of the best & we’ll miss you! xxxooo’s!

  457. Terri P. says:

    Don, we will miss you. Good luck in all you choose to do. Enjoy your family and especially your grandkids. They will keep you young. I was wondering why you have a tattoo of the Red Bull sports drink on your arm…. (just kidding). Have a great retirement. You deserve it.

  458. Kathy says:

    Thank you for all of your years of superb reporting! You will be missed, however, now you will have more time to enjoy those special hammock naps. (pic) THEY are the times that make life truly worthwhile and special! 🙂
    God bless,

  459. Kim says:


    Your integrity has always shown through on everything you have reported on. Because of you being there on WCCO, it’s the news I turn to to hear the truth and I know you have installed that integrity into your co-workers, as it will still be the news I watch. Enjoy your retirement, & maybe I’ll see you on the lake as my in-laws also have a lake lot on that lake, or that piece of haven as I call it, up here.

  460. Betty LaRue says:

    I will truly miss your genuine smile, your intellect, and your sense of humor. These qualities were something we could count on. It’s always good to hear ones honest assessment of any situation, whether we agree or not. We counted on that too. I thank you for your many years of devoted service to the community. Congratulations on your retirement.

  461. Mary Ann says:

    Mr. Shelby,

    My kids and I have enjoyed watching you and the other great WCCO news achors over the years. We have enjoyed your new stories and thoughful presentations. Good luck to you and your wife on your retirement.

    Thank you for staying and being a part of Minnesota’s news history. We have been lucky to have you.

  462. Brenda says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful years! My family talked to you briefly at the MN State Fair a few years ago and you were very friendly to us. Enjoy your retirement! You will be missed very much!

  463. Lynn says:

    I am a transplant from another state, when my Husband & I started coming to Minneapolis for our son’s health and care. We felt “Comfortable” right away with your reporting style, a style of compassion for what you were reporting. So we settled in and made WCCO our choice for news and viewing. You had a very big role in that decision, it was a wonderful decision.
    I only wish you the best, enjoy your time with your family and friends. You will be missed. I wish I could have met you in person…. 🙂

    Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

    Lynn from Cold Spring..

  464. Kathy T. says:

    As a child I grew up with Dave Moore on the radio and then later on TV. I was certain that no one could successfully fill his shoes, but you’ve been the news icon in my adult life and I thank you for your frank honesty in reporting the news, a very refreshing style indeed. I am certain that with all your interests we will be hearing from you again in another forum, because it would be a great shame for a person of your talent to just fade away. My very best wishes in whatever your future holds.

  465. Cindy Johnson says:

    Mr. Shelby,

    Congratulations on your retirement! If your retirement is anything like my Dad’s you will find that you will be busier than when you were working.  I am really going to miss seeing you. You are, at least to me, the Walter Cronkite of the Midwest-a trusted and respected voice.
    Enjoy and God Bless!

  466. Zach says:

    It is sad to see you leaving, I hope you will come back and do some stories. WCCO will not be the same without you but I will still watch it. Have a wonderful retirement.

  467. Cheryl says:

    Mr. Shelby,
    WCCO news will never be the same. Thank you for presenting the news in your special way. Wishing you a long and fufilling retirement; hope to see more of you in Alexandria!

  468. Beth says:

    I want to wish you nothing but the best as you begin your new journey. I have enjoyed watching you give us the news every night. You have truely been an enjoyment to watch and listen to. The 10:00 news will not be the same! We will miss you!!

  469. Jodi H. says:

    Thank you for bringing us the news in a friendly and personal manner for so many years. Even though it will be hard for you to leave, we all know that you will continue to do good work! Enjoy your retirement, time with your family, and your charity work! 🙂 Take care of yourself!

  470. Dawn says:

    Don you realy are a one of a kind, enjoyed watching you and the rest of the cast every day, iI wish you well and stay busy doing fun stuff. Will miss ya and who fills in will have tuff time filling your shoes. Take care.

  471. Larry Unger says:

    From one retired, Vietnam Vet to Another:
    I’ve enjoyed watching you for many years doing the news and seeing you at various events, which you hosted, created, or took part in. I especially remember you being involved in the Vietnam Vets celebration, held at the Capitol some time ago, I appreciated your involvement and sincere comments that day, as it brought back good & bad memories for many of us. Thank you for that and your many years of dedicated newscasting and enjoy a long retirement.

  472. Mylissa says:

    I had the opportunity to meet you and your wife several years ago as you were taking Rusty home after one of your trips (not sure where you had gone; didn’t get the chance to ask, but it’s a trivial point now…) You did something that I have yet to see from any of our other local celebrities; you shook my hand and thanked me for taking care of your family member! You have an unique way of connesting with people on a human level, that very few journalists will be able to accomplish. My family and I will miss your unbiased and very human presentation of the news. Enjoy your retirement!

  473. Sylvia N says:

    Hello Don,
    As an anchor for Channel Four news broadcasts, you have set the benchmark for anchors who follow you. You are a news icon. I remember your saying that you may be retiring from nightly news broadcasts; however, your love for people will not, and I repeat, NOT keep you away from broadcast venues. I truly hope to see you broadcasting those historic specials that come up over the next fifty years! BLESSINGS INNUMERABLE!
    By the way, you have a great hairdo — your hairdresser gets a pat on the back!

