By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

We all take breaks during the work day. Some take 15 minutes to smoke. Some walk around talking to friends. Others, surf the internet.

Come on, almost all of us surf the Internet. Unless our workplace blocks it.

Nearly half of Chief Information Officers interviewed as part of a local survey say they block online shopping sites at the office.A third allow access but monitor for excessive use.

What do you do? Is it ethical to shop on the job? Should companies monitor your use? Or is online shopping no different than a smoke or coffee break?

Share your thoughts in the comments, we’ll use them live tonight at 10 for Good Question!

Comments (3)
  1. Jacob says:

    Absolutely not! Why give the IT department access to credit card or bank info? It’s ok to “window shop” during down time but complete transactions from home.

  2. John Gettler says:

    Jacob….sorry but your point is incorrect. Any credit card info is always transmitted using https (secure mode) with the little lock pad icon showing in the lower corner of your web browser which means it’s being sent encrypted and therefore, your IT department or anyone else between you and the merchant cannot read it.

  3. Tim Dachtera says:

    I might poke around and what not during downtime or at lunch, but I try and limit my browsing in general to a minimum. While we have a pretty lax usage policy, I sure don’t want abuse the freedom we have.

    Commonly, I’ll look something up and pick it up online if I know I’ll forget, or it’s been on my ‘to get’ list that I know will be forgotten as soon as I’m distracted by projects at home.

    To me, your ‘break time’ is what you make of it. If you choose to go out and smoke, visit, check up on your social media or shop, as long as you aren’t violating and company IT usage policy, it should be acceptable.

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