MINNEAPOLIS (AP) –The Minnesota Court of Appeals says possessing khat is illegal under state law.

The court issued the ruling Tuesday, in a case involving two men convicted of possessing the plant native to East Africa. The plant gives users a high when it is chewed.

Attorneys for the men challenged the convictions, saying state law prohibits possessing “mixtures” containing controlled substances. They said since khat is a plant, it is not a mixture.

But the appeals court says the legal definition of “mixture” includes anything that has mass and occupies space — and the judges say the plant fits that definition.

In addition, the judges say khat contains cathinone, which is a controlled substance under state law.

The court upheld the convictions.

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Comments (7)
  1. Kevin says:

    Dont the Somalis ever get tired of wasting my tax dollars? It is way to late for Minnesota…..I hope the rest of the nation is learing lessons from our “Minnesota Nice” stupidity..

  2. Cody says:

    You are so right…Minnesota nice has got to go!
    They do what they want and my tiny town can’t even put up the Nativity since it might “offend” someone. If you don’t like it…DON’T LOOK AT IT!

    1. max says:

      But didn’t you see that the article stated that the conviction was upheld? It seems as though “they” cannot do whatever they want. Maybe your city government cannot put up a nativity scene on the front lawn of your city hall, but your church can do so. You can even put one on your front lawn. And when you go to the mall anytime in the next six weeks, will you hear traditional Somali music? It’ll probably be mostly Christmas music. I just don’t think that Minnesota Christians have too much to worry about when it comes to our ability to celebrate freely.

      1. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

        Actually if as a Christian (Catholic) I speak my mind at work when it comes to abortion or gay marriage I can’t speak it without ending up in court. Now if a Muslim does not want to touch pork if they are a cashier at a grocery store they will accommodate them, go figure that one.

  3. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    I’m sure the ACLU will jump on this one. They should, they have been defending evil sense 1930

  4. tommy says:

    @kevin. when people get themselves tangled in the justice system, last thing they think about is wasting your tax dollar. your beef is not with wasting Minnesotan’s tax dollar, your beef is the fact that they are Somalis.

    1. Mark from MNtaxwaste says:

      @tommy I think you missed his whole point. There is more in his statement.

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