  474. Ann says:

    You have been a constant since I was three years old. I remember coming home from school, someone in the kitchen making dinner and the news on. I would plop down on the couch (as teenagers do) and sigh a deep breath of relief…all was right in my world. I was home from a hectic day, mom was in the kitchen and you were on the TV, everyone was right where they were supposed to be and I was safe in the comfort of my home with all of the people I loved doing what they did best. When I think of my childhood and the comforts of home, you will always be a part of those memories.
    I have seen CCO people come and go, retire, pass away, go national, etc. but this one is hard. I will miss your voice of reason and comfort as you covered the good and the bad in MN and the world. I will miss your warmth and compassion for the people and stories you reported about.
    I know you know this, but you are leaving the news in good hands, I love Frank and Amelia and know that the integrity and commitment you have shown in your work has certainly been passed down to them.
    But what an amazing week! Your last anchor broadcast and the beginning of what will be an exciting retirement!! The Washburn project sounds fantastic and I know you will find all kinds of fishing holes to stay out of Barbara’s hair! I wish you all of God’s blessings as you start to write your next chapter.
    Congratulations on a successful career, a wonderful life and a beautiful retirement. I know we have not seen the last of you!

  475. Gracie B. says:

    With the changes happening in the world of broadcast, and station managers looking at the bottom dollar, the integrity of the broadcasts are compromised. You were genuine; especially on your radio show. I enjoyed that the most as along with being entertained, I usually learned “quite a little bit” (a “Shelbyism”)!
    I wish you well on your journey, and if I don’t get to see you in this life, I hope I’ll get to see you in the next. Thank you for being part of my life. Gracie B.

  476. Darlene says:

    I started listening to WCCO in the early 40’s as my Dad would only listen to ‘CCO, then we graduated to TV. You will be remembered as one of the great anchors that WCCO has had over the years. Thank you so very much. I did quit watching since Paul Douglas was fired as protest, but in no way did I think any less of you. Happy retirement.

  477. dave says:

    To a wonderful and knowledgeable news anchor I wish you a happy retirement. I will miss your humble presence on WCCO news program. Thanks again for a job well done,youve earned it.

  478. Julie says:

    Best wishes and God’s richest blessings on your retirement. ‘CCO won’t be the same without you, and that’s a sad day.

  479. Leah says:

    You have been a wonderful part of journalism and when I moved to Minneapolis you made me feel at home. Thank you for all you have done for the community and bringing us stories that truly matter including your trips overseas. We will miss you very much! Best wishes in your retirement! You truly deserve it.

  480. Sunny says:

    I want to thank you for making me smile; even through the tears with some of the horrific stories you’ve had to report.

    WCCO has always been my choice for news because of you. You are compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and have a wonderful sense of humor. I’ve enjoyed watching you over the years; you’ve had a great, fun-loving relationship with all your co-anchors. It was like being a part of a large family.

    You’re the best and will be very missed. I’ll think of you often, especially when I’m around my own daughter who is 30 and has the same name as your daughter Lacey.

    I wish you happiness in all you do. Enjoy you life and have fun with your family and friends.

    God Bless!

  481. kemuma says:

    Hi Don!
    Love the WCCO family. Love your expertise in what you do. Will miss you greatly, but im sure you’ll leave us in good hands….love the rest of the crew; especially Frank and Amelia. Enjoy your retirement and spare time to visit and enjoy the beauty of Africa, where i’m originally from!! Love you! God bless.

  482. Perri Family; Chippewa Falls, WI says:

    Don, best wishes to you on your retirement. You will be sorely missed on the nightly airwaves.

  483. Emmee says:

    Mr Shelby,
    I am a college student here in MN and was born and raised here. I always hurried to my dorm after a night in the library to see you and hear the news. No one can do it like you! I loved watching you every evening when I was struggling with my exams or just needed to relax. You always made me laugh, sometimes cry for the great passion you had in each and every story and just made me smile every night. Thanks for all you did and what you will continue to do. Now its time for you to relax and enjoy YOU! YOu definitely deserve it! Thanks for all you did for Minnesota and for our community! I will miss seeing you and your smile on the News. Thanks for all you did!!! Best wishes and enjoy retirement! God Bless You!
    -Emmee Belle

  484. ifrah says:

    Don it has been apleasure watching you on wcco news
    I wish you and your family the best

    thanks don

  485. Joyce says:

    Dear Don

    I am sorry to see you leave but I am also happy for you. I have been wanting to write you for six years. Remember the Grand Excursion in St Paul July 2004 and the Hal Holbrook event on the Showboat?

    I attended the event by myself. After the fine dinner aboard I went to the balcony to find my seat. There were two gentlemen talking a few rows away, I respected their privacy while I took in the scenery from the balcony. Then I realized I recognized that voice, Don Shelby. I did not mean to eavesdrop but I heard you talking about how much you loved the river and want to spend time on it after retiring. You have openly shared your health problem in the past and I kept hoping you would retire soon to realize some of your dreams. Wishing you the very best. Remember Mark Twain.

  486. the Schmidt Family; Little Chicago, MN says:

    Thank you Don Shelby, my wife and I will miss you greatly.

