I’m sure we all have something we’re grateful for… this week of Thanksgiving.

Anyone who has a car should appreciate being able to go WHERE they want WHEN they want. But some people should be extra thankful, because they get to go WHERE they want WHEN they want in STYLE.

WCCO Meteorologist Chris Shaffer fits in the extra thankful category, in light of the fact that he gets to drive — when the weather is appropriate — his 1947 Ford convertible street rod. Like most street rods (a car or light truck built before 1949, when the post-World War II vehicle designs came to market) the Shaffer-mobile has been retro-fitted with a modern V8 engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering and a stereo they could not have imagined in 1947.

This is how the car looked when Chris got it last summer: Shiny, black and topless.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

But the winds of change were blowing in the mind of this weather guy; because he had ALWAYS wanted a clone of the car from Grease… the one John Travolta drives in the big race scene.

So how do you change “shiny black” to “Greased Lightning?”

Chris called on the guys at The Grafix Shoppe in Eagan, and they were able to create a vinyl wrap for the car that totally transformed it.

(credit: CBS)

I like the fact that the convertible does not have a mile-deep shine now. Like the car in the movie, it looks like it could have been painted in a high school shop in the 1950s.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

I also like the way these guys got the wrap to fit all those curves on the 1947 Ford. Since I have waxed my sedan version of this car many times, I know the thing is basically one big curve… like a jelly bean on wheels,

Another benefit of the wrap is that it adds a layer of protection to the car underneath, so Chris has to worry less about nicks and dings. This wrap should be removable should he ever want to change the car back to original.

But why go back? If this look is good enough for John Travolta, it should be good enough for Chris and his family.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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  1. Jason DeRusha says:

    This is awesome! I’m so jealous. Maybe Chris will take me for a drive sometime.