WASHINGTON (AP) — A leading conservative Republican is hailing the push to end spending on pet projects, saying it represents a “culture change” in Washington.

South Carolina’s Sen. Jim DeMint complimented Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell for joining forces with those wanting to end the so-called “earmarks” often attached to congressional legislation.

DeMint tells CBS’s “The Early Show” he credits the Kentucky Republican with listening to fellow GOP lawmakers and also to voters who showed their anger over federal spending at the polls in this months’s elections.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Republican from Minnesota who leads a tea party caucus in the House, called McConnell’s stand “a very good sign that Republicans are listening.”

“It’s all very good for the American people,” she said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

She said the Republican leadership “sent a strong signal that they want to stick to fiscal sanity.”

DeMint also said that he plans to introduce legislation with Indiana’s Rep. Mike Pence later Tuesday to make permanent the Bush era tax cuts that are due to expire at year’s end.

The Obama administration has opposed extending the tax cuts for the wealthy, but has signaled recently that it might be willing to discuss renewing it for this class of taxpayers for another two years.

DeMint said two years would not be enough time to allow businesses to plan and carry out expansion and new hiring.

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Comments (4)
  1. dunnski says:

    Big surprise. Bachman hasn’t done a thing for her District since she was first elected. She’s OK with the fact that for every $1 that Minnesotans pay in federal taxes, only about 77 cents comes back to the state.

  2. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    @dunnski, You might want to read up on your politics about what Bachman has done not only for her district, but the nation. She has fought hard to stop wasteful spending. She has fought hard for less government, which means less taxes (our money) to pay for it. Of course I might be wrong if you are looking for pork barrel projects that benefit your district. We have to stop the spending, it’s out of control. Welfare for illegal immigrants, unlimited welfare for childless adults, healthcare. It needs to stop and she is just the person to do it.

  3. dunnski says:

    MNtaxwaste. Do some fact checking of your own. Earmarks make up less than one percent of government spending. If you were serious about less government and lower taxes, you would come out strongly to eliminate medicare, medicaid and Social Security AND cut defense spending in half. Now you’re talking less government and lower taxes.

    Eliminating earmarks as a cost saving measure is like not buying a pack of gum once in a while. It doesn’t make much difference, but roads get repaired and bridges don’t fall down.

  4. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    @dunnski Check the amount, it may be 1%, but its billions of our money. As far as cutting things. Cut to the bone, everything you mentioned needs to be addressed. Leave the Social Security or let us decide where to put our money., we use that money to pay for things (PORK) and not for what it is intended for. Defense, we need to add more to that. Medicare and Medicaid, leave them alone, . Get rid of Dept of Education, get rid of Dept of Energy, and get rid of Obamacare. Well there you have it. I could go on if you would like.

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