  487. Carol K Wood says:

    Many congratulations on your retirement from the Wood family. You were a part of our family for over 10 years when we lived in south metro watching the news. We loved the camaraderie between you, Paul Douglas and Dennis Douda. There is none other like that! Enjoy each day to the fullest ! God Bless You.
    The Wood Family, Hendersonville, TN formerly of Rosemount, MN

  488. Diane says:

    Even though I lived in Northern Minnesota, I always tuned in to WCCO for the news. It was a pleasure watching you and your co-anchors report the good, the bad and the ugly. You always did it with passion, good taste and when necessary, humor. You will be missed by thousands. Enjoy your retirement Don, embrace your family and be very proud of what you have accomplished throughout the years.

  489. Sharma says:

    Don! Its been wonderful watching you throughout the years. Even while living away from Minnesota, I have always kept up with your stories. I loved the story where you were with my Uncle Jerry Lang in Iraq. Our whole family watches you and you will be missed. I hope you enjoy retirement and hopefully we will see you around. God Bless

  490. Bea Emanuel says:

    Don, I’m certainly going to miss you. You have become part of our family. I have especially enjoyed your post-news observations, ideas, etc

    We hope to see you around once in a while.

    Happy Retirement and Enjoy!

    Bea Emanuel
    St. Louis Park, MN

  491. Karen says:

    I hope you enjoy your retirement. We will all miss seeing you.
    God Bless you and your family.

  492. Jodi Blair says:

    May God bless you just as you have blessed countless others! You are an inspiration in the world today and you will be greatly missed in your “usual spot!” May the Lord shine His glory down on you as you pursue this next journey in your life!
    Jodi Blair Lowry, MN

  493. Connie says:

    Thank You!! for the memories. Have a Happy and Safe life with family and friwnds. You will be missed!

  494. Roberta MacDonbald says:


    I have TRUSTED your reporting since moving to Minnesota – many years. The world of investigave journalism has lost a great warrior!!


  495. Sue says:

    Don, I moved back from Texas less than 12 months ago. I have truly enjoyed the stories that have been shared by you through the years, I wish my dad, who passed away 2 years ago could watch your final show tonight. I have many memories of watching you with my father when he was in the hospital or on bed rest at home. YOu will be missed. I wish only the best for you and your family!
    Just another faithful viewer

  496. Bob says:

    Listening to Don Shelby and Jeff McKinney on WCCO Radio was the highlight of my day while driving home from work each day. What a huge loss for WCCO and its listeners. Although I listen to Michele Tafoya now, her show lacks the depth and personality Shelby lended. Best wishes Don and let us know when you and McSkinney will get together again!!

  497. Brian & Julie says:

    Hi Don,

    Enjoy your retirement.
    May God bless you and yours always.
    Wishing you the best from Waseca, MN,
    Brian & Julie

  498. Nan says:

    Wow I feel like my best friend is MOVING ON! We are seniors who remember when you came to ‘cco…….. God Bless you and your family……Yep I am already crying,,,,,,,,,ENJOY ENJOY……..

  499. Siri from Fairmont, MN says:

    What I love about WCCO news and Don Shelby is that it doesn’t feel like I’m watching the news with you…it feels like you’re over for dinner sharing stories. WCCO is the most personable news program around. God Bless you, Mr. Shelby. Thank you for your service to Minnesota.

  500. Jennifer says:

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work. You’ve kept us informed, made us laugh, and taught us things we never knew we needed to know.

    Enjoy your retirement!

  501. Nate says:

    I will not miss your “news” coverage. You never had the intellectual honesty to admit your bias, and were dishonest in always denying it.

    Its frustrating that I actually care enough to write it here.
    I have a bias and I admit it. Not that hard. I guess if you see the world as if you are always right, you would feel no need to change.

    I do hope you enjoy your retirement with family.

  502. Evie says:

    Best wishes to you Don. It will be a big change for all of us not to see your smiling face and wonderful sense of humor when we turn on the news. You have touched so many people through the years. WCCO has been my favorite station for many years- alot because of you.

    God Bless you and your family.

  503. Chris Rinehart says:

    Goodbye Don! Have a wonderful retirement with your family 😀 I will miss you!!!
    I love your smile, your voice and your blue eyes (like mine). You have been channel fours icon and a a huge part of my life growing up watching you on the news. You will be missed!!

  504. Cheri says:

    Don, Thanks for sharing so much with the listeners and viewers. Sometimes I really thought we were best of friends. Your laugh and smile are priceless. Thanks for the news, the compassion, the tears of laughter and the tears of loss and/or sadness. You have touched many lives and now it is time your family has to put up with you Don!!! Thanks again, wishing you the world of good things.

  505. Shawn says:


    It has been fun to watch you over the years at WCCO. I always enjoyed your stories and comments as it just seemed you had the charm and charisma that we all loved. Best wishes in your retirement.

  506. Amy H. says:

    Don you are the best and you will be missed. I hope you enjoy your retirement you deserve it!!! thanks for everything.

