ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — A St. Paul woman is accused of using a wrench to punish her 7-year-old daughter.

A criminal complaint accuses 39-year-old Mai Neng Xiong of pinching her daughter’s ear so hard doctors say the girl will need plastic surgery to repair the damage.

Xiong has two prior convictions of child abuse — one in Hennepin County and one in Ramsey County.

When she was arrested Nov. 11, it didn’t come as a big surprise to her oldest son.

“It just broke my heart to pieces,” said Andy Vang, Xiong’s 17-year-old son.

Vang knows his mother has a temper.  A temper that he said is sometimes directed at her children.

“My little sister Christina came to me and said she’s scared to see mom. She was crying,” said Vang.

He has learned how to keep her anger in check.

“When the family’s home, nothing happens, but when the older ones and dad’s out, something happens,” said Vang.

But earlier this month, no one was home except Xiong and two of her children. The criminal complaint says Xiong was angry that her daughter had eaten some fruit she had just purchased.

“The top of her ear was clipped off.  It looked clipped off and she was bleeding from all around her ear,” said Vang.

A school nurse reported the injury to police who had the little girl draw a picture of the object that caused the injuries. Xiong later admitted she pinched the girl’s ear with the wrench.

“In this case, the nature of this injury and these allegations were such that emergency foster care seemed very appropriate,” said Ramsey County attorney Susan Gaertner.

Social services removed the girl from the home, but allowed her to return home on Wednesday night.

However, Xiong won’t get to see her young children for some time.  Her husband, Pao Lee was told Xiong cannot return home or contact any of her kids under the age of 18.

“I think that’s safe for the baby. I think that’s safe for baby,” said Lee.

This is what Vang has been waiting for.  He said he’s wanted to take care of the children himself because he didn’t like the way they were being treated.  Xiong now faces five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner Talks About Case

Comments (22)
  1. Stephanie Fleegel says:

    What a Shame! This is a clear failure of the child protection system! Why, after two privious convictions was this innocent child still in the home.?! Just another glaring example of how little rights our littlest citizens have.

    1. JamieinMN says:

      I agree Stephanie. CPS is a waste of our taxpayers dollars, ESPECIALLY when they’re not bringing justice for these children.

  2. rj says:

    Take the child away from her…she is scarring the child for life, both from parental abuse and the lack of the system to protect her.

  3. Nancy Aleshire says:

    This is clearly a case of failing to protect a child. There is also a major problem of child protection (or intrusive services in this case) falsely accusing a parent of child abuse. All it takes is an overzealous therapist or teacher, or even a neighbor who can’t stand you. CPS is required to investigate each case, but they will never apologize when they make a mistake. In some instances they are actually doing their jobs of protecting children. In the case of the little girl they weren’t.

  4. heather says:

    if they don’t do something to protect this child, the next headline we will see is the mother killed her…something needs to be done. We are in 2011 right??? Do animals still have more protection then children in this world? I don’t see animals going back to owners that have abused them?!?!

  5. notquitesure says:

    Why is everyone here blaming CPS?? Are you all that ignorant of how the system actually works? CPS doesn’t decide if a child stays with it’s parent(s) or not, the courts do. CPS is NOT the courts. CPS is merely an investigative and support resource for families. They can make recommendations but have zilch power. They are ORDERED by judges to offer parents services to regain custody, ORDERED to oversee those services and dole out our tax dollars to try to cure a parents problems, and then ORDERED to return kids to their parents custody if that’s what they deem appropriate.


    1. Judy says:

      Well, if CPS was ORDERED to to oversee those services, then someone definitely fail to not see this coming!!! Im going to agree with the previous poster, a huge waste of tax dollars are being spent to do little if anything to make sure children are in a safe environment at all times. NOT just once a month, if that when the family gets a visit!

  6. MINN MOM says:

    CPS has a system in place that works to reunite families, and if this mother apparently proved she had completed those things necessary that were put in place, then the child would be reunited. There is no way to be sure the mother is not going to re-offend. Hopefully the child will not be returned now, as the “mother” has done this yet again. The CPS & Human Services department have a very difficult job and are constantly being told to reduce spending by the County Managers- it is VERY costly to have children in Foster Care, not to mention that there is always a shortage of good foster families. It takes a village folks!

  7. Concerned for kids says:

    Child Protection Services is strapped for cash. They can only intervene in the most severe of cases. THEY CANNOT AFFORD PREVENTION – they just don’t have the staff or the resources. We can thank our state government for this.

  8. Kevin says:

    Import violent cultures, expect violence. I just love the whole “Minnesota Nice” thing. Maybe the Human Rights Office that was opend in St. Cloud to investigate Human RIghts Viiolations of Samolians, should start investigating the Human Rights Violations of the children that are beaten and killed month after month in Minnesota.

    1. max says:

      Why would we need to “import violent cultures?” American culture is about as violent as it gets. Do you even know the nationality of the family in question? (Hint: “Asian” is not a nationality.)

