It seems the season is lost for the Purple following a disappointing loss to Green Bay Sunday in the Metrodome.  It was the worst home loss for the team under Coach Brad Childress who is once again on the hot seat.

WCCO’s Mike Max joins Dave Lee to talk about what happened Sunday, what may happen with Brad Childress and what this could mean for the Viking Stadium drive.


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  1. wane says:

    It is a shame that the vikings are where they are at in the standings. Its time for a change, Childress is not the only problem the Vikes have but its time for a New Coach and to give the rest of the season to T Jack. Its time to think of what can be done now to get ready for next year.
    If the Willfs stick with Childress the only reason I can say they are doing it is becasue they trully do want to move the Vikes and hope for a total disaster and to use that as an excus to move.
    The Viking Staduim drive is DEAD.

  2. Toby says:

    Childress either has something on Ziggy or Ziggy WANTS to move the team.

  3. Pete J says:

    I think there are issues much deeper than Childress. I hope he does well…seems like a good guy! Maybe this was just the wrong team… the question is, next year do we ask Favre to be QB or our COACH! Again…I like Favre too! But there are more issed at hand here…..Good luck Brad! And here is to coach Farve….

  4. Rae says:

    I feel bad that Childress lost his job. exspecially the way the players have been playing. How many fricken interceptions had Favre passed. I see alot of players giving up and thats not the coaches fault. We better not get Randy Moss back he really tore down MN and why would he have gotten let go from Patriots. My family and I have been Vikings fans forever and I can’t believe how they are playing.

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