  507. Misti says:

    I am in my early 30’s and grew up with WCCO, grew up with you. You became part of our family and will be greatly missed. Wishing you the very best!
    Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication,

  508. Laura Fine says:

    Don- My favoite new cast you did was for David Letterman and you said “I have a gopher in my pants and his name is Carlos”. My hubby and I laughed for a long time after that 1, Thank you 🙂

  509. Dianne says:

    We will miss you greatly, your professionalism, your humor and your obvious caring for humankind has been a pleasure to watch on the news which doesn’t uaually deliver happy news. The respect shown to you by your co-workers speaks for itself

  510. Chris says:

    I watch Channel 4 News because of you, you related to every story you reported and cared! Enjoy your retirement, you deserve the best. Thanks for being the best the newscaster in Minnesota

  511. Linda Wing says:

    Dear Don,
    I’m old enough to remember when you were the new guy, and it doesn’t seem quite possible yet that this will be the final night your voice comes into my home. Wow. This past week’s reunion broadcasts (good to hear you and Paul trade wit again) have been such a gift and reminder of how much has happened and how much you’ve shared with all of us; thanks for this opportunity to say goodbye, say thank you, and wish you wonderful unpredictable moments ahead. I’ll miss you.

  512. Sheila says:

    You are an absolute class act Mr. Shelby. I can still recall discussing you (as a good example) in my journalism ethics class when I was an undergraduate student more than 20 years ago. You have been someone that young journalists have attempted to emulate for many years. Thank you for being a mentor to so many students and an enjoyable on-air personality. You will be greatly missed. Did you know how many lives you have had the opportunity to touch over the years? What an incredible legacy…

  513. Paula S., RN says:

    Mr. Shelby,
    Last week I had a patient’s spouse, a Mr. M. Lohman, tell me a wonderfully entertaining story about a new, young reporter at WCCO who was assigned commentary duty at the old Met Stadium. Lou Nanne and Mark Rosen wanted to “initiate” this perfectly dressed (not a hair out of place!) and politically correct young man when he arrived to report for duty at the stadium. M. Lohman, the security man, was enlisted to pretend that your name was NOT on the “approved” list and make sure you SUFFERED until Lou and Mark would reveal the joke. When you approached, “dressed to the nines” and stated your name, Mr. Lohman checked, rechecked and triple checked the list very DELIBERATELY and, as he did, your countenance changed, revealing your frustration. Mr. Lohman could see Mark and Lou out of the corner of his eye, giggling like little boys off in the corner, while your patience was S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D thin. Finally, after allowing you to suffer at least ten minutes or so, the two instigators could no longer contain themselves and revealed the joke, much to your relief. I do hope you were at some point in your career able to RETURN the favor to your colleagues. Payback, when playful, can be totally FUN and a real team builder (at least in my humble opinion.)
    Honestly, I (we all) will miss your warmth, genuineness, professionalism and camaraderie with your co-horts each evening. Personally, my absolute favorite part of the broadcast was your commentary piece. I was overjoyed that they allowed you to share your opinions, often challenging and thought-provoking, with the viewing audience who often agreed and was happy that someone could state in a public arena what we felt personally.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us over the years. I grew up with you at the helm and feel you challenged us, at times, allowing us to grow alongside you throughout this journey. Our lens has been broadened and our lives enriched with your work. We will MISS YOU Mr. Shelby. May all your future endeavors bring you joy, fond memories, and blessings beyond measure.

  514. Molly says:

    The TV would come on at 10 and I would hear you say hello. A sense of comfort ensued…the day was coming to an end and I would be challenged to think about something differently, laugh, learn or cry.

    I have listened and watched you since I was a little girl and now have two little girls of my own. One wants to be a journalist/newscaster and both are a part of my life, due in part, to my learning from you about adoption.

    You have had great impact on my life and I thank you.

    I have dreaded November 22 for quite some time and will miss you very much.

    Thank you for doing what you do best for so many years.

  515. Sini Stjernswärd Ross says:

    Don, I will never forget what a fantastic sport you are. I took my6 year old daughter to the State Fair and she wore a t-shirt stating “I wanna Dunk Don”, Rosie saw the t-shirt and called her up to give it a try. A really big, burly guy went before her and didn’t even come close…then she gave it a try and just nicked it to everyone’s amazement…but luckily, you stayed dry. Thank you for all of your fine reporting and journalism. You will be missed.

  516. Betsy Gysbers says:

    Dear Don,
    Best wishes for a long, healthy and happy retirement. My mother passed away 2 years ago peacefully at 91 and she always watched and enjoyed your newscasts. It was the only news channel she watched. Your retirement makes me remember her at this time. She always would fill me in on the important events going on when I would call her throughout the day. You will be missed by many folks. Happiness always and enjoy life ahead.

  517. Roxanne says:

    It’s been a real pleasure watching and listening to you all these years. Your knowledge, humor and inspiration will be very much missed. Just listening to your voice and laughter has been something to wait for during the when you were on radio and also on TV to give entertainment and information. I wish you all the best in your retirement.
    Thank you.

  518. Ed & Deedee Awad - Cigar Lounge Famliy says:

    For the short time that we (Ed & Deedee) have known you in person – we have felt that we have known you for years – You are one great person and Mr. Shelby you will be greatly missed by us especially at the 10:00 PM news. Wishing well and the best on your Retirement – take care of yourself and enjoy life.

  519. Jerry B says:

    The Don Shelby retirement is like loosing a section of the Twin Cities fabric…the original piece can never be easily replaced nor will it ever be the same.

