Sarah Palin was on Glenn Beck’s radio show talking about the recent military tensions between North and South Korea when she said, “But obviously we’ve gotta stand with our North Korean allies…”


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  1. Jeff Matheson says:

    yeah, all it was, was an oops, like NO one has ever made a mistake before. This isn’t news, it’s propaganda for Democrats and VERY biased.

  2. Sallyforth says:

    But she IS as dumb as a fence post!!!

  3. kapulas says:

    This woman has mixed up almost everything she says – no, it’s not a one-time misspeak. She’s a moron through and through, and try as she might, her ignorance of, well, everything just cannot be contained and bubbles to the surface. It’s like the old adage – genius has limits, stupidity does not. Please darlin’ stay in Alaska don’t say another word about anything and someday, if you’re lucky, you’ll be immortalized as a trivial pursuit question.

  4. Moron says:

    Thank God we live in a free society were MORONS can post their comments.

  5. Cinn says:

    the more she’s out there, away from the “unfiltered lamestream media”, the more of idiot she makes of herself.

  6. Bucky says:

    While it is true that we can sometimes slip up, there is an old adage of a friend of mine. He said “even a blind squirrel can fins a nut once in awhile”. So how come Sarah can’t seem too! Actually all men really want from Sarah is to see her naked!

  7. Kathy J says:

    Maybe she can see North Korea from Alaska and so therefore it was first and foremost in her air head

  8. jab says:

    She is the best thing that the Democrats have on their side. What a continouis joke.

  9. Cre8iveTechie55 says:

    She has shown the world her intelligence (or lack there of) since the first interview. This was not her making a simple mistake in what she said, maybe if that was the first time she said something stupid! Why do you think there were so many SNL skits making fun of her-because it is so easy!! Sarah, can you please do us all a favor and stop talking, especially about topics you are so incredibly clueless about!!!!