      1. Kevin says:

        Max….tomorrow when you go to school…you tell your teacher about the mean “white man” who told you he did not want to bring any more immagrants to Minnesota becasue he was tired of paying for them……and I am sure he will tell you that he is just a “bigot” or a “racist”…..then your teacher will dip into his magical Kool Aid and you can both drink from that sippy cup……I have grown tired of watching those we bring to this Minnestoa Nice land…..deficate on my door step…if you would like to continue to bring them over… can surely pay for them…I am opting out………after several years she cant speak Englsih or assimulate….but she can sure beat her children….and let Kate figure out the cost…….dont worry Max…sippy cups wobble but they dont spill…….

    2. kate says:

      Hey Kevin, maybe you should research what the Department of Human Rights does before blaming them for not protecting children.

      1. Kevin says:

        Oh I do…every time I read the St. Cloud paper and see how they are investigating really important stuff like…a taxi service not hiring a Somali as a taxi driver….or golden plump under investigation for not allowing Somalians time during work to pray…or investigating Target for asking a female Muslim cashier to check out pork products….the list goes on and on and on….while a somali male throws acid on his womans face….a somalian woman beats her children, ties them up, and locks them in a closet…no human rights violation there…or the baby beaten to death by his Hmoung mother with her shoe becasue the baby was crying….no human rights vioaltion there…I could go on for hours but I am just not smart enough……I am tired of liberals just like Kate who all know so much more than the rest of the world….get a clue Kate…come drive with me…Ill take you to hundreds of areas and show you how well your liberal bs diversity has brough city after city to ruin… me …if I am smart enough to answer my phone I will answer…

  9. Paula says:

    These kind of stories make me sick!! What is the matter with people? Maybe someone should hit the mother with a wrench a few times, see how she likes it!!

  10. KMD says:

    Yet another child overlooked by the understaffed, overworked, “let’s keep the child with the parents at all cost” ~ “gotta get this file closed within 45 days” system. I’m beginning to think that the only way these innocent children will be taken from their REPEAT OFFENDER parents is in a body bag. Shame on us!!!

  11. 6th graders says:

    its sad to know what this child went through…the mother should be shot..but its funny how kevins comments are made targeting a race instead of the crime..IT COULD OF BEEN ANYBODY..when the minorities does something wrong…boy does kevin the majority like to respond; but when the majority does it, WHICH IS EVERYDAY IN MY NEWSPAPER.. NO ONE CARES MUCH ABOUT IT.. lesson today kevin, you are smarter than a 5th grade..but your society has blind you.

    1. Kevin says:

      It could have been anyone…but its always the same….drop the liberal Kool Aid and read the local news…you will see the light…if not….go talk to your 6th grade teacher and he will give you his sippy cup….

  12. Jane says:

    Kevin, these crimes against children happen everyday in America and happen to people of different minorities. For you to point out Hmong and Somalians is pretty funny because I’m sure most cases of child abuse are among white people. You say these people were brought here…where??? To “your” country?? The last time I checked white people are immigrants who came to America from Europe. Don’t make Hmong or Somalians out to be monsters because I’ve never heard of a big time serial killer in America who was Asian or Black…you need a reality check. This crime was terrible and this mother should be punished, but her race has nothing to do with it. Don’t get blindsided by color, it’ll hinder your perspective on reality and from your viewpoint, you need a huge reality check. -Peace.

  13. kevin says:

    Christ….drink the Kool Aid and maybe you should start to read the paper once in a while…I can send you hundreds of issues due to race…but I need a reality check…..the biggest political loss in 70 years was not a check for you all I guess…..kool aid in kool aid out… great grand parents from Ireland did not suck off the system or beat their children to death with their shoe…I guess im not smarter that a 5th grader….you pay for them…I am done……diversity 101… the dream children…its over

  14. Iaong says:

    Kevin, well it just shows how strongly you believe your people are better then most. Not every one is fortunate to come from a loving family. But for your information, our people, the hmong, do not believe in beating our children as the way of discipline. We are human too and not monsters. There are so many parents like that no matter what race they are… It’s sad that that had to happen, but for you to judge all of us? That you, the “American,” are paying for us to live in the US? I’m sorry.. but we work just as hard as you “Americans” too if not more..Please keep your comments to yourself about us minorities until you have lived in our shoes.. We did not chose to be this color or this race so you could pick and belittle us….

  15. michaela says:

    OMG Kevin , what is up with you and Kool Aid? You cannot point fingers at other race and say that they suck off the system or beat their children when you know that all of these kind of incidents happens anywhere in the countries to any kind of people. Yes, your great grand parents did not suck up the system or beat their children with their shoe, but yeah….so what? You are just judging your family and yourself, not the whole race. You shouldn’t judge the whole race just because of one person and you should probably know that already, cause unlike you, I don’t judge a whole race just because of one. For your correction, I’m hmong and I don’t suck off the system or beat my kids with shoes, so who are you to judge?

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