WCCO-TV anchors Don Shelby and Amelia Santaniello sat down to reminisce about all the time they’ve spent together on the anchor desk. Starting at WCCO 1996, Amelia has been the longest co-anchor with Don.

Santaniello: You talked to all your, well most, of your female co-anchors here. How did that feel?

Shelby: Well, I feel very old now.

Santaniello: Do you really?

Shelby: Yes. Because each of those anchors, including you, is like 10 years of my life.

It has been discussed among Colleen (Needles) and Pat (Miles), all the babies that seem to be born as a result of sitting next to me.

Santaniello: You got the power, yeah.

Shelby: Do you think that is evidence that I make female anchors ovulate?

Santaniello: So now you’re a fertility god too?

Shelby: I’m just saying there’s a set of facts here.

Santaniello: Well, you must be pretty powerful because, you know, I had twins while sitting next to you. There you go. Three kids within two years, yeah.

Shelby: We also covered some pretty serious stuff together.

Santaniello: We did. I have a tendency to get a little emotional.

Shelby: You do.

Santaniello: Yeah.

Shelby: There are times when you can’t even read the next story.

Santaniello: Yeah, I have to tap you.

Shelby: I wonder how many people would know that was true about you. That what you’re hearing about people stories and their lives and things that happened affects you so deeply.

Santaniello: It’s gotten just worse, well it’s harder, especially after having kids too because every time you do a story about children you put your kids in that place, you know.

It’s tough, but it’s our job too. You just do it.

Shelby: What’s that going to be like working every day with your husband, three shows a day?

Santaniello: I don’t know. (laugh)

I already told him, I put the cabash on doing anything together before we have to come into work because you need your time, I need my time, you know. It’s going to be strange because I’ve been with you longer than I’ve been with him.

Shelby: I noticed he’s a little jealous.

Santaniello: He is a little jealous. We have that. We’ve been together longer.

Shelby: We have that history.

Santaniello: Yeah we do.

Shelby: So David Letterman’s producers call and they say do one little bit…

‘Good evening. There’s a gopher in my pants and his name is Carlos.’

Shelby: And you played your role so perfectly because if you go back and watch these things, I laugh not at what I’m saying. I laugh at you. Because you are just looking at me like you are the biggest idiot in the world.

Santaniello: No, I was looking at you like ‘You are a crazy man.’ And I do that a lot during the day.  It’s just my typical look at you.

Shelby: So you’ve been anchoring for 14 years with a crazy man?

Santaniello: Yup. I’ve always known that. Now everybody else does too.

Comments (14)
  1. Chriss Filzen says:

    Very heartwarming, had to hit the tissues. Don, I didn’t like you when I first started watching WCCO but you grew on me and now I will miss you terribly. Have a wonderful retirement do some projects that you can work on at length, or short ones too.

  2. Amy Eiynck says:

    Thank you Don for all of your wonderful stories and personal input to make the news more tolerable to hear….you are the needed ice breaker to make everyone smile,,,I will miss you extremely…..Thank you again and have a wonderful retirement you deserve every day of happiness, because it is time the public share you with your family who deserves all of your attention now….good luck!!

  3. Tom.Medina says:

    while i will still continue to watch WCCO it won’t be the same, it will be missing that special something. Don thank’s for the memories as well as your dedication and your profesionalism, if dave moore were still with us today i’m sure he would be proud to be a part of this special occation, i’m sure he’s looking down on Don with pride and his smile, i wish you the best Don and don’t be a stanger, i hope you’ll stop by from time to time. we’ll all miss you very very much. best of wishe’s. Tom Medina. (st paul)

  4. Khemais Abdou says:

    Don, I didn’t like you when I first started watching WCCO. In fact I did not watch CCO because of you. I like you a bit better now. I hope whom ever is going to replace you will NOT have as big of a head as you! . Have a wonderful retirement.

  5. DaveJaehne says:

    Don Shelby, thank you for your time and and person. You have been awonderful anchor, reporter and newperson. Thank you for sharing this portion of your life. I think of you and your prior icon Dave Moore as the mportant common history of my family’s life experience. You brought into our homes the freside stiores and reports that have long been a tradition of our human history. I think our times have been benefted by you. Thank you for sharng.

  6. Farhad Barukzoy says:

    Dear Don,

    The things that you’ve accomplilshed during your tenure at WCCOTV is considered a noble one. So, my advice for your is this: Go and serve our God with all your heart, mind and soul. Because what you’ve accomplished so far will be irrelevant because you served humanity not God. Everthing that we do or have in this life is a like a wave of steam coming out of a cup of coffee, it’s here now and then dissipates. So, try to do the things that please God because those things will be for eternity.

    Your brother in Christ,

  7. Gwyn Mcadory says:

    Don Shelby, I have watched wcco4 news for ever and the older you’ve are the more handsome you are, you are a very Gracious man, I cannot imagine how you guy/gals do it, daily you humbly submit yourselves to the Audience, always respecting one another and giving us your best, I just want to say thank you Don, and may God continue to Bless you and your family richly for your service to the world, Thank you

  8. Dan Shafland says:

    Like everyone, I’ll miss seeing you every night. You demonstratee RESPECT, so lacking these days. Yo raddiate respect, for your profession, by what an how you report the news, and for your listeners. You made us “better”. Well Done!
    Without the “rigors” of 10 PM, you’ll be able to investigate issues this world still faces, So, while I’ll miss youy at 10 PM, I anticipate your continued presence on the World Scene!

  9. Kerry & Mary Thompson says:

    Hi Don, We will sure miss you on CCO, you are our one claim to fame. We sold you a big Buffalo head, years ago. We had named him Mabuto, and have enjoyed telling people that we sold it to you.Hope you enjoy your retirement. Kerry & Mary

  10. Matt says:

    Good luck! I will miss the honesty that you brought to the news. The only reason why I watched the news was to hear it from you. I still think you should run for office! You got my vote. THANK YOU DON!!!

  11. chandra Maraj says:

    Just want to wish a happy retirement. Hope your days are fill with many wonderful memories. You are one of the most respectable and intelligent anchors.

  12. Elaine Zeiher says:

    Don, Thank you for allowing me to meet you this past summer at the State Fair, we both had the PFO Ovale procedure, and you emailed me and ask about how I was doing, you made me feel so much better about that I had this done, WCCO should now allow you to do this story, as this is alot you went thru before, now that you are retiring, you can count on me to help give perspective and how the PFO Ovale saved my life. Please Don , don’t go up north agin and rough it alone, bring a crew, Barbara don’t want you to give her a scare like this again. Enjoy retirement, you are blessed with Barbara, and your daughters and family, keep busy and come back periodically to surprise Amelia. stay healthy and enjoy the grand kids thru the years! 🙂 Elaine

  13. John A Bunkers says:

    Don, Thank you for being human. When I watch you I think of my dad, down to earth, caring, understanding, helpful and anyone and everyones best friend. I have always wanted to meet you in person, hopefully I will because I would really love to shake the hand of a man that is so well liked, adored and honored such as you are. Again Thank you!

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