    I always appreciated your ethical approach and the willingness to stand up for what you believe is right. Never had a chance to meet you in person, but did have the opportunity for a couple of brief caller discussions with you on the radio. My wife and I sure miss the stories and bantering with you and McKinney. And your last TV broadcast departure today now leads you to a new chapter in life. Don, just like Ron Burgundy, your a “big deal”!

    Retirement is great…did it my self 10 months ago. You have a zest for life so I know you’ll really appreciate your new freedom.

    Be healthy, be happy and Enjoy!!!

  520. Karen Urness says:

    Thank you from coming into my home every night and keeping us informed on things happening aroudn us. You will be missed by many, but not forgotten. Enjoy your retirement and the next chapter in your life – whereever that may lead you.

  521. Dan P says:

    Don – Your going to be missed, We have been watching you since we moved to Minnesota back in 1990. You bring out the truth and joy every time you came on our TV box. Enjoy your retirement and Thank You for everything you have done.

  522. Donnie B. says:

    It’s been a few years but we basically came to the Twin Cities at the same time. If you can recall our days of playing on the WCCO Hoops team together in the late 80’s and early 90’s you’ll remember most of the guys, Lannie, Milt, Janet K. Reggie, etc. My boys remember meeting you and have watched you until today. Like most Indiana guys you could “shoot the rock” but you had lost a little quickness by the time we played together, but your competiveness was always there. I just wanted to say enjoy your retirement I know you won’t be lacking for activities and things to keep you busy. Although I know your ego doesn’t need my boost you (and Rosey) are the reason WCCO is my station of choice. We’ll miss your newscasts but know you earned your retirement years.

  523. Jacqueline says:

    Best wishes and happy retirement Don. I will miss seeing you on the news. I feel like I’m loosing an old friend……Thank you for being a part of my life for so many years!

  524. Becky Lens says:

    Don, I am going to miss you. I had a hard time when you quit the radio show, that was my drive home from work stress reliever. Now you won’t be there at 10pm either. Guess I will have to deal with it, but I will not like it.
    Enjoy yourself.


  525. Robin Patet says:

    Mty husband and I and my girls will miss you. Your a great guy, we meet you once at the camping and sports show when you were handing out fishing poles and my daughters remeber that. God Bless you and have fun. My parents have be retired for 11 years and are always on the go. I have to make an appointment to see my mom, we get together once a week because they are so busy and I am sure u will be too. Have fun with your family.

  526. Jean Kampmeyer says:

    Dear Don,
    Have a great retirement and enjoy your family, friends, and interests to the max. You will be missed. I already miss you on the radio, where I enjoyed you and McSkinny so much. What I really loved about you on the radio especially was your fun personality, your strong interest in this community, and fairness. You always gave both sides of the story with such impartiality and respect to both views that I could never guess your politics for sure. So I think you should get back on the radio with a very flexible schedule so that the community can still enjoy you and you will still have time to ease into retirement. God bless you.

  527. Angela P. says:

    Dear Don,
    Thank you for your many years of hard work. After living out of state during college and for a few years after, upon my return to Minnesota one of the things I was most excited about was getting to see you every night on the news again. I have appreciated your honesty, sincerity, humor, and the love you show for this wonderful state.

    When I was 15 years old, our high school photojournalism club took a field trip to a conference at which you were speaking. I had only lived in Minnesota for a few months at that point, and I didn’t know who you were, but I remember that you said, “If you don’t vote, you can’t b*tch.” I wasn’t old enough to vote at the time, but now that I am, I remember your words of wisdom each November. Thanks again for everything—your viewers will miss you. Have a wonderful retirement!

  528. Peter Odlaug says:

    I grew up watching Don with my family as I’m sure a vast number of other MN families have. I will miss Don’s steady hand reporting the news, bringing attention to environmental issues and human rights stories like the Iron Crib reports.
    Don is the type of newscaster I judge all other newscasters by and I will miss him but wish him the best on his very well deserved retirement.

  529. Roger and Kathy says:


    Thanks for brightening and enlightening our days for the past 32 years. We will miss you on WCCO TV but even more so with on the radio with that dress salesman from St . Louis. Best wishes to you and your family.

  530. Katy H says:

    Don – I will miss seeing you on WCCO! Frank V just isn’t as funny as you are. 🙂 Good luck in your retirement – maybe you should run for Governor, that would be nice and relaxing. 🙂 Thanks for the many good years of watching you on CCO!

    1. Kristine Thompson says:

      Yes! Don Shelby for Governor!

  531. Tony and Dawn says:


    You’re the perfect example of professionalism, dedication and compassion, and I hope your legacy will help many others to strive for that same level. You’ve touched more lives than you’ll ever know, and we’ll all miss you. Best wishes for nothing but happiness in your retirement. You cetainly deserve it! Amelia won’t be the only one with teary eyes as you sign off tonight. Have a wonderful “Happily Ever After”, Don!

  532. Ingrid says:

    Don, I have grown up watching you on WCCO since I was 4 years old. I am now 16 and watching you and Amelia next to eachother for so many years made me love to watch the news by your drive and passion for reporting and letting the public know about what’s going on in the world. Thank you so much Don, have a fabulous reitirement and I’m sure we will see you again on T.V.

