By Esme Murphy

By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former auto mogul Denny Hecker’s girlfriend is being evicted from the $1.8 million Medina home she shared with Hecker. However, under a deal reached Wednesday, she will be able to stay in the home through the holidays.

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Hecker had been leading the battle to prevent the eviction until he was ordered jailed last month. Since then, his girlfriend who lives in the home with her two children has been fighting to stay there.

Under the agreement, Rowan will be able to stay in the 8,000 square foot home on Northridge Drive until the end of January. Rowan did not say anything as she left court, but her attorney says she is pleased.

“She’s happy to be able spend a normal holiday with her kids and have this behind her,” said Richard Carlson, her attorney. “She didn’t want to fight. She was looking for just a reasonable conclusion to this and I think we, (the) parties, have reached it.”

Until the summer of 2009, Hecker had been living with his family a 17,000 square foot home just down the street from the Northridge property. But when that home was foreclosed on and Hecker divorced, he moved in to the Northridge home with Rowan and her two children.

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Earlier this year, the Northridge home was also foreclosed on. It was bought for $618,000 by Palladium Holdings in July. Palladium has been trying ever since to evict Hecker and Rowan.

In an interview late last week, Rowan said she is not sure where she and her children would go if they were evicted.

“We will be taken care of,” she said. “I have my faith I know that it is out of my control and I am not going to try to control something I can’t.”

As with many issues involving Hecker, there is another complicated wrinkle. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court disputes the ownership of the home. The Bankruptcy Court has filed suit claiming it owns the home not Palladium Holdings.

That issue will be settled later in bankruptcy court.

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Esme Murphy