By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

— In midst of the uproar over new airport security measures, a Hopkins woman says her experience with Transportation Security Administration agents made her feel like a criminal.

Betty Clark of Hopkins doesn’t look disabled, but she has diabetes and a condition that prevents her from feeling her feet. So, because she needs shoes to be more stable, Clark could not stand sit while being scanned.

When Clark was told she needed a pat down, she refused and was ordered out of the airport.

“I’m 61 years old being walked out of the airport like a criminal and I done nothing except go through the scanner and not have the pat down,” Clark said.

After talking with a supervisor, she finally agreed to the pat down, which she found to be extremely aggressive.

“They feel under your breasts. They literally put their hand up you when they say ‘spread your legs.’ I just know it’s a humiliating experience,” said Clark.

Clark also wants people to know that she understands the need for security.

“I am from New York. I certainly understand 9/11. This just does not seem to make any sense,” she said. “The scanner didn’t work and will probably never work for someone who is disabled.”

The TSA says that anyone who cannot stand still enough for the scan will have to go through a pat down. But they do say that anyone with a disability or special needs should talk with TSA agents before doing the scanner.

Clark is hoping that next time she will be able to go through a metal detector, because she can pass through those with no problems.

Esme Murphy

Comments (5)
  1. Richard says:

    They don’t work anyway, since anything can be hidden in a body cavity or under the skin (or perhaps under fake skin too). The Israelis won’t touch them. However, they are making money for Chertoff, the second head of DHS, whose company is lobbying for them. (The machines themselves are made in Malaysia but the company that produces them, Rapiscan, got federal stimulus money. Obviously cash is more important than civil rights or common sense.) I hope more and more people protest this worthless abuse of our bodies.

  2. yappy says:

    What a waste of tax dollar money. If a terrorist already outsmarted other government agencies WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE. Second, I think if TSA workers were really worried about security they would probably not be doing their job, because too many of them are in all reality afraid. SOMEONE CAN STILL BLOW A BOMB UP IN THE NOW JAMMED UP SECURITY LINES & PROBABLY KILL MORE. HAHAHAHAHA. AMERICAN STUPIDITY

  3. Pavel says:

    It appears Richard has posted mis-information he found on a blog regarding the Rapidscan products. Keep in mind most of what is on a blog is someone’s opinion and often very little is based on fact. Your suggestion of production in Malaysia is not correct. The rest I have not researched, but obviously, neither have you.

  4. tim boston says:

    Pavel: Rapidscan does produce its People Screening Systems in Johor Bahru Malaysia. It says so right on its own website. Not that it really matters where they are made but since it was your one cited evidence to Richards gullability, I thought it would be fun to correct you.

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