  533. Phyllis Stransky says:

    Don…. I was honored to have met you when you came down to St Peter to host a party in honor of our high school kids who had just won the “Drug Free Challenge” in 1989,,, What a inspirational speech to all of us! You are one of a kind, and someone our family has enjoyed listening to and watching over the years! My husband and I just retired this year, and Don, just to let you know retirement isn’t what it is cracked up to be!!! IT IS A THOUSAND Times better!!! God Bless you! now enjoy!!!!

  534. Julie W. says:

    Don, you are the best! You added class to the Twin Cities and Minnesota. I emailed you when my Dad died and told you how much he liked you and how much you reminded me of him. You emailed me back and I will never forget that. You will be missed by many including me. Enjoy every part of your retirement.

  535. Carol Brown says:

    Fare thee well Don, you will be greatly missed.

  536. Janie Thompson says:

    I moved here from a larger metropolitan area and wanted to find news that was done well without sensationalism. I watched all the newscasts to see who was the most real and genuine, Mr. Shelby that would be you. I’ve now been here for 22 years and you are still my preference. May you find as much happiness in your retirement as you have brought to us these many years.

  537. Pat Parker says:

    Don, thank you so much for your super reporting through the years, especially the specials where you made us really aware of what was happenning not only locally but far away in an orphanage in Romania. The orphanage coverage really touched us as we adopted an East Indian child in 1978. We’ve enjoyed seeing you and Amelia for 14 years but have been watching 4 at 10 since 1982. Best wishes on your retirement. Have fun with family and friends. Stay safe and healthy. Thank you! Pat and Ron Parker

  538. Patty says:

    Dear Mr. Shelby,

    I grew up watching you report the news every evening. My earliest memories of watching the evening news always place you at the anchor desk. I remember a commercial that aired on WCCO sometime in the 80’s. It was a commerical that was centered on you. In that commercial you explained why you learned how to play a harmonica. You were asked to turn over your sources for a story, but refused. You learned how to play because, you said, that’s what inmates do in prison. To me, you are the living example of jounalistic integrity, something that seems to be slipping away in our society of instant news and information. This is something that I will greatly miss.

    I will also miss your insights on the days news and headlines. While I didn’t always agree with what you said, you were never looking for agreement, but rather a discussion. Thank you for that.

    I regret that I was never able to see you in person, even though we attend the state fair every year. I will forever be jealous of my cousin’s daughter, Jun Fen, whom you interviewed while she was a patient at St. Paul’s Children’s Hospital to treat her congenital scoliosis.

    I wish you the best in this new chapter of your life. May God bless you.

  539. Mary Goneau says:

    Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! I remember when you started working at ‘CCO! I thought nobody could replace Dave Moore and now I find myself saying the same about you! I know you’ll enjoy retirement – you can get up when you want and do what you want whenever you want!!!! It was a pleasure watching you on TV and seeing you at the state fair! God bless!

  540. Kathleen Wilcox says:

    Kay Wilcox,
    Speaking for my whole family, we wish you the best of everything. You have earned it. We will really miss you, your daily broadcasts, but especially your special assignments i.e., Don Shelby In Iraq. You have made the new interesting. Hope we see you often on special broadcasts. You’re too young to totally retire! Good luck and good health always, the Don Wilcox family.

    1. Tim McNeill says:

      The above comes from my Aunt Kay-Jim McNeill, Shawn McNeill, and me, Tim McNeill send our best too…My Grandpa loved how you “set the hook” on lake Mille Lacs. Before he died, he wanted me to work there along you and Dave Moore. What a treat it was to do so. Good luck and thank you for giving my Grandpa the time of his life to be with you fishing…Now, my dad is having his own health issues…My how time marches on…Best of luck. You sure rose to the occasion that Dave Moore presented with his retirement. I hope Frank can too. Bryant Lake still has a few more Bass left to catch!!

      Tim McNeill

  541. Matt Tschann says:

    Dear Don

    Thank u for everything u did at wcco.I always watch u on tv for many years.
    I met u a few times at the state fair and in Paynesville mn when u came for a fishing contest on Koronis years ago.U are a great person and friend to many people.I know its a hard job u do everyday but u do a great job.I know u work with many great people at work like amelia she is very nice person smart.Im happy she is here and Pat miles she is nice and smart person to.Colleen Needles she is nice smart person to Randi Kay she is nice smart person and Mark Rosen,Frank V,Paul Douglas,Paul Magers,Chris Schafer to and all the reporters my list can go on.I know u will have millons of e mail but i wish u congrats on your retirement and best wishes stay healthy and im very happy for your family.My mom and dad said congrats and thank u for everything at wcco and our town in Paynesville says congrats and best wishes to u.I know u will be missed at wcco alot your friend Matt Tschann.

  542. Debbie Lawton says:

    I will miss you. I hope you enjoy your time with your family and friends.

    I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your professionalism and also how much I loved sharing your jaunts with you. To have experienced your climb of Mt Kilimanjaro to your time embedded with the troops made me feel like I experienced them with you. You have helped make sense of this crazy world from 9/11 to the tragic collapse of the I-35 bridge.

    Thank you for all that.

  543. Erik M says:

    You will truly be missed. It’s not just the news you brought but the way you brought it. You weren’t just a stone cold reporter, you actually have a sense of realism up there and realism of a caring person. This shows with the chemistry of your co-workers. Truly a loss for the people of Minnesota!! Best wishes. Erik

  544. Neil Johnson says:

    Best wishes to you…..I have missed you on the radio….the 3:00 ride home is not the same without you. You always had a way of listening to someone and be able to talk to them without putting that person down if you disagreed with their viewpoint. This is a skill that is lacking in radio right now. I read another listener just a few notes above who echoed the same sentiments.

    I will miss your banter with your staff and I think they will miss it more. Best wishes to you. Stay active!

  545. Dan Rakow says:

    I’ve been a long time viewer of WCCO-TV Sister Station WBBM-TV in Chicago and even a Chicagoan is wishing Don Shelby the very best of his retirement.

  546. NB says:

    Each night, while watching the 10:00 news, I say to my beloved,

    “I LOVE Don Shelby!”

    We will miss your wit and insights.

    Best of luck on your next adventures.

  547. Louise Hansen says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful years of your career. There will be no one that can replace you. I’m sure Frank will do a good job but he’s not Don Shelby. You will truly be missed. Thanks again and enjoy your future as much as you enjoyed your career.

  548. LIZ WANGSNESS says:

    My criteria for getting a cable hook up is always the same: “Will I be able to get Don Shelby”? I hate to see you go but wish you love and good health as you start the next chapter in your loved. You join Kirby Puckett as Minnesota’s most loved celebrities. I will miss you every day for a long, long, long……..time.

  549. Elane says:

    . I’ve watched “CCO news every day. Since I wasn’t here for your first years, having been in Az .. I have been here for the last 11. You are a most genuine person, your news reporting is exceptional and your commentaries, right on! I’d say “yup, that’s the way I feel too”.. Will miss your sense of humor and compassion. Last but not least.. People magazine has nothing… you are the sexiest man alive… ! God Bless, miss you already, have a great retirement and “visit” often….

  550. Nancy Ondrachek says:

    I want to thank you for all the wonderful years! I will miss seeing you and I hope you enjoy your retirement! Good luck!

  551. DS says:


    I think I speak for all of Minnesota by saying that we will truly miss you. Every night we have welcomed you into our homes and lives. Your easy comeraderie with your fellow collegues was easily visible in every newscast. I truly hope that you enjoy spending time with your family and friends in your retirement. Enyoy your Grandchildren.

    Goodbye friend
    From Fort Myers with love.

  552. Jeff Kline says:

    As a fellow blues man; I hope to run into you somewhere on the street or in the blues establishments. Don’t let retirement settle you. Looking forward to seeing you around somewhere. Be blessed much!!!

  553. Dawn says:

    Dear Mr. Shelby,

    I want to thank you for the years you have provided viewers with what I consider excellent newscasting. I knew by the tone of your voice if the news would be fun, serious or tragic. When the news became of great importance, you kept the sensationalism to the necessity, especially when it was something that affected our local area or Minnesota. I hope the years in the future bring just as many years of joy during your retirement. Enjoy and don’t forget to call Amelia.

  554. Tamra says:

    Don – We will miss your sense of humor and your integrity on a nightly basis. Don’t worry – we’ll know your name when you walk down Nicollet Mall – you are one in a million- we won’t forget you Don!!! Best of luck in your next venture.

  555. Meg G. says:

    Thank you for all the years of insightful and heartfelt stories. They just don’t make ’em like you anymore. You brought us such a sense of community – just like Dave Moore did – and I hope this tradition will continue. Best wishes on your new journey, and good health and joy to you and your family.

  556. Cindy says:

    Best wishes to you as you retire. Thank you for so many years ot truely professional journalism. Dave Moore would be so proud.

    To the Shelby family, thank you for sharing you Dad with all of us. I’m sure there were many family dinners he missed because of his love of the job. Time to get re-acquainted.

  557. Russ B._Red Lodge, MT says:

    Don, my time standing at the rail at the MN State Fair was always the highlight of any visit to the GREAT Minnesota Get Together. I was a loyal listener streaming you from Red Lodge, MT. As a viewer from the day you started at WCCO, you should know that when we returned to the Cities Cities, the TV was always tuned to WCCO to watch the best in the business tell the story of the local news. Good luck to you! Enjoy your cabin! Think of me the next time you’re on the Missouri River in MT following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark! Good luck to you! Looking forward to seeing ANY specials that you might do for CCO. Take care and the very best of luck with your retirement!

  558. Marcus Mollins says:

    I grew up in Perham, Minnesota and watching WCCO and Don Shelby was my outlet to the Twin Cities news and sports which I preferred greatly. Don, you were a big part of my growing up and the desire to stay educated and informed with my state and the country. Thank you so much for being a staple in the lives of so many Minnesotans, you will be missed. Best of luck, enjoy your retirement Mr. Shelby!

  559. AMELIA says:


  560. Rosie & Howard says:

    Best Wishes to you Don on your retirement……We will miss your face & “fun” personality on WCCO. We have watched you for “many, many years! We have a question for you…..how old are you now, we have a guessing game here? God Bless you & family & enjoy your free time now! We do.
    Rosie & Howard

  561. Norlene Eischens says:

    Of course we’re gonna be sad….you’ve become an old friend….you guys are such a good fit together…. everyone feeds off the next… I have to say that my most absolute favorite moment was when Amelia was in the hospital after having her baby and you guys were all out in the parking lot because they wouldn’t let you in… the comment that comes to mind was (I think it was Paul Douglas who said it)… was “We have a right to know!!”… you guys were like ninjas out there… I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of you… Enjoy your well deserved “time off”…I’m sure Dave Moor is watching and giving you the thumbs up for a job well done….Norlene and Gary Eischens…

  562. Sheila Jerry says:

    Hi Don,
    Thank you for your wonderful stories, you were the one who got my 8 year old son interested in the news & he still watches your newscast with me at 15 years old today. The 10pm news just won’t be the same without you. A few years ago our cable company changed some of the stations they carried & went to a CBS station out of Duluth & dropped WCCO. The viewers in this area were outraged & lobbied to return WCCO & its news casts to our listings. After many complaints of wanting to view the WCCO news, it worked & WCCO was back!!l You remind me so much of my Dad and his successful journey since 1975 to live “One Day at a Time” . We lost him in 2007, but every time I watch you it brings a smile to my face & I Thank You for that. Enjoy your retirement & if your ever fishing on Big Winnie stop in at Deer River City Hall & say HI.

    Sheila & Patrick Jerry
    Deer River, MN

  563. Jean says:

    Best wishes to you in your retirement. You will find out how good it is to spend more time with your family and how busy you will be.
    We always enjoyed watching you and the rest of the Channel 4 newscasts. It made it more enjoyable to watch the news as you all made a few laughs out of it instead of just bad news all the time.

    Enjoy retirement!!!

  564. Judy says:

    We’re gonna miss you at the news desk! But retirement is a really good thing in your future! We enjoyed seeing you on Almanac this past week, maybe we will get to see you there in the future.

    Best Wishes on your retirement,
    Dave & Judy

  565. stephen borer says:

    Hey, good luck on all future enterprises, and good luck w/the fishing trips. & thank you for being a friend of Dave Moore.

  566. Sue Greene says:

    Good Luck Don. I will miss you at the state fair, as well as on WCCO every day. You are the BEST….. Their will never be another like you , ever….Happy retirement, enjoy it…..

  567. Pam Taylor says:

    Aw man, why do you have to be so old! 🙂 My grandmother worked until she was eighty. Maybe you could do that! That way we won’t have to say good-bye for another 20 years! If not, have a great retirement and rest of your life!

  568. Patty says:

    Dear Don I will miss seeing you on the news set every night. I grew up watching you report the news. I wish you the best and a very well deserved retirement. Take Care.

    Best Regards

  569. Jeffery Alspaugh says:

    I had the honor and pleasure of working with you, Don, in the Fall of 1997. I was brought on to assist with all the personal appearances the on-air talent received.
    You were always so gracious and accomodating to many of the requests that came to the station. I remember we had a running joke about my co-ercing you to do appearances you had no interest in. I would always respond, “Like I could make Don Sheby do something he didn’t want to do.”
    You, Amelia and everyone at WCCO were great. I know that Amelia is probably going to miss you the most but so will a legion of tv news junkies and community organizations that you have assisted with your time and money over the years.

  570. Annie says:

    I grew up watching Don Shelby on WCCO. After graduating from high school in Minnesota, I left home and have since lived in several states. No other local news anchor, anywhere I’ve lived, has ever seemed as trustworthy to me as Don. His presence and voice are a comfort to me, they remind me of home.

  571. Bonnie Gurney says:

    Don, I remember when you made your first appearance on WCCO’s news. I know it will be hard to say goodbye to you tonight for all of us. But I have a feeling you are not going to be out of the spotlight too long before we see you popping up again. But in the meantime, relax and enjoy your family!

    Best wishes to you!

  572. Mary T Johnson says:

    We have lived in Minnesota, Michigan, Kentucky, back to Minnesota and now in Illinois but my husband still ties his ties with the Shelby knot!

  573. Katie Knaak says:


    I met you in 1994 when you were the MC at the Leo Grossman roast. I was the recipient for that year. Your compassion and humor is what I remember most when I heard you speak. Thank you for all of the hard work you have done in journalism and the community. I look forward to seeing what you have in for us next. I hope to talk with you someday about how you impacted my life. You will be missed greatly!

  574. Chris says:

    Dear Don,
    After my father retired, he told me that he could not figure out where he found the time to work at a career. That being said I know you will not let the moss grow on your feet. I’ve been watching you since you first came to WCCO. Gonna miss you .
    As my dad said the best years are ahead. God bless you.

  575. Ken Stellmach says:

    I’m supremely happy that you found Dr. Bob and Bill W.. That you know their life’s work will help you have the best retirement ever, and one that you richly deserve. Thanks for being an inspiration Don.

  576. Chris L. Lien says:

    Mr. Shelby,

    You are the very reason I go to the State Fair, to shake your hand and say hello.
    You are A#1 and you make my day!!!!

    Best Wishes for a wonderful retirement and much success in the next chapter of your life. I am certain many ideas are in the planning.

    Chris L.

  577. Kathy Temple